Chapter 1- An Old Friend

As expert carpenter Will Scarlett carved more arrows for Robin Hood, his mind drifted to his father and brother in Scarborough. It had been almost a year since he had been rescued by Robin and joined his gang of outlaws. As much as Will loved fighting for the poor and being part of Robin Hood's gang, he always felt something was missing. Perhaps it was his family that he missed although Robin, John, Allan, Djaq and even Much had become just like his family. Will didn't have time to finish this thought as the alarm that he himself had crafted sounded making the gang rise into action. They all hurried silently through the forest to the North road to discover who had entered Sherwood Forest, their domain.

As they approached the road, Robin signalled for the gang to split up so as to catch the party by surprise. He soon dismissed this notion as a lone rider was found to have triggered the alarm. He wore a long blue cloak with the hood pulled up over his eyes. Robin smiled. This would be over quickly he thought. By that time Marian would be back from her reconnaissance in the castle and the two could go and collect some "honey".

"This, my friend is an ambush. Tell us what you have and we'll take ten percent."

Robin smiled as he entered the road revealing himself to the intruder and the gang followed.

"Lie" John Little said rising in front of the intruder.

"And we'll take the lot." Alan a Dale said unsheathing his sword.

From beneath his hood the gang could see the rider smile.

"Not today Locksley."

"Very well."

Robin used his fingers to indicate his gang to move in. Much and Alan moved in first and the rider dismounted, hood still covering his eyes and drew his sword. Robin noted that make of the sword, a very intricate pattern, he was sure that he had seen such a sword before. Alan attempted a swipe at the attacker but he ducked and swung his leg out which left Alan flat on his back. Djaq, the Saracen let out a slight giggle at this. Alan shot her a look as he searched for his sword. Much cried some crazy shout and lunged at the hooded figure. The figure swung around and Much missed him completely and the rider gave him a good kick in the back which knocked him to the ground along with Alan. Will nodded at Djaq and they moved forward together, they made to disarm him but he moved his sword to the left and right with such force that their weapons were knocked easily out of their hands and flew to the ground. Robin was starting to get nervous, how could this man be so skilled? He was sure these moves were not unusual; he could remember someone using similar tactics, but whom? Little John was aggravated so he ran at the swordsman but the swordsman ducked and to the surprise of the entire gang, flung Little John over to the other side. Robin now frustrated and angry at this man's arrogance pulled his bow and aimed it at the man's heart.

"Alright stranger, who are you? Tell me now or I swear my arrow will make a very addition to your outfit. "

"You know Locksley; you've never gotten tired of making up those unique threats. You should write them down as I've told you before."

The figure then raised his head to Robin and pulled back the hood to reveal a striking young man with dark brown eyes and cropped brown hair. His mouth parted in a broad smile. Robin immediately dropped his bow.


"The one and the same"

Robin ran at his friend and embraced him in a warm hug.

"Liam Trent, you old rascal."

"You should talk Locksley. Now are you going to introduce me to your gang or are we going to just stand in the middle of the road grinning like idiots?"

Robin stepped back from his old friend and straightened himself.

"Right sorry. Lads, this is Liam of Trent, he's an old comrade from the Holy Land, we fought together in the King's Guard. As you can see he's an excellent fighter. Liam this is Allan a Dale, Little John, Will Scarlett, Djaq and you remember Much. "

Liam then went around the group shaking each's hand in turn.

"Sorry for the rough start, but couldn't resist."

Although they held reservations due to their pride being beaten by one man, they were all quickly won over by his cheeky grin and Robin's friendly treatment of him.

"Now that that's sorted do you think we could move off the road and into some cover?"

"Sure, we'll take you back to our new camp, compliments of Will Scarlett."

Robin slung his arm over Liam's shoulder and the gang made its way back to camp with Much in the rear leading Liam's horse.

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