Bahahaha! You won't believe how this story took form. It all started with me imagining how hot Dante would look in a kinagashi...lmao (yahoo image the term for an example) This began because I was reading a manga where the lead male character was wearing one very loosely and he basically could've been a dark haired -still imagining it, adding in Vergil and Nero-

... -Imagining bare chest and muscled thighs peaking beneath-

... -passes out-

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This was also the FIRST Nero story I began writing, but obviously Slightly Homophobic was published first. I am really lagging behind on NBT, BIO and Obsession because while I know where they're going I can't seem to put it into words. So I've been writing a TON of short stories. This one should be a two-shot so it does not end here.

So enjoy, review, and hopefully giggle... I'm gonna go find that manga and turn that characters hair white... Muhahahaha!

Dante stepped back through the doors of Devil May Cry clutching an unopened magazine in his hand. It was the issue of "Grease Bunnies" he had been waiting anxiously for, because his beautiful bike was featured on the cover. Not that his bike was the ultimate in motorcycles, but one of the editors owed him a favor for saving his neck. What he wanted was his 15 minutes, with his two favorite ladies by his side. His bike and the hot model that he bought every copy of Grease Bunnies for... Narissa...

He felt like a kid at Christmas about to open the largest and most expensive of gifts. Dante tossed his other mail down on his desk uninterestedly as he began tearing the plastic off the mag. Before he could get it open though the front door slammed in.

While the door was practically thrown off its hinges, the "guest" who entered walked with a very slow slump. Dante didn't even look back as he finally removed the outer wrapper and beamed at his own reflection. God was he beautiful! He even put the lovely Narissa to shame. It was enough to make a grown man weep at the very sight of him. He would have to frame this beautiful work of art.

"Aren't you going to ask who's there, or what's wrong?" Nero growled from somewhere behind him.

"Shaddup, I'm busy," he responded in pure euphoria. He felt someone looking over his shoulder.

"Who are the girls?"

"Girls? What girls?" Dante asked, caught off guard by this question.

"The girl on the ground, and the one in the red dress whose leg she's grasping." Nero replied. Dante turned to look at him over his shoulder with a slight flush of red.

"That's ME you idiot!" Dante growled turning and smacking Nero with the magazine. Realizing he might've hurt his beloved magazine he pulled it back towards him. "Look what you made me do! And it's NOT a dress; it's a kick ass red dragon kinagashi."

"What the hell is that? It looks like a dr..."

"It's a kinagashi!" Dante barked, stopping himself from hitting Nero with the magazine again. "Look it up and educate yourself!"

"You're the one wearing make up in the photo."

"It's only a little bit to enhance my naturally handsome features." Dante responded with a smug smirk.

"No, that is eyeliner, blush, and I'm pretty sure you've been airbrushed more than the girl beside you." Nero said with irritating sincerity. Dante tried to find something else to hit him with.

"Remind me why I haven't have kicked your ass out by now?" Dante growled in a biting tone. When he turned to look at the kid he noticed something was very off about his color. Almost like Nero had just remembered something unpleasant.

"I'm screwed," he said in a wavering voice.

"You're not gonna throw up on my floor are you?" Dante asked when Nero wobbled slightly. He plopped himself down onto Dante's old leather couch causing fluff and dust to fly up, but the kid didn't seem to notice it at all. "What's wrong with you kid?" Nero mumbled something so low even Dante's sensitive ears had trouble picking up on it. "What?"

"I asked Kyrie out!" Nero bellowed, throwing his hands over his face.

"Well, congrats! It's about damn time!" Dante chuckled jovially as he sat on the arm of the couch. "Here I thought it was something bad."

"It is something bad!" Nero snapped as his devil bringer glowed with a vibrant blue light. "I've never been on a date in my life! She was just standing there looking so damned cute and the words just slipped out!" Nero groaned and sat himself forward with his elbows on his knees, head in between his hands. "I'm gonna mess this up, I just know it."

Dante crossed his arms and observed the boy on his couch. Nero, while an annoying kid, was too nice for his own good. Dante had never understood the boy properly and yet could sympathize just the same. He was brash, a total smart ass, but the kid wore his heart on his sleeve. It was an enduring quality that Dante couldn't brush off, especially when he looked so down as he did now.

