Kingdom Hearts: Different Hearts

Hey all, Arganaut here with the latest installment of Kingdom Hearts: Different Hearts! Anyway, my co-writer and I were very concerned about the lack of Sora in the opening chapters of the Story, so, upon his suggestion, we began reworking the beginning of the story so that this would be the opening chapter.

It was what was previously chapter 5 in the previous version of the story, so the Guard Armor battle will occur in this chapter. I hope you all enjoy the new chapter, and I hope that those of you KH fans not used to my work will be more satisfied with this new opening.

Chapter 1: The Gathering

We now look at the small makeshift arena in the middle of Traverse Town. There we see a white duck with a yellow bill, and yellow legs and feet. He was wearing a blue hat, along with a blue outfit to go along with it. He had a strange staff in his right hand. He was shooting fireballs at groups of 'Soldier' creatures, giving a quick laugh when he would destroy one. His name was Donald Duck, the court Magician of Disney Castle.

Very close to the duck, there was a taller black dog, with floppy ears, a rather large snout, and an oval black nose. He had worn a rather small, for his head, yellow hat with a green band on it. He had a green long sleeved shirt with a small black sleeveless vest over it. He also wore yellow, baggy pants. His shoes were greenish, with metal plating protecting the toes. He carried with him a blue-gray metal shield, with yellow rings on it, and a black symbol that resembled that of a mouse head. His name was Goofy, and he is the Captain of the Royal Guard of Disney Castle

The final person was a young teen, with spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He was currently wearing a pair of red shorts, and a red shirt, with a black and white hoodie jacket over it. On his hands he wore white gloves with blue trim, and large, and I mean large, yellow shoes with dark gray soles. He was holding a very peculiar weapon his hand. It was a large key-shaped object which, though the boy did hold like a sword, looked more like it would be used as a club, as most of the sword was rather rounded, not a single sharp edge on the thing. The color of the key's shaft was grey, and was connected to a yellow hilt and hand guard. It had a grey key-chain on the end of it, its shape being the same as the symbol on Goofy's shield. His name was Sora, and he was the master of a legendary weapon known as the Keyblade.

Sora was having a rather bad and strange day. First, his friends Kairi and Riku disappear at their home on the Destiny Islands. Then, after his island gets sucked up into this huge ball of darkness, he finds himself in some town that he's never been in before. Then he ends up fighting this brown-haired guy, named Leon, or Squall, who beats him senseless. Then he's told that he's this legendary warrior who's meant to kill these creatures, or Heartless, as he was told.

And as if this wasn't enough, he heard these explosions and these screams to go along with them afterwards, Sora was afraid that he was slowly becoming insane. But, that was not all! Next, while he was in the middle of being chased by these Heartless, the duck and the dog fell out of nowhere, and landed on himÉ then started talking about his Keyblade. And now they were in the middle of fighting more Soldier Heartless.

ÅeThings couldn't get any worse, or stranger.' Sora thought as he cut through another Soldier Heartless. Sora looked over to Donald, the magician, who was currently working on another spell.

"Hey, how are you holding up on magic?" Sora asked, still a little stunned that he was using a word like 'magic', after all, back on Destiny Islands, magic was supposed to be the product of an overly active imagination, not that he didn't think that being able to launch balls of fire from a wand wasn't cool.

Said feathered magician cast another Fire spell at another Heartless, one that had rushed at him and, quite frankly, got dangerously close to him. He looked back at Sora with an irked expression on his face. "I'm fine, and I'd be better if you wouldn't distract me," he replied somewhat grumpily as he turned back, only to scream in sheer shock as he was confronted by a Soldier Heartless' claws. He fell back to avoid the first slash, and hastily tried to prepare a spell before it could ready another.

But before either the Soldier Heartless or Donald could react, a shield came screaming by, slamming into the Soldier's neck, dissipating the evil creature in a second. Donald watched as the shield made a rather abrupt U-turn and return to its owner, Goofy. The Royal Guard Captain looked at his friend with the same old Goofy look, despite the dire status of their situation. "Gawrsh, Donald, you should be more careful. If you get distracted like that, ya might end up without yer head," he said, almost as if he was instructing Donald, before bashing another Heartless over the head with his shield.

