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Dating For Dummies

Chapter 2

Nero should've been happy... After all, they managed to get the best table at Antonio's pizzeria right by the window. It gave them the perfect view of the store front across the street lit up with beautiful lights that seemed to sparkle in Kyrie's eyes. She was chatting away about this and that while Nero smirked at her. He probably would've enjoyed what she was saying... if he didn't have Dante eating noisily in his ear.

"Come to daddy," he seemed to purr as silence, followed by chewing blocked out Kyrie's beautiful voice. He wanted to glare at Dante who was sitting at a table behind Kyrie so she wouldn't see him. It was a booth that was conveniently surrounded by fake plants. If he glared though Kyrie would see it.

He suddenly felt her hand on his and turned to look from Dante to her. She was smirking at him with an odd stare.

"Everything OK? You've barely touched your pizza."

"Everything's fine. I was just listening to your voice and kind of drifted off," he assured her with a smile. She grinned at him.

"Is my voice so droning?"

"N-no! I just meant I tend to get lost a bit in it...," he paused, not sure if he should reveal that much to her, but since she didn't look at him like he was creepy he continued. "I love the sound of your voice."

"You didn't always, remember?" She asked with a knowing smile. That had been a lie he told her of course to mask his own feelings at the time but she never knew that.

"What can I say; it's kinda grown on me."

"Aha! Liar!" She said triumphantly. Now it was his turn to give her a strange look. "I saw you. You said you hated my voice, but I always saw you hiding up in the rafters above the church hall."

He blinked at her and internally punched himself. He had thought he was so careful not to be seen by her. If she had seen him she never gave any indication of it, not even a glance upwards. So how did she...?

"Credo," she answered his internal question. "When I was 15 he told me."

That bastard.

"Don't think ill of him. He just thought I should know, since he knew how upset I was that you didn't come to them," she said with her face slightly cast to the side with a bit of a blush. He didn't know she had been upset at him not being there.

"Kyrie, I..."

"I was really happy to hear it though. I always feel more confident when I know you are near by, so since then I tried singing my best knowing you were somewhere listening."

She blushed a bit unable to meet his eyes. He felt his face burn at her words and he turned her hand over so it was in his rather than on top of it. He lifted it up and gave it a small kiss.


Nero's eyes darted from Kyrie's, his lips still on her skin to view Dante kneeling in his booth like a child and gazing at them between two fake trees, a partially eaten piece of pizza in his mouth.

"Dude, you got mooovvees," he added winking from him at the distance. Nero only closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on Kyrie's warm hand. But then there was the sound of chewing and he suddenly wondered why he had to keep the earpiece in. Dante had been of no help to him at all. Yet if he took it out now Kyrie would see, and if he were to leave her alone to take it out in the bathroom what was occupying her time to remain looking forward and not seeing Dante behind her?

"May I ask you something Nero?" Kyrie's voice suddenly came back to him. He opened his eyes and realized he was still holding her hand with his face pressed against it. He let it go hurriedly which made Dante laugh.

"Don't drop her hand in the marinara."

"Uhh, sure," he replied ignoring Dante in favor of Kyrie. He took a sip of his soda to smooth over his anxiety.

"How come you never asked me out before now?"

He almost choked...again. He decided soda was detrimental to his health and he would never drink in front of either people again as long as he lived. She laughed, curling a delicate hand to her face politely to not embarrass him.

"I just-- well," he stammered trying to think of the correct response to this question. Dante was no help as he continued chewing noisily. "We grew up together, and you were always like a sister to me. So... I didn't think you'd see me as anything more than a brother. And, well...," he paused as he touched his demon arm out of habit. "There's still so much I don't know about myself, which means there's a lot you still don't know. I felt it was better not to involve you."

That was a truthful answer if ever he had to give a straight one. Sometimes the demon side made him afraid of himself. It had seemed too foreign and scary to him only a few months ago when it spread from a small wound all the way to his elbow. What he might've said if he didn't have so much pride was in truth, he did not feel worthy of her affection.

"What changed then to make you ask me out?" Kyrie asked with a gentle smile.

Was stupidity a good answer?

"Hold that thought," she said as she stood from the table when he didn't respond right away. "I'm going to the ladies room."

