AN:I don't own Naruto or the second world war. If I did it wouldn't have happened.

I got the idea of writing this story after watching the fourth episode of black lagoon. I want to honor the GOOD men of the german military that gave their lives to defend their home and families against those they thought would murder and rape their wives and daughters. Even as soldiers of the german military during World war two, the gave their lives for those precious to them. In my eyes they're heros too. The germans in this story speak german obviously, however I will type in english.

February 6, 1945.

Chilling winds attended the leaden color sky of the german coast. the rocking waves washed upon the docks of the deutsche marine base(1). Home of the german wolf pack that ravaged the British navy until 1944, this base was always filled with activity. now only four U-boats were in port. Sailers, infantry, and even paratroopers were loading weapons and supplies as well as rations on to the subs. instead of the 172 crew men of the U-boats there was will over 300 men running back and fourth from the store house grabbing what wasn't nailed down, if it was nailed down they unnailed it and pilfered it too. Not one man was idle except for the commander of the four subs.

Admiral Daniel Ahbe was looking upon his men as they did there respective jobs. he had planned on only taking his sailers but to get the supplies and weapons he needed he had to bribe the soldiers in the area with a seat in a sub. his mission was too go to sea and sink as many ships as he could before he and his men were sunk. This came as an order from the fuhrer himself. Once receiving his orders Ahbe realized how futile this war was. He could not condemn his men and now the soldiers in the army that were hitching a ride to escape the soviets to death. Most had families and none of them wanted to die. He made his decision right then. He would take his men and hide in New Zealand until the war ended. Then surrender to the australians. He had to get more supplies and stealing was the only option. Now he has 172 sailers and 268 assorted infanterie(2) and fallschirmtruppen(3) under his command. He was ready to abandon his fatherland and so were his men. He would pray for his wife Amelia and his sons Peter and Heintz. But now he had to leave his home to survive. He had no intension of dying for the delusions of the Nazi's. He would leave within the hour, He hoped to come home someday. Captain Fuchman of U-1347 ran up to Ahbe and saluted. Ahbe returned it and waited for his report.

"Sir, we have finished loading the submarines and have begun loading the men. If my estimation is correct we can leave in two hours."

"Very good Captain, you may see to your submarine. Be ready to leave in two an' half hours. Your dismissed."

Captain Fuchman saluted and ran over to his sub. He received reports from Captain Hickmen of U-1524, Captain Tasch of U-1920, and Captain Dormor of U-1835. He was getting ready to board U-1920 when 1st lieutenant Jerry Gunter sprinted over to him. After he caught his breath he saluted. Gunter was the only army officer with them, So he was responsible for the paratroopers and infantry.

"Sir, all my men are accounted for and have boarded the U-boats. I'm waiting for further orders."

"Come with me lieutenant. I will need you within speaking distance. there will be times when we won't be able to use the radio."

"Yes Sir! I must retrieve my gear from U-1835."

"Hurry up, We must sail soon. We can't afford to be caught now."

"Yes Sir!" He ran off at full speed to get his things. Ahbe boarded the vessel and was joined by Captain Tasch, Then 1st Lt. Gunter. After final preparations the last remnants of the german wolf pack left port. Gunter removed his helmet and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"so this is farewell Germany. I wish we could have left on a beautiful day but this suits the situation just fine." He said.

"Yes and thanks to the clouds the Allies patrol over us has thinned." Chimed in Captain Tasch as he watched the coast disappear. This would be the last time many of them would see their fatherland again.

'Captains log, April, 2nd 1945

it has been fifty five days since we have gone rogue. The men are holding up well and cabin fever is a rarity. Most of the sailers are acting like this is a normal mission and the army troops on board are keeping themselves together. Besides extreme boredom we have had no problems as of yet. The six paratroopers on board spent almost all their time fishing. The men don't know it yet but I fear were are lost. We should have made it by now. And not one encounter with an allied ship. Most say it is by the grace of God or by luck but I think we have been out of allied patrolled areas. The sea has never acted like the south pacific, it remains as the southern atlantic. Seaman Alban said we went into another dimension when we passed by Bermuda, but we all know that is a load of crap. We must be off course but none of it matters until we find land.

signed Captain Dormor'

"Captain! Admiral Ahbe is on the radio!" Dormor rose from his desk and closed his journal. Making his way to the communications room the where spirit of the men was ecstatic. He accepted the phone from seaman Alban. "Sir?"