Donald merely steamed for a couple of seconds before carrying on with casting spells from afar, now trying to stay away from the Heartless. The three carried on in this manner for a while, trying their hardest to thwart the dark intentions of the creatures surrounding them. Sora swatted at yet another Heartless, before he again heard screaming. The Keyblade's Chosen merely ground his teeth together as he leapt far from the fight, trying to see if he could get the sound out of his head. To his surprise, the screams merely started becoming even louder. "Hey, guys, do you hear screaming?" he asked his new 'partners', hoping that the sounds really didn't come from his head.

It took a moment, but as soon as Sora mentioned the screams, Goofy's ears began perking up, as if trying to get a better read on them, and Donald just started looking around. "Yeah, I do hear something," the white duck spoke out slowly as he still looked around, still keeping a close eye on the Heartless who, at this point, also seemed quite distracted by the screaming. Goofy's ears twitched strongly as the black dog raised his brow.

"Gawrsh, it sounds like its coming from right above us," he said in an amazed tone, causing his fellow fighters to raise their own eyebrows, before looking up at the sky.

What they saw was a massive, screaming ball of people who were tightly packed together, and quickly plummeting down towards them. When the three of them were finally able to digest this bizarre occurrence, they quickly jumped out of the way of the screaming mass as it hit the ground. Sora, Donald, and Goofy looked over to where the giant pile of, presumably, people landed right in the middle of the square.

The pile moaned and groaned as the three of them began looking over the pile, trying to distinguish how many people were there, and who they were.

"Ooowww. this sucks," a voice came from the bottom of the six man pile. The voice yelped in pain as a foot that was on his head ground itself into him. "Hey, whose foot is that?" the same irritated voice asked as everyone shrugged.

"I dunno, let me check if it's my left one," a much lighter tone of voice said as he began stomping his foot, and was answered by the slightly girly cry from another part of the pile.

"That's not his head," Pain throbbed in what that voice said, and it was becoming apparent, to Sora at least, that the same voice was fighting to hold back tears.

"Oh, well, you shouldn't have called me a midget. It's called karma," the second voice spoke out in an arrogant tone as the previous voice muttered a curse. There was more foot tapping after that. "Is that it?" the voice asked as another part of the pile moved slightly.

"No, that one's on my stomach," a more prepubescent voice rang as silence overtook the pile. Suddenly, a loud slamming noise could be heard. "OW!! THAT'S MY STOMACH, YOU JERK!" the young voice shouted as the more proud voice began laughing.

"That's for calling me a midget, because you're the midget!" the voice shouted as he began laughing and everyone sighed. Just as Sora, Goofy, and Donald were about to move, two figures jumped from the top of the pile, both smirking as they had the good fortune of avoiding being placed closer to the bottom of the pile.

The first of the two figures was a guy who wasn't too much older than Sora was, by the Keyblade Wielder's own estimates. He was much taller than Sora though, almost standing about one and a half heads above our protagonist. His hair was a light brown and, except for some bangs that were over his forehead, stood straight up. His eyes were a somewhat auburn color, though they contained a particularly unique shine to them. He was dressed in a red, long-sleeved jacket with golden buttons going up the middle of it, and two white ribbon-like objects hung off his shoulders. At the end of the jacket sleeves were two red gloves, one of those gloves carrying upon them a strange purple orb that was surrounded by a golden design, which looked to be attached to the fabric. His pants, which were overalls, were dark brown in color, with brown-colored boots helping to highlight the contrast between his red half and brown half. At his sides were twin katanas holstered into brown holsters, something which fascinated Sora. After all, the only swords he had seen his entire life were wooden swords and the Keyblade, and, though he felt strangely nostalgic wielding it, it wasn't the same as holding a real sword like that.

The next guy was short. Heck, he was barely taller than Sora. His face betrayed no other emotion other than happiness, the smile in his purple eyes mystifying the Keyblade Master who would've expected panic or worry to overcome someone who had fallen from that sort of height. There was another thing on his face that struck Sora as somewhat strange; the cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. His hair was far stranger than the other guys, not because of its style, but because of its color, which was a light red. The style in which he wore it was loose hanging, with only a small bit of string tied low in the hair to keep it together. He wore a style of clothing Sora had never seen before. He wore some sort of purple robe overtop a white undershirt, along with some kind of white pants that fit loosely on the short man all the way down. He also wore a pair of black sock-like objects on his feet, with a strange pair of wooden sandals over them. The Destiny Islander also could help but notice the katana that this man, too, wore at his hip.

"Wow, Kenshin, that was a great idea, getting us to the top of them all so they'd break our fall!" the first figure said to the second figure, apparently named 'Kenshin'.