"Right," he replied as he stood politely. She eyed him as she passed, like she hadn't expected him to stand, but appreciated it just the same. Once she was out of sight Nero fell into the booth seat and let his head limply hit the table with a dull thud.

"Maybe I shouldn't have come at all. You don't need me." Dante's voice said but Nero noticed it was echoing which only meant one thing. He sat up to find Dante in Kyrie's vacated seat. "Dude, you got olives on your pie? Nasty..."

"You are the worst love advisor ever." Nero said regretting he ever went to the elder hunter for help.

"Yet if it wasn't for me they'd be scraping you off the popcorn laden and sticky floor of the Cineplex while Kyrie went home with another guy. Right?" Dante answered slyly as he took Nero's soda and drank from it.

"Indirect kiss." Nero mumbled and laughed when Dante choked.

"Don't even joke about that!" Dante growled as he wiped his front with some napkins.

"Go back to your table and take this earpiece with you for all the good it's done me." Nero sighed as he began taking it out. Just then Dante kicked his foot.

"She's coming back!" Dante hissed.

"Shit! Hide somewhere!" Nero countered kicking his leg back.

"Like where?!" Dante asked looking around frantically for an escape route.

"Anywhere! Just go away!"

With that Dante, who Nero would consider a moron as long as he lived, went under the table. There was a long red paper cloth over it to block him from view, but with Dante right there how the hell was he supposed to concentrate on anything?

"Welcome back." Nero said as Kyrie moved towards the table.

"Thanks," she said as she got back in her seat. She looked up at him expectantly. "So, what's your answer?"

"Uhh, answer?"

"Yeah, what made you finally ask me out?" Kyrie asked with a small laugh.

"Ohhh, right. That," he said as he cleared his throat. Dante had distracted him too much from thinking on an answer. "I guess I just couldn't... help myself anymore."

He looked up and saw Kyrie blushing and looking at him surprised. It made his ears burn again as he let out a nervous laugh. She was silent and would not stop looking at him like that. He flushed and his brain scrambled to come up with something to say to break the silence. Her stare was too intense that he felt if he didn't say something that he might try something foolish... Like kiss her with how cute she looked.

"Well, what made you say yes?" He asked. It was the first question that popped into his head. Her eyes faltered for a moment and she began to fidget with her hands, her eyes lingering on them as her mouth opened.

"I-I've always liked you Nero," she said genuinely as her eyes fluttered back up to look at him. Her face even redder now and his slowly growing to match it.



He decided that was the most beautiful thing to ever come from her mouth just as if she had sang it to him. She had always liked him? The years of adolescent feelings for her, thinking she would never... could never possibly reciprocate his feelings for her. Only to find she was as about as lost as he had been. Somehow the idea of her mirroring his thoughts of fear and doubt made her even more beautiful to him.

"Kyrie...," he said slowly.

"Yes Nero?"

He wanted to lean over and kiss her. Right here in front of all these people without caring who saw it. Nothing else mattered in that moment except...

"I think I discovered Victoria's Secret."

Nero froze and felt his face burn, if possible, even more red as he heard Dante's whisper in his ear. He had almost forgotten that Dante was under the table.

"You wanna know if the carpet matches the drapes?"

Nero tried counting back from ten to keep his cool, because even if he didn't give a damn if he were caught at that moment the thought of explaining why Dante was under the table obviously playing pervert was not something he wanted to remember of his first date with Kyrie.

But Dante would pay dearly for this later. No doubt about that.

"There's one other place I want to take you before we head back. You feeling up for it?" He asked calmly. She looked a little taken back, as if she'd expected something else, but her eyes lit a bit.

"What other place?"

"It's a surprise," he replied with a smirk. "C'mon, let's get out of here."

He stood and held his hand out to her, dropping cash on the table to pay for their barely touched food. She stood and took his arm, leaning her head on his shoulder as they went to leave the place.

"Wait, where you going kid?" Dante asked in his ear. Nero said nothing, only put the arm Kyrie was holding slightly behind his back so his hand flipped his middle finger in hopes Dante had poked his head out of the table in time to catch it. Shortly there after Kyrie curled her fingers in his and he moved it back to his side.


