Miss Loyalty

Transylvannia, Romania

The four of them, sat around the oak wood table.

"What are we to do?"

"They know too much-"

"Papa, we'll be run out of here for sure if we stay any longer!"

The leader, looked down, white and black hair, in his eyes, as he started at the table without the slightest emotion. "We...are not to leave. This is where she died- this is our controbution to her. I refuse to let the filthy hands of mortals, tough this sacred shrine to her."

"But father-!"

"No, Heln. We will NOT leave this castle." The older once said sterny, as the others, were momentarily silenced. One of them, jolted out of their seat, and slammed their hand down on the table.

"We can't STAY! We've ALL slipped up, and when they come, what to you expect to do? They will come and kill us all!" They yelled angrily. "Think of your child! Your daughter. She's locked herself up in her room, and is sobbing, over all the "damagae" she's commited!"

"Agard, stop!" another growled, trying to sit him back down.

"Some parent you are! Letting your own child, who's know she's never fit in from the very start, blame herself for all of this! Knowing her, she'll probably sacrifice herself! Think about THAT!"

'Agard', screamed.

The leader, took this to mind, realizing, he'd forgotten this.

"Please, father- think about Shi-" The other person said. "Please- if we are to leave, it will be for HER. We agree with you about not leaving because Mama died here. But if we don't leave- the possibility of Shi getting anywhere- is impossible."

Their father, stood up, lighting a match, and walking over to a barrel of gun powder, that lead to the basement- the foundation, of the entire castle. He flicked it, and the barrel exploded, as he covered himself with his cloak. The others stood up.

"Get all the provisions we need! Now!"He commanded, as the rest of the barrels, exploded, and the entire room, was filled with flames.

He ran upstairs, dodging the fires, and running to the end of the hall. The door to his daughter's room, flew off the hindges and across to the other end of the room, and he dashed in. She was alrady, starting to over heat on her couch, when he picked her up. Then, the window was kicked open, as he flew out, landing on the ground deftly, the others landed around him.

"Where are we to go?" Agard asked, at they all watched their home, burn. the flames, licking hungrily at the stone castle.

"I heard- America- is a land of peace and freedom- or so I've heard..."


"No..." The leader said.

"Then where, Father?"

"Japan. They have very good schools there. Education is a must. I've looked into it- there are jobs there that will occupy us all except for her." Their parent said. We will hardly be home- but- it will give her time to adjest to a life, that is inevitable in the future, hm?"

They nodded. "Yes father-"

He stood up, and handed his daughter to one of them. "I- will stay here-A job across the sea is good. I will be home-based."

They nodded, and turned, walking away, leaving their father.


Chapter 1- A New Beginning

Mommy! Daddy! D-DADDY!

She abruptly sat up in her bed, covering her face with a hand.

"W-What a very bad dream-"

She looked over at the small doll on her night stand, smile at it. "I'm so happy, you were there, Sun-Kun." She said in a gratefully tone, to the blonde-haired, light purple-eyed plushie.It smiled at her. She got up and out of bed. "Oh, today is the start of the new school year, Moon-Kun." The girl said to the other plushie, sitting next to the first. Moon-Kun, had spiky, blonde-hair, that went every which what and that, and light-less looking purple eyes.

She got dressed in her new uniform- she was so excited.She grabbed them both, and slipped them into her bag.

"I'll take you both, so that both of you can see my new school. But you'd best behave, Moon-Kun! And don't go wandering off or cause any trouble!"

She skipped out of her room, before running back in. "Oops! Almost forgot Momo-Kun!" She said, picking up the white-haired, brown-eyed plushie, and putting it in her bag too.

-Domino High School-

"Class, please, settle down!" The teacher called. "I'd like you all to meet the new transfer student. Now, please be kind, she's just getting used to things around here."

Yugi Mouto watched, as a girl walked in. Some of the boys gasped, as the girl bent over slightly to write her name on the black board. She turned around and smiles, her shoulder-length, silver hair, flew behind her.

"Hello! My name is Shilo Rikazawa." She introduced herself.

"Tell us all a few things about yourself, Miss Rikazawa."