"Well, Lloyd, I knew that you were still injured, so I thought that getting you to the top would at least save you some unneeded harm," Kenshin said as he patted the former figure, Lloyd, on the shoulder. "Besides, thanks to you, I also got to the top of the pile, that I did," Kenshin said as he and Lloyd laughed lightly. Suddenly the pile began shaking.

"WHAT?!" the first voice the three had heard from the pile rang out as suddenly the pile was lifted up into the air, a sole figure underneath the remaining people. "You mean to tell me that you two bastards snuck your way to the top of the entire pile!" he shouted in anger as he threw the pile aside.

This figure was very tall, his dog ears easily reaching over Lloyd's own hair. 'Dog ears?' Sora thought as his eyes went wide and his face sagged a bit. He couldn't believe it, but it was true; this guy had, on top of his head, a pair of white dog ears that twitched and moved every now and then. Sora looked over to the other dog amongst them, Goofy, and found the Royal Knight just as stunned as he was. The ears peaked out over a mane of long, white hair, hair as white as Donald's feathers. His eyes were a somewhat perplexing color; they almost looked like a dark yellow. He wore a similar outfit to the Kenshin person; however, his was all red, and he wore no shoes or socks. He too had a katana at his side, though this one was amazingly rusty-looking, the sheath looked nice, though.

The pile began moving again, and yet another person made his way out of the pile, leaving two people left in the pile. "That hurt, ya know! You can't just go tossing me around! I AM NARUTO UZUMAKI!" the boisterous blond, Naruto, shouted as he crossed his arms.

Sora could already tell that this kid was younger than he was, mostly because he was short, shorter than he was. He had spiked blond hair, which was kept out of his face by a strange headband he was wearing, which had a strange symbol that looked almost like a leaf. Sora almost laughed as he took a look at the rest of his outfit, which was basically a bright orange and blue jumpsuit with a red spiral on the back of the jacket of the suit. He wore the most peculiar pair of blue sandals Sora had ever seen, ones that matched almost perfectly with his bright blue eyes. The only oddity on this kid, other than his manner of dress, was the whisker-like scars on his cheeks.

One of the two remaining lumps in the pile moved, who was cupping his family jewels. "You know, if I wasn't in so much pain right now, I'd kill you all," the young man said in a lighter than normal tone.

Despite practically being in a standing fetal position, the Keyblade Wielder could tell that this guy was still pretty tall, not as tall as the guy with the dog ears, and was even an inch or two shorter than Lloyd. He had black hair that, unlike all previous persons, actually looked like it was combed and taken care of. His eyes were brown, much like Sora's hair. He was currently wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath an un-zipped red jacket. He wore a pair of blue-jean pants and a pair of sneakers to finish off his look, something Sora was able to distinguish much more easily.

"Damn you, mutt! You didn't have to toss my ass!" he shouted as he slowly straightened up, the dog-eared persona scoffing as he shook his head.

"I knew I didn't have to. I wanted to. And my name isn't mutt, Yus-uke, it's Inuyasha," the half-dog demon stated as 'Yus-uke' began fuming.

"God damn it! It's not Yus-uke, its Yusuke!" he shouted as he prepared to knock the stuffing out of Inuyasha, but was quickly interrupted when his leg was suddenly grabbed by the hand of the last person in the pile, said person grinning evilly at him.

"Hey, remember me... the name's Edward Elric, and I'm going to beat both of your asses first," he said in an arrogant tone.

Edward, as Sora noted, was just as short as Naruto, yet the Keyblade Master didn't feel that they were the same age. Edward's eyes were a similar color to his hair, a somewhat blond color, though admittedly his hair was a much brighter shade. His hair was done in a braided pony-tail, one that reached down to his shoulders. His own clothing was different from his fellow 'pile-mates'. He wore a black long-sleeved shirt with a white collar, though his sleeves were hidden under his red, hooded jacket, with a strange symbol which looked like a cross object with wings and a crown on top, with a black snake wrapping around the cane. His pants were also black, but there was no white anywhere to be seen. His black shoes had somewhat large soles, which told Sora that the blond was shorter than he would've liked to admit.

The four hostile group members looked at each other with little good intent apparent, as Edward, Inuyasha, Naruto, and Yusuke were about to get back into a fight that had apparently happened before they arrived. Then they heard someone clearing their throat.

