The trip was long and arduous, as Argus could only take them to the Empire State building. He needed a favor of the gods. They were still grateful for the destruction of Kronus, but he wasn't dead. He had dispersed far and wide, but he was definitely not dead. As he was about to burn away Luke's body the remaining essence had risen from the pits of Tartarus and was dispelled throughout the mortal world. And now, when it seemed impossible that he could rise again, his essence merged with monsters drawn to its power, and now these monsters are assembling by some strange compelling, as the crooked one turned there minds to get them to assemble so there new master might rise.

But C'raa had some of his own plans ready. He needed Demetri for his great power, and Percy as well, but he also needed the greatest of history, and without that titan of time, he could never make the greatest team. He needed to bring back bodies so old, to harbor the animus once he had it from the underworld, before he could use Daedelus's technique to transfer them into there new bodies. And some bodies he'd need to remove from time all together. The great minds could have a machine, but the warriors, they needed bodies that could stand the test of time. And he planned on getting them.

Percy led the group, into the Empire State Building, and the deskman was gone. A shiver ran through Percy and he knew something was wrong, but before he could act thousands of tons of concrete and steel in the form of a skyscraper crashed in front of the doorway, with not a papers breadth in between, the were trapped.