Miss Loyalty

Chapter 8

- Gym Class -

'Huff, huff, huff'

Her breathing was rugged, as she jogged around the track field. She had to wear a supper tight bra so her boobs wouldn't bounce up and down. Tea loaned her Ipod to Shilo- so she had an excuse to listen to Yugi's with him. Suddenly, Bakura caught up to her Jogging speed, smirking, waving to her shortly.

"Hey, Shilo. Looking hot."

She just smiled and nodded. Tnhe music so loud, all she saw was his mouth moving and some weird looks, but no sound. She slowed to a stop and pulled the head phones out. "I'm sorry- what was that?"

"I asked if you wanted to see a movie-"


"Class, listen up! We have a new student, who just joined, like, 5 minutes ago. So be nice!" Shilo and Bakura looked at it was- Marik. Shilo smiled and waved to him and he waved back. She went over and smiled. "Oh, bye the way, his name's Marik."

"Wanna jog with me?"

"Sure!" He answered. "My name's Marik- you're Shilo right? The teacher said you had to be my partner today." Shilo smiled cutely, blushing slightly.

"Ok! You have to get 3 laps in under 15 minutes!" She said, giving him one of the ear phones, before they started jogging- leaving Bakura all alone- oh, and he was pissed.

- Later -

'Tick, tock, tick, tock' When the clock. She and some other girls glared at the clock- only 30 more seconds. Shilo, Tea, and Serenity were going STRAIGHT to the mall- hard core shopping was needed. Shilo smiled to herself. A mall- she'd heard so much about them, but there were none in her home country. She even asked her boss in advance for the night off to go! She was kinda sad about Ryou not being able to come- but he said it was alright.

'How exciting! A real MALL!' Shilo squirmed in her skin. She couldn't help it! A mall- no boys- not that she didn't like them, but Bakura had been a MAJOR stalker. She didn't want him coming along.


The sound of chairs being pushed back and back packing being grabbed and thrown over shoulders echoed in the class room, as well as the teens stampeded out. Marik got his stuff and stood, and was shoved back into his seat. He glared up at the person who had pushed him down- a white-haired and purple-eyes demon who looked angry.

"HEY! I saw you getting mushy with my girl 3rd Period, and I must ask-" They sneered dangerously. "Who the HELL do you think you're messing with?"

"I'm not afraid of you-"

"Oh ho, but you WILL be when I'm done with you!" they growled. "Keep your hands OFF my girl- or you'll be seeing stars, buddy." They finished.

"Bakura!" The two looked at the doorway and saw Shilo standing there. She looked- hurt.


"W-What's going on?" Shilo asked queitly.

"I thought you were going to the mall." Bakura said. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to appologize to Ryou for not inviting him- and you're here harassing Marik-San! what the hell is wrong with you, Bakura?" Shilo yelled the last part, running over to Marik. "Did the brute hurt you?"

"...You're going out with him?" Shilo frowned, helping Marik out of his chair. She turned to Bakura.

"Shame on you! How low can you you sink to pick on the new kid?" She demanded. "Baku-Teme! Come on, Marik, let's go to the mall!" She said, pulling Marik behind her and out of the class room. Bakura stood there


Bakura gritted his teeth. "Ngh" He picked up a desk and threw it at the class room window, breaking it. The curtains flew in the newly made opening for the wind, as the chair crashed to the ground. "Damn it woman-"

&% Mall %&

"I'm sorry Bakura was picking on you, Marik. He's such a douchebag!" Tea said, as they stood in a Victoria Secret. Shilo and Marik were both mystified and awed the the store. "Eh? what's wrong with you two?"

"In my country- there were not such stores as this-"

"WOW, what's this Shilo?" The two girls stared at Marik, as he toyed with a bra. "It is, like, a bullet proof vest or somthing? How do you put it on? Which way does it go? This one's called a 'Push-Up Bra'. What does it push up?" Shilo urned to Tea, blushing madly.

"I want to help, but I don't- what do you do?"

"Let Security escort him out." Tea said. "Or, you could take him to the dressing room and show him how to put it on- maybe you can convince him to cross-dress for that dance coming up- he's got really nice legs. I dunno- what would you do in your country, Shilo?"

"Where I'm front- guys keep to their things, we keep to ours-"

"Hey Shilo, look at this dress thing! Try this on Shilo, I'm sure you can make anything look good!" Marik said, randomly picking up lignere that fit his fancy.

