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A time when people threw parties and invited their friends over in high hopes of seeing him hook up with her, or her slap him across the face before the coup de grace…a cup of red, alcoholic-spiked fruit punch directly in his shocked face.

It's was also the time where proud parents got to watch their children's face light up with enjoyment when that cool young man allowed them two handfuls of candy, and a time where they saw their children's faces fall from disappointment when the well-meaning elderly lady down the street handed them a shiny red apple to "keep the doctor away."

A time when children and adults alike could dress up in the wackiest of outfits and pig out on the sweetest of sweets.

Or in the case of the Jack-of-All-Trades, Halloween was the perfect time to go all out against the ones he hated…but not directly, never directly. It was perfect, the holiday was known for disguises, and that happened to be one of Jack's specialties, one of many.

"Oh my dearest Samantha," he hissed to himself, his brown eyes glued to the screen on his computer.

Jack played with his bottom lip, his finger flicking and pulling on it in a habit he could never break when he was younger. Jack grinned when the pictures he was looking for began to appear one by one on the screen, like a parade just for him. The very screen he was staring at intently emitted a soft blue hue that played on Jack's beaming face.

"My dearest Sa-man-thah," he repeated, drawing out each syllable slowly and deliberately his low voice.

Jack leaned over and allowed his fingers to dance over the keys of the keyboard directly in front of him. He deftly moved the mouse around, clicking at things here and there until he was content with his work. He leaned back and watched as the pictures began filing themselves in the order he wished.

Bailey Malone's current lover…Noreen's grave, the mother of John Grant…George's "roommate," Richard Warren…the husband of Grace Alvarez, Morgan…and Angel Brown, the best friend of Samantha Waters.

Jack began laughing; his laugher reverberated in the enclosed space he secluded himself and his work in. He once again began typing speedily on the keyboard, his voice soft and becoming louder and louder as he began reciting a children's rhyme, altering it slightly as it was in the original.

"Ring a ring a rosies…a pocket full of posies," he paused before continuing his haunting rendition on the child's rhyme, "Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!"

With the last uttered line, Jack threw a handful of silky petals from a rose at the screen, once again letting out a rumbling laughter that reached every crevice and crack of the dark room.

John Grant walked as fast as he could from his desk towards the closing elevator doors as he could, throwing his jacket over his arm casually. He was about to make it to freedom when a familiar voice called out his name frantically.

John sighed and turned slowly, holding his hands up in defense as he interrupted his colleague, "George! I said I was going to think about it, and I did."

"Well?" George demanded, slightly out of breath from his run.

"My answers no." John stated, turning around once more to enter the elevator.

"John! Come on! We'll miss you there, and Chloe would love to see her Uncle John again." Protested the computer technician.

John smirked and slowly turned to face the shorter man again, "The guilt card, nice one. Can't say it's original though."

"John, really. You need to have a life that doesn't include nameless women, Chinese food and booze."

John became irritated, "I don't think what I do in my life, is any of your concern, George. I said no, that's my answer."

George sighed aspirated, "Sam and Angel put a lot into this party John, least you could do is show up. With Jack still out there, God knows they don't have fun often."

John's blue eyes flashed dangerously as he glared down at George, "I show up for five minutes you back off?"

"Of course, John."

John nodded curtly, "Fine. Five minutes then I'm gone."

"Don't forget a costume!" George called at John's back, when the latter man entered the elevator to go down.

John heaved a long sigh and rolled his cerulean colored eyes as the doors closed.

"Bailey, there you are! Could you please help Sam in the kitchen, she's having trouble with something." Angel said quickly as Bailey stepped out of the elevator. Bailey, slightly flustered, nodded and took his coat off as Angel blew past again.

"What are you supposed to be, Angel?" Bailey asked, laughter evident in his voice as Angel blew past him once again.

Angel paused and looked down at her entirely black outfit, her whiskers twitching on her face. She shrugged and laughed, "I think I was supposed to be a cat."

Bailey nodded and laughed as well, "It looks…nice."

Angel playfully hit Bailey as he made his way towards the kitchen before she asked, "What are you supposed to be then, Malone?"

Bailey looked pretended to look offended before answering, "You can't tell? I'm the life at the party."

Angel snorted on her giggle when the larger man pointed towards the black and orange party hat perched on his thick, brown hair. He gave her a grin before disappearing into the kitchen to help Sam with whatever she needed.