He was determined that he would do this all on his own. He couldn't yet get rid of the device in his ear for fear of Kyrie noticing him taking it out, but he had become very good at ignoring the hunter's pleas to not be left behind.

"C'mon, we were having fun! Seriously I didn't look up her skirt, I swear. If it makes you feel better she has really hot legs."

Nero heard none of it, or acted as if he didn't and instead concentrated on entertaining Kyrie. Somehow since she told him she always liked him it was easier to be around her because it taught him that she liked him for him. She saw the side that no one had ever seen and still always liked him for it. It was a big ego booster.

Nero had taken Kyrie to a local fair ground where, to his luck, a carnival was celebrating its final night in town. He had seen the poster just over her shoulder on the pizzeria wall when he was trying to contain his anger at Dante's comments. He could lose the elder easily there if he were to follow and the idea of riding alone on some rides seemed appealing to him.

When she caught sight of the bright lights her face lit up about as bright.

"Oh! Do you remember that carnival we went to where Credo ate so much cotton candy that he threw up on the tilt-a-whirl?" Kyrie asked excitedly as they walked inside.

"And on me, don't forget..." Nero said remembering it not too fondly.

"I got to hose you two off," she continued on as if that were the highlight of her life. He shook his head with a laugh.

"Remember Cotton Candy Credo? He never forgave you for calling him that."

"Again, he threw up on me," he added but this time he was laughing. "OK, so it's kind of funny. Where to?"

"Rides first then cotton candy I think."

"Good idea." Nero agreed as they entered together.

"Amusement park? I love this kind of shit," came Dante's voice again. "But seriously dude, where'd you go?"

So on it went with Nero ignoring Dante as he escorted Kyrie around. They rode a few rides, his favorite, despite his last foul run in with it, was the Tilt-o-whirl because it forced Kyrie into his arms when it reached top speed. Although she did not seem too objective to being there even before the ride began.

All the while they were being hunted by Dante who seemed pretty pissed off that he had been stood up by his two reluctant dates.

"Ya know man, this is some bullshit. No loyalty at all... I come all the way out here to help and you go and ditch me for what? A woman."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Nero had mused at hearing the elder's grumblings. Dante could've just given up and went home. But that would be sensible and Nero knew Dante was anything but.

So the two continued without him. Nero won Kyrie a teddy bear, and before he knew it all his previous fears and reservations were gone. It was like it was when they were kids who had no clue about complicated things like love, fear, or embarrassment. Nero realized you could be friends with your lover which he thought made the idea of being with Kyrie all the more appealing. She was enjoying herself, smiling for him, and to his great pleasure decided holding close to him was her favorite activity so far. If Nero hadn't been wearing clothes he might've melted to the floor.

"What next?" Nero asked as she looked around thoughtfully. Her eyes were bright, and reflected the overhead lights in them. Her cheeks were flushed a bit and she wasn't even looking at him. It was a sure sign she was happy all on her own which made him even happier. He sighed contentedly.

"What's a man gotta do to get a little service round here?" Dante grumbled not to Nero, but obviously to whomever he was engaging at the moment. "Well, hey there beautiful." Inaudible words were heard talking back to him. "Are you on the menu?"

Nero let out a chuckle as a slap was heard, an 'ow', and the elder hunter's voice came back.

"Easy there baby, I wasn't planning to bite... hard. OK, OK, I'm outta here. Didn't want anything anyway. Hey kid, where the hell are you? Can you believe these carni women? She probably was a man under all those clothes anyway... Maybe she has three breasts?"

Silence came, another slap, and then Dante.

"Nope, only two... ow."

Nero couldn't help but laugh a bit which drew Kyrie's attention.

"What's so funny?" She asked slyly as she eyed him. Nero stood to attention and tried to think of something to cover it with.

"Oh, er--" He looked around and his eyes rested on something... pink. A few yards away was a heart shaped sign that said Tunnel de l'amour. His face must've looked perplexed because before he could tear his eyes away Kyrie looked at it too.

"You want to ride?"

"Ahhh, no. That's a little too much for a first date don't you think?" Nero asked sheepishly.

