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Bailey, Sam, George and Grace found themselves within the small apartment of Bailey's current girlfriend. They were glad to see no blood was spilt during the quarrel between Jack and Monica, all sure there must've been one from the objects strewn about the room.

Sam closed her eyes and sighed as she leaned against the doorframe of the apartment, watching as Grace and George milled about fretfully and Bailey knelt down to pick something of the floor. He stood back up and furrowed his eyebrows, turning his back towards the others.

"Bailey? Everything alright?" Sam called out softly, mentally kicking herself for that. Of course everything wasn't all right. However Bailey was kind enough to not catch her on ill question.

"As well as it could be, Sam." He responded, turning to face her slowly. He clutched something in his right hand, trying to hide it from everyone's view as he cleared his throat and gestured with his other hand, "I need to call forensics, see if the bastard finally left something behind."

Sam nodded and moved out of his way as he barreled past and out into the hallway to make his call, and collect himself. Sam glanced over at George, who was looking about frantically, and Grace who was shaking her head slowly.

"You guys shouldn't be here," Sam claimed, folding her arms across her chest. "You should go home and be with your families, get them to a safe place."

Grace shook her head, "No way, sister, I'm going to catch this schmuck."

Sam smiled and tilted her head, "Thanks Grace."

George came up beside Grace and gave Sam a reassuring smile, although his pale face belied his calm expression. "Come on, Sam, who's going to leave?"

Sam thanked him too, before they fell into a comfortable silence with the soft hum of Bailey talking a little down the hall comforting them more than they thought would. He reappeared a few moments later, shutting his cell phone and placing it within his breast pocket of his coat. He turned towards the others, and drew a deep breath.

"Okay, I know how much you all want to find Jack, believe me…but I'm ordering you all, including myself, to bunker down at the Command Center for twenty four hours," Bailey proceeded to raise a hand in order to silence the protesting from his agents, "That's an order."

Sam bit her bottom lip, saddened that once again someone else's life was ruined because of Jack's obsession with her. Suddenly she felt uneasy when she remembered John had left by himself from the firehouse.

"Sam no arguments, please-"

"No, it's John. We need to go find John." She interrupted her blue eyes wide as she felt a gnawing fear in the pit of her stomach.

Bailey cursed softly and turned on his heel, shouting over his shoulder, "Go home, gather essential items and bring your family. Meet in the Command Center. Move!"

George and Grace reluctantly exited the room to head to their homes together, first to Grace's then George's before going to pick up Angel and Chloe.

"Come on, Sam, we need to get this done now." Grace said, pulling Sam out of the room and out into the hall alongside herself.

Sam sighed and nodded, "Let's get this over with."

Jack spun around once in his chair, laughing heartily as he did so. He came to rest and licked the tip of a pencil, checking off the name "Monica Lewis" in the Bailey Malone column.

Smirking, Jack glanced over the list and settled his brown-eyed gaze intently on his next victim's name. Morgan Ballard.

"Dear Grace…trick or treat?" murmured Jack.


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