Yay! This is my first Camp Rock story. I've auditioned for many stories using ideas that I'm about to write about, but the stories are never published or get deleted. Btw what's with that? I know for a fact people are writing stories about Zac Efron, Vanessa Hugdens, Ashley Tisdale, etc over at the High School Musical stories. Why can't we write about the Jonas Brothers? Well whatever here's my story hope you like it.

Summary: A mysterious dancer comes to Camp Rock trying to get her big break, but ends up stealing the heart of a member of Connect 3. What are her secrets? Who is this girl really? Jason O/C, Natilyn, Smitche.

Chapter 1

I was raised to believe that everyone had a purpose in life, to do something great. Mozart wrote music, Da Vinci to paint, Edgar Allen Poe to write gruesome stories, the list goes on. Me; I found my purpose in life when I was 5. My mother, Julliete Anderson, the Principle Dancer of the New York City ballet one night decided to let me come and see her dance. I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I saw her perform on stage was like a fairy tale had come to life. The way she moved throughout the entire ballet was flawless. At that moment I knew what my purpose in life was….to dance. After that Mom immediately signed me up for classes. I took everything ballroom, ballet, contemporary, and even hip hop. My life couldn't get any better. I was living my dream. Nothing was going to stand in my way….or so I thought. It happened the year I turned 15. I was on my way home from school, mom was coming home from guest-teaching with the Russian ballet or so I thought. She never made it home. One her way back from the airport her cab was hit. She died on impact. That was the day I went to live with my mother's sister Nancy. They weren't the closest people my mother and her. She didn't want me to dance or to do anything that would cause me to be like her, but the rebel in me thought other wise. I secretly attended dance school on scholarships so Aunt Nancy wouldn't know. I pulled it off still 3 years later she knows nothing, now however I'm about to embark on something even harder. Spending a month at Camp Rock without her knowing.

"Nora are you actually going to do this" my best friend Ally asked.

"I have no other choice Ally. She won't let me dance. If I ever want to be a principle dancer this is the only way" I replied packing my bags.

"Where does she think you're going" Ally replied with her thick British accent. Ally was an exchange student from England who came last year, she was my one true friend.

"Well that's where you come in" I replied looking up. She stared at me wide-eyed.

"Nora Leigh Anderson. I am not repeat not going to help you in one of you're bloody schemes" she yelled crossing her arms.

"Oh please Ally!" I pleaded. "I'll do anything".

"Anything" she raised her eyebrow. "Well, the Indie Rock festival is coming to N.Y.U. this year".

"Done" I said quickly.

"Ok what do I have do" she asked sitting down on my purple comforter.

"You know how you're going to England over the summer right?" I asked her.

"I'm going back to England? Since when" she replied sarcastically.

"Do you want the ticket or not" I said.

"Shutting up now" Ally replied.

"Ok so my aunt thinks I'm going with you. So I'll be at Camp Rock for a month and when I get back you'll be back from England so she'll think I've been with you all the time" I explained to her putting on more eyeliner. I was always into dark colors and wore a lot of black. I wouldn't really call myself emo or goth. I just wore lots of dark things.

I picked up my dark purple duffle bag and threw it out of my window onto the stairs that were outside of my aunts apartment.

"You're going out the window" Ally asked.

"You know how I like to be spontaneous" I replied.

"True" Ally said. She walked up to me. "Well good luck ol' chap" She gave me a huge hug.

"I'll write and text and call as much as I can" I told her.

"Just go out there and do what you do best" Ally told me.

"I will" I replied. I walked away from her and climbed out of my window onto our stairs. I walked down to our stairs and called a cab. My adventure was finally beginning.

"Hey Shane will you get off the phone with your girlfriend, you'll see her in an hour" Nate yelled.

"He shouldn't be spending so much time on the phone with Mitchie. He could use all that time to make me the birdhouse he never built for me last summer" Jason said walking over to Nate.

"How many times do we have to tell you? You. Are. Not. Getting. A. Birdhouse" Nate said slowly.

"Hello, I speak English. I'm not from France or anything cause if I was I would be speaking Francish " Jason replied.

"If you were from France, you would be speaking French, not Francish. That's not even a word" Nate argued.

"Yes it is. I made it up. So it's now officially a word" Jason argued back.

"Dude, we really need to get you a girlfriend" Shane said walking down the stairs. "Oh Nate, Mitchie told me Caitlyn was looking forward to see you". Nate blushed.

"Aww..…wait do you think she can make me a birdhouse" Jason asked.

"Dude, why do you even want a birdhouse. You have tons of birdhouses" Nate said.

"I don't have tons of them. I just have one in the front yard, one in the back, two near the pool, three in my room, one in the living room, one near the window in the kitchen, and one at the side of the house" Jason replied counting every one of his birdhouses.

"That is the definition of a ton" Shane said. "Our primary goal is to find you a girl this summer".

"But I don't want a girl….I want a birdhouse" Jason said.

"This is going to be a long summer