"Oooo- Shilo, you're so lucky! He SO wants to get with you!" Shilo blushed from this. "Too bad you've got Ryou, huh? He's super hot when he's not acting childish." Shilo looked over at Marik, who carried arm fulls of clothes, running up to her.

"Shilo, try these on!" He smiled. "I wanna see if they're pretty enough for you!" She looked at one of the price tags.

"25000 yen?! Even if they did look nice on me, they're so expensive! I wouldn't have the money to buy any of them-"

"Oh, I'll get them for you!" Marik offered. "But you gotta show me how they look when you try them on, ok?"

"I dunno-" Shilo said, "I'm not pretty at all..."

"No time to get self-consious, Shilo, he's offering to buy you stuff!" Tea chuirped excitedly.

"Yep." Marik agreed, making Shilo feel as if she had been backed into a corner. "Don't take the begrudgingly, Shilo-Chan-" Marik smirked. "-come on- try them on with a smile! You look prettier when you smile." She felt his heart head was going to burst.

"A-Alright-" She finally whispered, Marik taking her hand in his.

"To the dressing room!" He cheered.

&% Mall Caf'e %&

Shilo sat there- Guilt handing over her head like a black storm cloud. "I'm sorry you had to but all that stuff, Marik-" She said, taking another sip of her chocolate shake.

"Stop appologizing, I said it was a gift, so its a gift!" Marik said angrily, pissed how she'd appologize and thank him every other minute. "You looked so cute in those clothes anyway- it was a must to buy them!" Tea had left to go to the bathroom, leaving Marik and Shilo along to chat. "We need to go to a casual clothes store next- get you some normal clothes so you can move in-"

"!!" She looked up at Marik. "What?"

"I want you- to move into the Base."


"Its standard Rare Hunter procedure, Shilo." Shilo lowered her gaze at this. "Look- you're living by yourself- I'm completely vouching for you moving to the base, so there's less of a change thet you'll get kidnapped or something crazy like that."

She gingerly sipped her shake once more. It would be alright- right? It was better than living with Bakura- safer with your host then none at all, right?

'Don't do it.' The monster said, making Shilo blink. 'Do, not because he's your partner- but because YOU want to. He should understand.'

"I'm sorry, Marik, but I don't want to right now! I'm fine living alone!" She exclaimed, before sitting back down in her chair, having stood up for her yelling. He smirked.

"You stood up to me- nice. I like that." Marik purred. "I agree with Tea- you should dump Ryou and go out with me."

"Isn't it enough that I'm bound to you by soul?"

"No! Then I won't get to see you in any of that lingire I bought you!" Shilo sweatdropped from this. "Come on, just dump him already!"

"I-I'll think about it, ok?" Shilo said hesitantly. '...Why so quiet? Trying no tto make him mad? I'm here foir you, sweetie! I've always been here-'

"Hey- when we get back- why don't you cook for the Rare Hunters?" Malik asked.

"M-My cooking isn't very good- B-Besides- I don't know any Japanese dishes." She admitted quietly.

"That's ok! Just- make something! Anything! I'll be happy to try what ever you make!" He smiled. "What do you know how to cook then?"

"...I can make... an array of meats and desserts." She confessed. "One of my desserts on a prize in a fair..."

"Well, that's good, right?"

"I-I suppose... I'm not very happy with my cooking."


"Because I learned from my Papa, and my brothers cook b etter than me! I'm the lowest link on the food chain, how could you possibly want me to cook!?"

"I want to try your cooking!" Tea said, who'd just now returned from the bathroom. "Seriously, you've tried my cooking and everyone else's! The gang should come over to your house to try your cooking!" Shilo grimaced, Marik smiled and nodded.

"F-Fine. Invite everyone over to my house Friday for dinner. I-I'll whip up something." Shilo said. Tea cheered, but Marik only looked at her- wondering what she was thinking.

"Tea- I need a ride home- do ya mind?"

"Of course not, Marik! Actually, we should go- I don't want to miss my Reality Show!" Tea said stood up as did Marik.

"Wait, Tea!" Marik yelled, Tea stopped, holding all but two of the shopping bags from their trip- souveniers, I guess. Marik held out his hand to Shilo. "Do you- would you- hold hands with me, Shilo-chan?" She blushed, but nodded and put her hand in the one held out to her. Tea cooed at the cuteness of the scene, before ushering them to hurry up.