Chapter 1: Being Watched

Percy Jackson had gotten much attention from the gods. In fact nearly every single one of them was watching him. He knew this. What he didn't know is that his family, his mother and her boyfriend, were also being watched. And also unknown to him was that despite there seemingly uncaring to his survival, he did have the favor of most gods, Poseidon being his father, Zeus for returning his master bolt, Hades for returning his helm of darkness and rescuing Nico, Hephaestus for doing the favor in the Labyrinth, Ares had to because Aphrodite did, Dionysus even though he hides it, Hera because he has helped hold her family together, Demeter because he had done nothing wrong and had been fair to the other gods, and Athena because of her daughter, and Artemis for rescuing her.

The gods were arguing up on mount Olympus. "NO!! I refuse to let my powers go to anyone but my own child!"

"But it will be partially your child Ares," Athena reasoned.

"I WON'T ALLOW IT!" Boomed Zeus.

"You will allow it, brother, or I will raise the ocean and every body of water into the air and choke out your territory!"

Zeus paled. "Athena, I must know if it can be done. Can you devise a way with Hecate to do this, and have her cast the enchantments required of the boy?"

"We already know how, all we need is everyones participation and concentration."

"Then it shall be done. But what say you Hades, you have not spoken against it?"

"I find it necessary, and I believe it will have great effects."

"Then we shall begin at once!"