Angel continued her hurried preparation of party snacks, running back and forth to place the goodies and drinks on a table. Just as she was placing the bowl of pretzels next to the various sodas, the elevator dinged signaling someone else arrived.

George and Grace entered together, both laughing happily as they emerged. George was dressed up as T-Bird from Grease complete with slicked up hair and comb in the back pocket. Grace was wearing a long black cape with her hair down, framing her face. She looked over at Angel in greeting, showing her fake fangs.

"I'm going to suck some soda!" she claimed in her best Dracula voice, adding a hiss at the end.

Angel snickered as George shook his head and said, "This broad is nuts!" in his best T-Bird accent, which was surprisingly very good.

Bailey came out then, with Sam trailing behind him, both carrying platters of fruit and vegetables. Bailey looked over at his agents and let out an infectious bellowing laughter, causing everyone else to join in. After the laughter died away Bailey motioned towards George and said, "T-bird and Dracula?"

"Well, Boss, what are you supposed to be?" Grace playfully argued, defending her homemade costume.

Angel giggled and answered for him, "The life at the party," and with that she snatched his hat and took off. Bailey made a sound and went after her, both laughing as Bailey caught her easily and took his hat back.

"Who's missing?" Sam asked, looking at the small group questioningly.

George looked around, "John said he's comin', and Nathan said he can't make it, Michelle's heavily pregnant and he don't wanna leave her home alone."

Bailey chuckled at George's accurate accent; he shook his head and adjusted his hat, "T-bird…"

"Music Sam!" Angel exclaimed, rushing over towards the large stereo they set for the occasion. She fiddled with some buttons until music finally boomed out loudly, shaking the floor with its heavy bass, "Let's party!"

George turned to Grace and motioned towards a clear space dedicated for dancing, "You wanna dance, babe?"

"Mwahaha! But of course!" she claimed, allowing George to lead her towards the floor where they began dancing to the music.

The small group laughed as the two danced, until Bailey turned to Sam and asked, "So where's my favorite little girl?"

Sam sighed, "In her room."

Bailey looked at her worried, his brown eyes concerned as he asked, "Why?"
"She wasn't invited to a girl's birthday party from her class, so she was upset about it." Sam answered, running a hand through her thick blonde hair.

"Do you want me to talk to her?" Bailey asked.

Sam nodded, "If you want, it can't hurt."

Bailey gave her a smile, "I'll be back then, make sure those two don't break a leg," he motioned towards George and Grace who were dancing hysterically.

Sam laughed and nodded, "Sure thing, Bail."
John arrived at the small ongoing party, unheard by the others over the loud pounding music emitting from the stereo system. He watched from the back of the room with an amused smile as George and Grace danced together and Angel and Sam danced alongside each other, all of them wearing matching smiles of content.

"Uncle John!" a small voice shouted, and John turned to see Bailey and Chloe emerge from the hall. Chloe ran and jumped into John's arms, giggling when he swung her up and down before setting her safely on the ground.

"And what are you supposed to be miss, Chloe?" John asked, eyeing her pink outfit with a small smile.

"A ballerina!" she exclaimed, jumping onto her toes in order to do a pirouette.

John laughed and knelt down to her level, "Of course, how silly of me to miss that."

"What are you supposed to be John?" she asked curiously, looking up at him slightly.

John grinned and tipped his hat and stood up to his full height, "You can't tell? I'm Indiana Jones!"

Bailey laughed and approached John, "That have something to do with your big ego, John?"

John shook his head and admitted, "I had a hat, and I had a leather jacket. It was simple to put together…so here you are."

Bailey shook John's hand and looked him over, "You have the outfit down pat, kid. I'm impressed."

John grinned and looked down at his costume. He wore khaki slacks, a worn brown leather jacket, with a white, long-sleeved shirt that had it's buttons open at the top and the collar popped up.

"I try…" he shrugged nonchalantly, "What are you, Malone?"

Bailey pointed to his hat, "Life of the party."

John nodded slowly, "Of course, what else would you be?"

Both the men laughed before John motioned towards the dancing men and women, "What the hell are they doing?"

Bailey looked over and shook his head, "I have no idea, but some people call it dancing…"

John smirked as he placed his hands in his pockets, he looked on at his dancing friends, laughing aloud when Chloe jumped in and began doing ballet to "The Monster Mash."