"You still hung up on her then?" Dante asked without needing an answer. Anyone who didn't see how much Nero loved Kyrie would be in the Guinness book of world records under "world's biggest moron". Maybe that too was why Dante couldn't turn the brat out onto the street. After all he too could at least understand the concept of unconditional love. If two people were destined to be happy it was these two in his eyes.

"Buck up kid, it could be worse. She could've said no," he said trying to lighten the mood.

"It would've been better if she had."

"Ok, if you knock off the emo-ness then maybe I would be willing to help you out." Dante grinned down at him. Nero lifted his head to look perplexed at Dante.

"Help?" He asked, and then raised a suspicious eyebrow. "How?"

"Have some faith kid, I am after all...," he pulled the magazine up to show himself with Narissa hugging his leg and gazing dreamily up at him. "...the master of love."

Nero burst out into loud and obnoxious laughter as he pointed at the magazine.

"I can't take a man serious when he's wearing make up and a dre..."

"M-E-N-S KINAGASHI!" Dante snapped, smacking him again with the magazine. Nero ducked with a grin which indicated to Dante he was feeling a little better now. "Before this night is out Kyrie will think you are more than just an obnoxious twerp!"

"Brilliant." Nero said in hopeless reply.

Nero was screwed, pure and simple. Dante was a moron and knew absolutely nothing about anything. So why was he placing his future with Kyrie in the devil hunter's dirty hands?! Because he was desperate.

He had lived with Kyrie his entire life, and yet he still didn't know how to approach her. Nero had always felt like an outsider, even when brought in by the Order. He could feel the eyes upon him long before his devil bringer showed itself. It was his hair and eyes that made him so different to everyone. Everyone, but Kyrie. She had been a shy and happy child, possibly too encased in the bubble her parents kept her in to know any better. Yet she embraced him from the beginning as if he were her own beloved brother.

He however wanted nothing to do with any of them. No one knew the circumstances of his childhood, even to this day he couldn't muster the strength to recall what had happened prior to coming to stay with them. All he knew was it had caused enough impact to cause him nightmares of a screaming woman standing over him with a knife. He didn't want to think of the implications of the dreams.

He would eventually come to trust Credo, but early on Nero's unsociable nature to the free spirited Kyrie had angered Credo who was very protective of his sister. It made tensions run high in the house and eventually Nero ran away with no intentions of returning. That was until he realized he was being followed.

"Who's there?" He asked standing under a mid day sun.



Through a thicket of bushes Kyrie at 12 came wobbling her way in between two bushes. She had leaves in her hair, scrapes on her skin, and her clothes looked a bit dirty.

"What are you doing?" He asked dumbfounded.

"Following you," she smirked sheepishly as she made to stand straight, dusting her sundress off. Nero huffed in disapproval.

"Go home," he said as he turned to continue his march.


He stopped and she collided with his back, apparently not expecting him to stop on his own. He tumbled forward and landed with her on his back.

"Oh!! Sorry, are you OK?" Kyrie asked concerned as she sat up to move off him.

"Kyrie, go home," he said in turn.

"Not until you come with me. If you want to walk some more it's a few hours before sun down, but we should get back before night fall."

Nero sat up and turned to see her sitting just beside him, knees tucked under her and hands placed neatly in her lap.

"I'm not going back."


He didn't reply, only stood up and started walking again. She apparently didn't like that answer, because she tackled him again.

"Where are you going?"

"Kyrie, for the last time. Go HOME!" He snapped as he tried to lift her off him, but she refused to budge.

"I would, but you keep trying to lead us in the wrong direction," she smirked brightly down at the back of his head as she hugged his back. Nero finally began pushing up until he was on all fours and Kyrie was stifling laughter from above. He turned on his back and smushed her into the ground.

"Not so funny now, is it?" He challenged at her as she half laughed, half whimpered.

"No fair! You're stronger than me!" She protested as he tried to pry her hands from around his stomach.

"Let go already or I'll do it again," he warned.

"Just tell me why you're leaving and I'll let go."

Nero had paused, a deep frown set in his face as he stared up into the blue sky above. How could she be so oblivious to what was so apparent to everyone else? He often wondered if her ignorance was genuine.

"I don't want you to leave," she finally said when he didn't answer her. Nero felt the arms at his stomach tighten a bit and her head lean up to his shoulder blade.

He reached down and pulled her hands apart, allowing himself to finally move to sit just next to her laying form and he was surprised to see tears in her eyes. Kyrie sat up and wiped at her face before turning back to him.

