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Prompt 71, Broken

"Do you ever get the feeling that we're broken?"

"What?" The question caught Donatello off guard. "You mean because we're mutants?"

"No," Leonardo shook his head. "I don't mean like that. Just a mindset."

Feeling more than a bit concerned, Don joined his brother at the edge of the rooftop. "What's got you down, bro? Raph go off on another of his 'I wish we were just normal and could walk the streets like everyone else' rampages?"

"Not today," Leo replied with a soft chuckle. "It's just…well…I was thinking."

"If Mikey was here, he'd no doubt say something about how dangerous that can be."

"No doubt he would." The eldest turtle's face broke into a large grin before his gaze once again turned towards the light pollution that was blocking out all of the stars. "I was just wondering if we're broken because of how much light hurts."

"Leo, are you feeling okay?" Donatello's brow creased. Leonardo didn't usually suddenly spout out random thoughts. That was a realm best left to the youngest of the family. "You didn't come down with something, did you?"

"Have you ever looked directly into a bright light?" he countered, not tearing his eyes away from the city before him.

"Well, yeah, a couple of times," the scientific turtle admitted. "But never for very long."

"Because it hurt your eyes, right?"

"Right. Plus, it could seriously damage them, and I just can't afford for that to happen."

"But notice that darkness never hurts you. At least not the darkness itself. You can hurt yourself by wandering around and bumping into stuff, but the darkness never actually hurts you. Have we just been so accustomed to living in the dark that we fear the light? Do we, as ninja, use the darkness because it hides us, or are we just trying to avoid being hurt by the light?"

Donatello stared at his brother. This was coming close to being sacrilege for the most ninja-esque of all the turtles. "But darkness is the ninja's most powerful tool," he protested. "Both Master Splinter and you have said that for as long as I can remember.

"I know, Don," Leonardo sighed. "But something I've learned over the years is that the right path is pretty much never the easy path and there's always some sort of pain involved. I mean, it's not like always having to hide is easy, but wouldn't it be even worse to be plainly obvious to everyone in the light?"

"I'm not sure I understand what you're meaning."

"I'm not sure either."

The sounds of the city around them filled the rooftop as the two turtles stared off into space, each occupied with his own thoughts. Donatello finally broke through their silence.



"I never thought I'd say this, but you think to hard about stuff like that."


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