Kyrie walked closer to him with a gentle stride and stood before him twisting her hand in the other. Then her big, brown eyes turned up to his with soft lashes batting ever so slightly at him.

"I think it would be fun," she said softly.

"I-I totally agree," he replied dumbly realizing that jumping off a cliff would be appealing if she had requested that while looking at him that way.

She smiled brightly, almost... naughtily before taking his hand and pulling him towards it.

He could not believe it. He was going into a dark tunnel... with Kyrie.

Suddenly he was feeling self conscious again because weren't places like that made for kissing couples? Was she expecting for him to kiss her? No way... What if he was really bad at it?!

No dude chill... Stay positive, cool, and confident.

After all he had wanted an opportunity to be alone with her, to kiss her since he first saw her standing in front of the Cineplex. In the darkness of the tunnel he would have that chance to finally be with her and maybe even toss the stupid earpiece into the water.

They purchased their tickets, went inside and he helped Kyrie to step down into the boat. He followed after her and smirked as she set her teddy bear in her lap. They were quiet as they rode into the vastly dark tunnel.

"In a way, it's kind of creepy." Kyrie's voice seemed to echo lightly.

"W-well, you can move closer if you w--"

"OK." Kyrie said quickly as she slid to sit thigh to thigh with him. Nero was glad that it was dark in there and she couldn't see his face. He swallowed hard and put him arm around her shoulders before she leaned her head on his.

He was wondering how he should initiate it.

"Kyrie?" Nero asked

"Hmm?" She seemed to hum.

"I wanted you to know that... I've always...liked you too," he said carefully. He lifted his concealed devil arm and took hold of her chin which she willingly lifted. He could feel her trying to find him with her eyes in the dark as her small hand pressed to his chest. This was it, there was no going back.

He swallowed hard... as the lights suddenly came up and Nero was momentarily blinded. He felt annoyed as he realized someone had turned on the lights in the tunnel. He squinted to see Kyrie also squinting around with a bit of a funny smile on her face. Their eyes found one another, her smile wilted and to his surprise she moved close to him as if the moment hadn't been ruined. Lights were no match for their attraction.

However the loud electronic bell that followed just then was so jarring it caused them to both jump and cover their ears painfully.

"What the hell is happening?" Nero growled. Kyrie shook her head and stood. "What are you doing?"

"Someone would've come by now if something were wrong," she yelled as she stepped lightly to the left ledge on the side of the boat. "I'm going to go check it out."

"Kyrie, wait--" Nero tried to yell as he stood. She appeared to not hear him though over the loud buzzing noise as he watched her run off. Nero looked annoyedly around, kicked the side of the boat and sat down to pout. After a minute of excruciating and maddening ringing the stupid bell turned off but the lights stayed on.

Nero thought he heard someone coming, turned and saw nothing but the curvy tunnel and the black water beneath him. It actually was kind of creepy with the silence all around him. He was too pissed though at the fact that by the time Kyrie returned he would probably be at the end of the tunnel and yet another chance would pass him by.

"Hey Dante, you there?" Nero whispered as a light wind blew through making a strange whistling noise. He felt himself involuntarily shiver. Dante said nothing over the earpiece and Nero scoffed. "Sure, now you decide to shut your trap, jackass."

He considered getting up to go after Kyrie rather than waiting here when the lights suddenly shut off and he was thrust into pitch black.

Nero heard footsteps again, this time from the right side of the bank and figured it was Kyrie coming back since they had entered on that side.

"Hello?" Nero asked as he heard the footsteps come to a stop close to where his boat was.

"Nero?" A voice whispered very low.

"Kyrie?" He asked noting the feminine voice behind it. He reached his hand out towards where the voice came.

She found his hand and he felt her step forward to join him, but apparently she tripped over the side of the boat because she quickly came forward into his arms. It caused him to fall back into the boat with her on top of him. God, she's heavy. He wouldn't say as much, but his ribs were feeling it. Then he felt breath on his face again and suddenly saw another opportunity. At the same moment he also realized above and behind where the boats front was light was blooming slowly.

"Kyrie," he began as he closed his eyes and leaned upwards. The tunnel was almost done and if he didn't do it now he might not have the alone time to do it again. He lifted his free hand to smooth over... a very stubbly cheek?