"Why are you always trying to leave us? Don't you like us Nero?"

Again he was quiet. He didn't know what to say really. He didn't dislike them so much as he felt he didn't need them and they would be better off without him. Of course he couldn't just say as much to Kyrie, because he didn't know if a girl of 12 could understand.

"Go home Kyrie," he sighed. Suddenly she was on her feet and standing over him lightning quick.

"No! You are coming with me!" She yelled down at him, reaching down and taking his hand. She was trying to pull him back home, but he only continued to sit on the ground watching as her feet slipped in her effort to pull his weight. She was so determined she didn't even stop to consider it was an impossible feet, her face scrunched in concentration and effort. He couldn't help it. He laughed.

"Oh!" She huffed as she turned and started pulling at him from a different angle, affording him full view of her face as she dug her shoes into the ground for better leverage. At one point she even made him sit forward a bit, but he only continued laughing. Finally frustrated by it all she dropped to her knees and threw her arms around his neck. "Just come HOME Nero! You can't be my brother if you leave, and I want you to be."

Nero had stopped laughing and sat quite still. It was her determination that threw him off.

"You already have Credo," he said in a laughing tone to mask the sudden thump of emotion he felt.

"But I want you." Kyrie said in the most certain voice he had ever heard. It was what Kyrie had always been to him. Her feelings were never in doubt on anything she had done. Even when faced with the truth of his Devil Bringer, he could see her wanting to find a justifiable reason for him lying to her. She always believed in good, and Nero would always love her for bringing that into his life.

Nero felt himself blush about every shade of red and purple known to man. Here he was, a soon to be warrior brought to his very knees by the simple request of a 12 year old girl. He was going to leave, was determined to leave... until Kyrie said those words.

It was the first time he realized the truth of why he wanted to leave. He loved her. Because he was supposed to be a beloved step brother, but he would never see her as a sister. Only when he aged into puberty would he realize what exactly that meant. She was so pure and innocent and he was a preteen who was beginning to have un-brotherly thoughts towards her. It wasn't what others would say, but how Kyrie would see him if she knew. He somehow couldn't bear the idea of her hating or mistrusting him.

Her words though gave him hope. He wrapped his arms about the girl and returned her possessive hug which only made her sigh and laugh. Yes, he would continue to be her beloved brother until the age where he could finally tell her all that was in his heart. Until then he would protect the things within her that he loved so much, and make sure she never knew a day of unhappiness.


Nero glanced over his shoulder nervously to where Dante was hiding just out of sight.

"Stop looking at me." Dante hissed through the earpiece concealed in Nero's ear. Nero flinched as feedback came through as well.

"This isn't gonna work," he whispered so no one would think he was talking to himself. This wasn't going to work! Even with Dante in his ear the whole night he was going to fail. He could already feel himself sweating like crazy, his chest tightening at the sheer terror of his first date...with Kyrie. He swallowed hard and looked around.

He was supposed to meet Kyrie in front of the movie house, and after a flick they were going to dinner. He was beginning to doubt his clothing, his hair, even the cologne he had put on. Was it too much? Not enough?! Since when did it matter what he looked like?! He wanted to scream.

"Keep your cool kid. Remember, it's just Kyrie." Dante said reassuringly.

"That doesn't help! It's KYRIE! If I mess this up..."

"Nero?" Her voice came from somewhere to his right. He froze on the spot and suddenly the hot sweat turned cold and sent a shiver up his spine. Oh God...

Nero turned slowly to see her beautiful brown eyes looking at his questioningly. He on the other hand wanted to faint.

"Steady," came Dante's voice in his head.

She looked lovely. Her choir dress had been replaced by a light pink sundress and her hair was down. He never realized how long it had grown because she always wore it up. Then she killed him by blushing while tucking her hair nervously behind her ear. Maybe she saw the way he was gawking at her and it caused her to flush.

"Say something already."

"You look..." Nero began, but what could he possibly say that would be appropriate? Dante's voice began to name off adjectives but the word came to Nero all on his own. "...radiant."

"Nice..." Dante chuckled. Now Nero was wishing Dante wasn't there to listen in on this because it was making him blush like crazy between the look of bright admiration in her face and Dante's pervy laughing on the other side. If ever there was a strange contrast then it was right then.

