After a very very very very long period of inactivity, I'm going to try writing again. I figure I owe a few of you guys an apology for falling off of the world. My life got really busy and I left the Anime scene. I graduated high school, joined the US Army, started college, and have been really busy with schoolwork. SO! This story is going to get rewritten. I'll leave the original up but I'm going to start a new Story based off of it. I've become a little more attuned with reality since I last wrote a chapter for "Flight of the Eagles". For one, I highly doubt the world would be prepared for a 3rd world war so quickly after the second ended. Second, the Soviet Union wouldn't have had the ability to wage such a war at that time. The early 50's is way to sudden for a 3rd world war to start. Thirdly, I don't think the German soldiers and Sailors would have been able to take on the Leaf village and survive. It takes time and resources to arm and train an army and they had neither. So while I will be writing this story again, it will be different. Characters will change as far as my OC's are concerned.

I also found my battle scenes unrealistic. Now that I actually know how to fight, I think I can write better combat scenes. Ultimately, I'm rewriting this story because I was an immature teenager when I wrote the original and Now that I'm an adult I might fair better, though I still don't consider writing a talent I possess.

I hope you all read my new story! It's not up yet but I will try to get it up soon. School is not really forgiving. But until that time, have a blast!