"Heh, oh Nero you bad boy. I never kiss on the first date."

Nero pulled back so quickly he slammed his head against the bottom of the boat. The overly feminine voice echoed, but not from the tunnel. From his earpiece.

Light came into the boat and Nero was horrified to find Dante laying on top of him.

"Hey there sweet heart." Dante grinned twinkling his fingers in a mock girlish wave. "Give us a smooch"

Nero snarled as he grabbed Dante's collar, and used his legs to flip Dante over the side of the boat. A loud splash was heard and Nero got on his knees to look over the side just as Dante's head surfaced.

"C'mon kid, it was only a joke!" Dante partially laughed as he spit water out of his mouth.

"Joke?! Joke?! You have single handedly ruined my entire evening with Kyrie! You are a worthless jerk who wouldn't know romance if it tattooed its name on your ass!" Nero yelled down at Dante.

"Of course not... I have something completely different tattooed on my ass." Dante replied as he ducked when Nero tried to slug him.

"Nero? What are you doing?"

Nero quickly pressed Dante's head down under the water so Kyrie would not see as he turned his head slightly. The boat had stopped and Kyrie was waiting for him on ledge to his right.

"I- err, think I lost your teddy bear in the water." Nero replied even as Dante fought to come back up.

"I have my teddy with me," she replied confused as she held it up.

"Oh, good." Nero answered with a smirk as he gave Dante a good thump on the head to knock him senseless for a moment. It gave Nero the chance to hop out of the boat and walk towards Kyrie. "C'mon, I think the fireworks are going to start soon."


Nero pointed her away from the Tunnel de l'amour just as he heard a loud splash and gasp for air. The earpiece crackled a bit, no doubt since the other end was now sopping wet and he could hear Dante swearing as he skirted Kyrie away hoping to salvage what was left of the evening.


They were sitting on the grass, leaning up against a large tree in amongst a bunch of people on blankets. Families, friends and lovers gathered in anticipation of the evenings fireworks show and Nero was feeling rather hopeless.

Their date was almost over and he had yet to truly get Kyrie to himself. His only comfort was the fact she was curled sideways against his chest, lounging in between his legs with her head resting under his chin. He had covered her up with his jacket at the front and now they were just waiting in silence.

"Sorry about the last ride," her voice suddenly said from below. Nero let out a huffed laugh.

"Don't worry about it," he replied softly as he snuggled her closer to him. "What happened anyway?"

"Once I got off and told them they wouldn't let me back on. Some moron walked onto the platform from an alarmed emergency exit," she replied with a giggle.

Moron is not even the word for it.

"I see."

"I was kind of mad to tell you actually," she continued as she pulled back a bit to look at him. "It seems every time we get to be alone together something keeps interrupting us."


It was all he could think to say, trying his best to be oblivious to the fact the correct statement would be someone. He was a little more taken aback though that her thoughts were mirroring his own which meant she had wanted him to... kiss her? No way...

Kyrie lifted her hand and touched his cheek gently.

"I kind of knew you liked me all this time. I waited for you to make a move and then you finally asked me out. I can't tell you how excited I've been for tonight," she continued softly as her hand raised higher past his cheek.

Nero swallowed as she leaned in close to him and he felt his heart skip a few beats. If God truly hated him then lightening would strike him dead, or a firework would fly up his nose. Because damn it all to hell he was going to kiss her if it was the last thing he did.

"If only...," she whispered inches from his mouth when she paused.

"If only?" He whispered back as he studied her lovely face.

Her hand moved further up his face to what Nero thought was her running her fingers through his hair, but instead went for his ear...and pulled the listening device out.

"If only you would stop listening with your head, and start listening with your heart." Kyrie continued as she tossed the little earpiece off somewhere. Nero was momentarily stunned. She knew the whole time? How?

Her hand fell to press over his heart and he decided he didn't need to know. The only advice that had been of any use to him all night had been hers. He listened to his heart and closed the space between them, touching her lips for the first time in his life and swearing he saw fireworks as she got on her knees between his legs and kissed him sweetly back with her hands on either side of his face, his coat falling off her shoulders as he wound his arm around her small waist.