"Thank you." Kyrie said as she smiled up at him, those lovely eyes playfully speaking to his. Her smile strengthened his resolve as he put his concealed devil arm out to her, which she took gently.

Once inside Nero got them a drink and the two settled next to one another in the semi-lit theater. He let Kyrie pick the movie, himself not really caring as long as he was with her. He was pretty sure he'd be too busy worrying about dinner conversation to notice the movie anyway.

"I've wanted to see this one, but no one would come with me. Movies aren't worth seeing in theaters unless you have someone to enjoy it with," she said happily as she sipped on the drink he'd bought.

"Yeah," he replied stupidly, berating himself for not having something better to say. Instead he took the cowards method and stalled time by drinking from the soda she had just set down.

"Indirect kiss..." Dante whispered through the earpiece and Nero almost choked on his drink, the carbonation burning his nose and throat as it went down.

"You OK?" Kyrie asked concerned, turning to him.

"Yeah," he coughed gruffly, taking another sip to stop himself from coughing more. He heard Dante chuckle in his ear and once things had settled Nero glanced around. Dante was at the back of the theater munching on popcorn with one foot on the seat before him. He waved at Nero from his chair and gave him thumbs up. Nero WANTED to say something to that but between Kyrie next to him and the suddenly darkening room it was pointless.

All was forgotten though when Nero felt Kyrie lean against him as the bright lights began to flicker on the screen. He turned to look at her and she was eyeing him with her head on his shoulder. How could one girl be this damned cute? He flushed and looked away towards the screen and yet he never really paid any attention, concentrating on feeling Kyrie so very close to him. It was a peaceful feeling to be that close to her and have it be all right.

At one point he lowered his head to rest his cheek upon her soft hair. She moved slightly and Nero quickly apologized for doing it. She only smirked at him.

"I'm just adjusting Nero, it's OK," she whispered to him, settling herself at a more comfortable angle and pulling him close to lean against her again. He never knew what the movie was about, because every time she made the slightest of movements he held his breath in hopes she wouldn't pull away and she never did.

At one point Nero felt her heavy against him and realized with a grin that she had nestled herself so comfortably that she actually fell asleep on him. It made him feel good that she could find such comfort with him. He hoped she knew how much he loved and would protect her. She adjusted her head at an upward angle and Nero felt his heart flutter. He bit his lip as he looked around. Everyone was staring intrigued at the screen, not paying him or Kyrie any mind. What he wanted was to kiss the girl. It was another impulse, similar to the one that made him ask her out in the first place.

Nero leaned down, nose to nose with Kyrie as he watched her closely for any signs of waking. Her eyes fluttered slightly, but other than that she dozed on peacefully ignorant on just how lovely she was. He took the initiative, turning his head slowly before closing his eyes and moving in for it.

"Fernando! How could you?" Dante suddenly came into his mind, causing him to jump 10 feet in the air, spilling the soda between them all over the floor. Everyone around him suddenly hissed for him to be quiet and Kyrie woke up startled by the sudden noise. "Lupe will never forgive you for leaving her for her sister Consuela! Damn, this is some good shit."

"Kyrie, I need to step out for a second. I'll be right back."

Nero mournfully left Kyrie's side to walk up the stairs leading to the lobby, staring pointedly at Dante to follow.

"Dude! Don't take me out at the best part! Lupe was about to walk in and find out Fernando is stupping Consuela!" Dante whined as he stuck his hand into his popcorn and realized it was empty. "Damn, need more popcorn."

Dante walked off without giving Nero a second to yell at him and headed back towards the concession stands with Nero following.

"Listen here old man! You promised to help me and just then you ruined a perfectly good opportunity!" Nero growled finally catching up to Dante as a person began refilling his popcorn.

"I wasn't even paying attention to what you two were up to. I got sucked into the movie." Dante stated as he paid and began munching on popcorn again. "Want some?" He offered to Nero who only glared at him.

"Don't talk unless it has to do with Kyrie and me! For that matter don't talk at ALL unless it seems I need your help."

"Touchy ain't you?"

"Did you have to talk about kissing RIGHT as I was taking a sip?"

"Dude, if a girl shares a soda with you it's a pretty good indication she's not disgusted by the thought of exchanging bodily fluids with you." Dante said with a smirk.

"Excuse me?" Nero growled as anger etched his face. No one talked about Kyrie like she was one of Dante's flavors of the week.

