When Cora felt that she was able, she began to walk around and found herself on deck. Jimmy ran up to her and hugged her.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, Miss Darrow." Jimmy said.

"Well, I'm glad that you survived. Have you seen the Captain, Jimmy?"

Jimmy nodded and pointed at the bow of the ship. Cora walked up to Captain Englehorn, or rather limped because of her leg. She laid a hand on his shoulder and he jumped and turned around.

"You're finally walking. That's good news." Captain Englehorn said.

"Well, I owe it to Anne, she kept doing whatever possible to get me up and about." Cora looked down at her feet and felt her cheeks grow warm. "I believe that I should also thank you."

"I-I don't see a reason to thank me."

Cora looked back up and met Captain Englehorn's face. "I do. Anne told me what you had done. She says that you nursed me back to health, that you stayed at my bedside until she had recovered."

Captain Englehorn nodded quickly. "I did. Y-You had just scared me, and I didn't want to lose the one person that I..."

Captain Englehorn cut off his sentence and then turned to face the ocean. Cora touched his shoulder again, but he wouldn't turn around.

"That you what, sir?" Cora asked quietly.

Captain Englehorn sighed deeply. "That I care about...That I have loved since the moment that I first saw her."

"You love me?"

Captain Englehorn finally turned to Cora. "Yes, I do. Cora, when you're a captain, there are days when you don't believe that you'll come home alive. It seems terrible to say, but I had no reason for wanting to come back alive anyway. My crew, they have wives and loved ones, someone to think about to get them through the day. I never did, until I saw you."

"Why hadn't you told me before?" Cora asked.

Captain Englehorn shrugged. "Would you have loved me in return? When you had Mr. Baxter, a wealthy cinema star. What could I have given you? A small house, hardly anything to secure you financially, and no guarantee that I'd ever return from the sea-"

It was only when Cora kissed him long and hard, that Captain Englehorn was silenced. He stared at her in amazement.

"I've lived in nothing but a small apartment my entire life, and money is not exactly growing on trees nowadays. As for the chance that you may die while you're sailing...In life, you can't guarantee anything, you can only take it day by day."

Cora brought her hand to Captain Englehorn's cheek. "Abraham, I love you. I was just a blind fool not to see what I had in front of me."

"You know, after we make port in New York, I was thinking of returning to Germany for a short while. It does become lonesome in my house, and I would enjoy your company."

Cora smiled and kissed Captain Englehorn." You have it." She whispered.