"Dormor. We have found land!" Dormor could now understand the excitement was about.

"What are your orderes?"

"Sail until your about sixty meters from the coast. Then send your six paratroopers ashore in a life boat. Have them ready for battle incase of allied encounters. Lt. Gunter and three more paratroopers will also be ashore. They will have one of our too cameras so we can observe the country side. We obviously are not in New Zealand."

"Right sir, I shall have them prepare immediately." Dormor hung up the phone and looked at his men that were present. "We are sending a ten man expedition. Call our six paratroopers. Have them get ready for a skirmish and meet me outside." When the six men were on top the U-boat Captain Dormor approached them.

"Gentlemen!" All the men stood up and saluted.

"As you were" The men sat down in a group to listen to their current CO preach.

"Take a look to your left gentle men. That is not New Zealand as you can guess. You and four others that have been selected to explore the land. Seaman 1st class Adelbert is preparing your boat as we speak. Men we came to escape war, don't shoot unless completely necessary. We don't need war with the locals especially because we have nowhere to go and not enough men to fight a campaign. I believe that the boat is ready. Good luck comrades and don't die. Any questions?" One man raised his hand. "SIR!"

"Yes sergeant Adele?"

"What can we expect to see here?"

"We don't know other then trees. We picked you because your veterans of the poland campaign and you are the elites outside the SS. Any other questions?" no one raised their hands. Dormor waved them off and they loaded up and shoved off. While paddling they saw the other boat leaving U-1920, They waved and landed on the beach. When they pulled their boats up and got in a group so Gunter could check arms.

'two MP40's, one MP44, seven K98's, and one panzerfaust. That should be fine.'

"Ok gentlemen lets get moving. I want two columns of five, spanning three feet between each man, me leading one and Adele leading the other. Private Bruno get that camera rolling." The men filed in and they began to move.

A smile bird was fluttering through the sky. It chirped and was having a marry old time as it was an animal with no responsibilities, or so it would seem. as the bird descended it landed on a window sill of a red building. A women in a purple Kimono ran up to the bird and took the message tied to its leg. She ran off to her boss without even reading it.

"Tsunade-Sama! A message from the land of waves!" She handed it to the blond hokage to read over. She looked at Shizune and let out a deep sigh. "It's a mission request. Apparently four large metal vessels showed up on there coast eight hours ago. They don't know what they are and have asked us to look into it. This would normally pay as a B-ranked mission but it says that the vessels sent ten men ashore so they are willing to pay for an A-ranked."

"Will we accept it?"

"of course. We have no reason not to. What teams are available?" Shizune got out a folder and looked through it.

"Tsunade-sama, we only have a small group of shinobi that are not on missions, and we need most of them to defend the village. Here is a list who is available though." Tsunade looked over the list of leaf nin that were in town. She picked the four she thought would do a good job and called for them.

Not five minutes later Genma, Anko, Naruto, and Neji were standing in front of Tsunade.

"Do we get to go on a Mission Baa-chan!? Is it S-ranked!? is it-ow!" Anko bonked Naruto on the head. "Shut up you annoying kid! Obviously it's a mission!"

Even with the goose egg on his head Naruto was still excited, Anko looked expectant, Genma looked laid back and Neji was neutral.

"Yes I have a B-ranked mission for you. It's fairly simple, I would expect a week at most." She handed the note to Genma who chewed on his senbon as he looked it over then he passed it on. After all the Ninja had read it. Genma stuffed it in his pocket.

"We have no idea what these things are or what these people want but only engage if deemed hostile to the people of wave. Since Anko and Genma are same rank, Genma will act as squad leader. We can't screw with this one. It may cause lots of trouble for wave and it will hurt our reputation. Any questions? Ok pack for a weeks worth of wilderness equipment and provisions, you leave in a half hour. Oh and Anko, wear your Jounin vest and uniform. I don't want you to get in a fight with these people and for you to stick out. That goes for you too Naruto. Wear Chunnin apparel that is an order. Naruto would have complained but Neji grabbed him and drug him out of the office.

German navel base