"Don't get your panties in a twist. What I MEAN is it's a good indication she wants to kiss you." Dante responded. "Now who's the pervert?"

Nero blushed, but looked at Dante with a new found appreciation.

"You really think she wants me to...?"

"You think she sleeps on a shoulder and somehow gravity ignores the fact she's sleeping with her face pointed to yours?" He grinned.

"I thought you said you weren't watching us?" Nero blushed.

"I caught a bit here and there. You could learn a lot from Fernando. Except if you cheat on Kyrie with her sister Consuela don't ask for my help. Heh, you brought that one on yourself."

"I'm going back." Nero sighed resigned turning towards the doors to the theater. "Wait a few minutes and then come in if you want to finish your movie."

He re-entered the theater and slowly made his way through the darkness to where he and Kyrie were sitting...only to find another man in his seat and a very upset Kyrie beside him.

"Excuse me, you're in my seat." Nero said as calmly as possible to the dead man who was trying to put an arm around Kyrie. The man turned his balding head to survey Nero with a cocky smile.

"Back off pretty boy," he said simply as he turned back to Kyrie who looked like she didn't know what to do. Nero began to unwrap his Devil Bringer when Kyrie suddenly stood.

"Nero no!" She whispered as she stepped over her assailant, but seemed to trip over his large feet and came falling forward. Nero put his arms out and caught her she reached out to grab onto his shoulders in her panic. Nero pulled her to him to make sure she was secure and it was then her face looked up at his. Apparently some onlookers decided watching the two of them was more interesting than Fernando and Consuela getting it on.

"You OK?" He whispered down at her, causing her bangs to flutter slightly from his breath. She nodded wordlessly, and even in the dark theater Nero could see she was blushing yet she wasn't looking away from him timidly. Damn him for all eternity of torture and loneliness if only he could have this moment with Kyrie uninterrupted. The impulse to kiss her came to him again and from the weight of her stare he was pretty sure he could get away with it. That was before the third wheel sitting in front of them piped in his two scents.

"Get a room," the jerk STILL in Nero's seat growled bitterly as he realized his apparent charm of manhandling Kyrie didn't work. Another impulse came to Nero to kick his ass. He couldn't let this jerkoff get away with this... It was then Nero noticed a single piece of popcorn fly with dangerous speed past them and smack right into the back of the jerk's head.

"HEY!" He growled as he rubbed at his balding spot, standing at least two inches over Nero. "You hit me!"

"Bulls eye!" Dante said jubilantly. "If he doesn't want thing thrown at his head he should've have such an obvious target on it." Nero ignored him and faced his accuser.

"No I didn't!" Nero snapped back defensively. The guy shoved him and Nero almost flew back into Kyrie but caught his balance. "I don't want to fight."

"Then you should've backed down pretty boy OW!"

Another kernel came and smacked him right in the eye, then another on his forehead, and another right near his thigh. Coming with such speed and accuracy it could only be one person. Yet when he searched for Dante he couldn't find him.

"Nero, duck!" Dante's voice suddenly came and Nero pulled Kyrie down as a large soda pelted the guy right in the groin. Everyone was stunned, but after a second nervous laughter broke into uncontrollable as the movie was now completely forgotten. In the midst of it all Nero pulled Kyrie from the theater not knowing whether to kill or thank Dante.

Once outside Nero was pretty sure their night was ruined until he heard Kyrie laughing like mad behind him, leaning against the side of the building to catch her breath. He raised an eyebrow as he watched her and she only gave a playful smirk.

"What? He deserved it didn't he?"

"The movie... I'm sorry I left you alo-," he began but Kyrie put a hand up to stop him.

"You know, I'm kind of hungry now after all that. Where should we go?" Kyrie asked sweetly brushing the subject under the carpet.

"Antonio's dude, it has the BEST pizza!" Dante chimed. Nero mentally tried to tell him that they weren't on a date for HIS pleasure but their own.

"Where would you like to go?" He asked her as she came to take his arm again, her eyes rose to the dark sky in thought.

"How about Antonio's? I could do pizza..."

"Jackpot!" Dante cheered. "Hooray for Kyrie! Dude, if this doesn't work out think she'd date me?"

Nero ignored him and smiled at Kyrie warmly. If she wanted pizza damn it she would have it. If she had wanted authentic Japanese food he might've flown her there if it meant she kept looking at him that way. Anything to try and make sure he made it through the date in one piece.