He could hear the fireworks, both hypothetical and actual ones begin but ignored them both. Her lips were soft and warm. He kissed her gently taking it slow as this was both their first time kissing. He did not rush her or even consider deepening it as the very touch of her breath on his lips was enough to fill month's worth of fevered dreams.

He ran his human fingers through her hair and felt her tremble slightly against him. He combed through the mass of softness over and over as if he'd never felt anything like it. Then the moment passed as she pulled back to stare down at him.

Her eyes were lidded, but her lips were smiling at him and he couldn't help but return it as she leaned in and kissed his nose and forehead. It was perfection as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head to her chest in an intimate hug.

"I'm so glad you finally asked me out." Kyrie whispered.

Since this disaster had begun Nero could honestly say for the first time that he was glad he had asked her out too. She settled back down against him and together under the cover of Nero's jacket, human and demonic hand intertwined under a dazzling sky alight with fireworks.


Monday morning came and Nero walked through the doors of Devil May Cry whistling like he had just won the lottery.

"Hey old man!" Nero said jovially as he strutted towards the desk where Dante was laying face down. Nero slammed the six pack of beer down on to the desk causing the elder to startle awake. "What's wrong with you?"

Dante's eyes were puffy, his nose red and when he spoke his voice was a hoarse croak.

"Oh, I dunno... Maybe some pussy traitor tried to kill me in water that was filled with every kind of bacteria known to man?" Dante growled pathetically as he sniffed his nose. "Then maybe I had to walk back soaking wet and as I bitched at him about it in an earpiece he was supposed to be wearing I was arrested for yelling at a seven year old and his dad who happened to pick it up?"

Nero stared blankly at him for a moment before he let out a roar of laughter.

"Serves you right!"

"I did everything to help you, you ungrateful bra-ahhh--aahhhchoo!" Dante said mid-sneeze. Nero stepped back as not to get drenched. "Anmit it," he continued in a nasally tone. "Despite everyting you ga your kith didn you?"

"I did, which is why I brought you this." Nero replied as he pushed the six pack of beer towards him. Dante eyed it while he blew his nose.

"You're still on my shit list."

"C'mon, you won't even have that cold for long so cheer up. Kyrie also wanted me to thank you."

"Did she now?" Dante asked suddenly interested.

"Oh yeah. She wanted me to thank you for being a dick to boot my ass in gear. My words, not hers of course."

"Of course. Brat."

"I did learn one thing from the experience though." Nero said as a grin crossed his face.

"Whassat?" Dante asked rolling his eyes.

"You know nothing about dating at all. Do you?"

Dante lifted a finger to answer him when the front door suddenly slammed opened and in walked a rather anxious looking Vergil. He walked hurriedly from the door and almost shoved Nero out of the way.

"Dante, you must help me." Vergil demanded.

"I'm sick, go away." Dante replied after he stared at his brother for a moment.

"This is a matter of life or death Dante! I have never asked anything of you in all my years on this earth and I will not beg you." Vergil said pointedly and Dante noticed his twin was seriously freaked out about something.

"Heh, what can I do for you bro?" Dante asked as he sat back in his chair. Nero moved towards them looking a bit peeved that Vergil cut in on their conversation but also seemed curious as to what could be ailing his brother.

"I don't know how she managed it. I cannot even fathom how... That woman must've slipped something into my drink..." Vergil rambled too quickly to be normal. He was actually fumbling over his words.

"Take it easy prissy pants. Who and what are you talking about?" Dante asked.

"Lady... That infernal woman... I... asked her out in a moment of insanity. Worse still she was insane enough to accept!" Vergil replied as his face turned a bright red color. "I think I may have to kill her to prevent this from happening. I am a son of Sparda. I don't do dates. What do you think?"

Dante just stared at his twin, then to Nero who looked confused as well. Suddenly he got a great idea...

"There will be no killing of Lady." Dante said as he stood. He opened his desk drawer and pulled something small from within. "Don't worry bro, I can help you with your little dating issue. You ever use one of these before?"

Dante held up the two way earpiece with a smirk and watched as Nero rolled his eyes. This time he'd prove to Nero that he was, in fact, the love master and that dating was easy - even for dummies.