"Yes, Sensei. Well- I'm a big fan of board games, and I like table RPG's. I just moved here last week, from Romania." She said with a smile.

"Alright, you may sit- next to Mr. Bakura. Please raise your hand." Her classmate, raised his hand, and she glidded over to her new seat, and plopped down in her chair comfortably, leaning to her left, where a white-haired, brown-eyed boy sat.

"Hi there!" Shilo smiled friendly at him. "You wanna be friends?"

"Sure. I'm Ryou Bakura." He introduced himself. "So- you like table top RPG'S? I happen to play them myself..."

"Well, that's perfect! You should come over to my apartment, and we'll have a match, ya?" Shilo suggested to him. He agreed with a nod and a 'that sounds fantastic'.


"Shilo, I'd like to introduce you to my friends. This is Joey, Tristan, Yugi, and Tea." Bakura said, gesturing to each of the four people.

Joey, was a boy with dirty-blond hair and blue eyes that shone with pride. Tristan, another member of the male species, with cvhocolate brown hair and eyes to match. Yugi; A short boy with star-shaped hair that was black and red tipped with blonde bangs, and he has purple eyes. Tea: A girl with short brown hair and blue eyes.

"Hello." She smiled.

"Oh, what are those?" Tea cooed, looking at the three small dolls Shilo held. She looked down at them, and blushed.

"T-They're- momentos of my mother-" She said, holding them up. "This is Sun-Kun- then there's Moon-Kun- and then there's Momo-Kun." Shilo said, pointing to each of them, as she said their name. "I'll let you see them, but please, be careful.."

"Wow- what happened to your mother?" Joey asked, before Tristen elbowed him in the side.

"You're not supposed to ask that, dude!"

"No, it's fine. My mother died an hour after my birth. She was- psychic. While she was in the waiting room, she made these dolls, and told my father (who I haven't seen in FOREVER) to give them to me." Shilo explained, a smile on her face all the while. "My m other told my father, that they represent people she's seen in my future. I used to have seven of them. But as I meet each person, they vanished."

"Weird." Tea whispered.

Shilo smiled, tears, rolling down her cheeks as she lowered her head, making them jolt.

"A-Are you crying?" Bakura asked, and she looked up, smiling happily.

"I'm just- happy- that I've found some people- who actually like me as I am." Shilo said happily.

(After School, Shilo's Apartment)

She poured some tea for her house guest.

"My, I'm so excited! You're the first guest I've had here! (I just moved, anyways)." Shilo chirped, happily, as the front door opened, a cloaked person entered. "ACK!" She squeaked, stepping back, bowing. "I-I didn't know you were coming..."

"I sent you a text. I gave you a cell phone for a reason." The person replied, shutting the door. Bakura took notice, of ho the cloaked person, also wore a hat, and that they wore a mask as well.

They walked up, and turned halfway to Bakura. "Shilo...who is your friend?"

"Oh, this is Ryou Bakura! He is my new friend from my new high school." Shilo smiled happily, as they looked at her.

"How do you like it? Your high school? You do like it, don't you?" They quizzed, in a worried tone. "You're making friends? That's wonderful, Shilo-Chan. I'm so happy for you. They like you, right?"

"Yes, I love my new school. And My new friends are awesome. I showed them the dolls Mama made for me, before she died."

The person looked down. "I...I see. I-I do hope- living here- you'll reach your dream, Shilo-


"Yes- I hope so." Shilo gestured to the table top board game she had set up. "We are just about to play a game- you'll join us, ya?" They looked at the board game, and shook their head.

"I don't have TIME, Shilo. I only have the time to check on you, dear. Please, continue you're training- if you do find someone fitting your criteria, you will never be able to protect them, if you're weak." They said, turning on their heels, their cloak dramatically flying behind them, as they walked towards the door. "I will leave you now, dear. Have fun with your little friend-"

The door opened, and slammed shut, and Shilo looked down. "That was my brother, Heln. He isn't that- emotional- and he doesn't really like boys near me. He's not that much of a fan of card games, either." She clapped her hands. "Well, let's play, ya?"