They all turned to see Donald, Goofy, and Sora, staring at them with a raised eyebrow. Even the Soldier Heartless that had been attacking them a second ago were staring at them with their heads tilted to the side with curiosity. The six travelers just stared right back at each of them, before Yusuke spoke everyone's thoughts. "Hey, who are you three?" he asked as Sora, Donald, and Goofy just stared.

"We were about to ask you the same question, except it would have been you six," Sora said as Goofy nodded and Donald just shook his head.

"Hey, wait a minute, you all aren't from Traverse Town! I CAN TELL!" Donald shouted as Inuyasha scoffed.

"Oh, brilliant deduction. But then again, that's all I could expect from a duck, thing, I suppose." Inuyasha said as Donald just started jumping up in the air and squawking.

"What that's supposed to mean you, you stupid dog eared jerk?!" Donald shouted as he was about to leap at Inuyasha before Goofy grabbed onto to him.

"No Donald, you can't hurt them! They're from another world! And that could be, uh, muddling, I think," Goofy said as Donald just started thrashing around more.

"THAT'S MEDDLING! And I don't think it would matter if I beat him to a pulp!" Donald shouted as he pulled out his wand, hit Goofy over the head, and got face to face with Inuyasha. Inuyasha scoffed as looked Donald in the eye.

"Please, you'd better listen to your dog friend unless you want to get hurt!" Inuyasha said as Yusuke got in between them.

"Hold it! If anyone's kicking this mutt's ass, it's me!" Yusuke shouted as Lloyd, Kenshin, Goofy, and Sora sweat dropped.

"Umm, guys." Sora said as he tried to gain their attention, but failed miserably, as Edward jumped under the three of them.

"Hold it! I'm kicking the black-haired dude's ass because he called me a midget, and I'm beating the dog down because he hit me!" Edward shouted as Naruto leapt onto Inuyasha's shoulders as he looked down at them. Meanwhile Kenshin and Lloyd were staring at the four.

"Umm, hello, are you guys even aware of what's going...?" Lloyd began as Naruto began shouting over him.

"Hey, I'm not about to be left out of this!" Naruto shouted as he leapt onto Inuyasha's shoulders and looked down at the group. Inuyasha was about to throw him off when suddenly Donald hit him in the gut with his wand."

"Hahaha," Donald laughed as Inuyasha was about to bash him over the head, then suddenly Kenshin, Goofy, Sora and Lloyd whistled loudly, trying to get their attention. Which this time, they finally had. Now that they had their attention, they sighed as they pointed at the growing group of Soldier Heartless that was forming right behind them. Donald, Inuyasha, Yusuke, Naruto, and Edward sweat dropped as they looked at each other and sighed.

"Truce?" they all said as they extended their hands to each other, though in the end they just put one hand in the center of them all. "Truce," they said as they all shook their hands in the center of the circle before jumping off of each other to face the Heartless with the other four.

"About time." Sora said as he made the Keyblade appear in his hand. Everyone nodded as they faced the Heartless, Inuyasha drawing out his katana which, as soon as it exited the sheath, transformed into a giant sword, almost as large as a Zanbato. Lloyd and Kenshin merely sweat dropped as they pulled out their less-than-impressive normal katanas. Yusuke cracked his knuckles, Naruto formed the cross seal to use his trademark technique, Edward clapped his hands together and used his alchemy to transmute his arm into a blade, Donald brought his staff up, and Goofy got his shield up and ready to bash more enemies.

The Soldier Heartless slowly surrounded the nine fighters, ready to strike out at them, when suddenly, just as soon as they appeared, they began to pull out and run away, climbing up the pillars which surrounded the area. The nine simply stared as the Heartless retreated. They all simply stared at the strange display until Inuyasha chuckled before slinging the Tetsusaiga over his shoulder. "Stupid things. Obviously they were too scared to fight us," he said as Yusuke smirked.

"Yeah," said Yusuke as he cracked his neck. "Guess they didn't have the guts to take us on." He then smirked and put his finger into the gun pose, aiming it at Inuyasha's head. "And unfortunately, you don't have the common sense to keep your guard up," he said, as suddenly a little blue, glowing orb appeared on the end of his fingertip. Suddenly the metal blade from Edward's arm was pointed at his throat.

"Looks like you're not that much better there, pal." Edward muttered. Suddenly he felt a pointy metal object slightly pricking the back of his neck. He took a quick glance to see Naruto standing behind him, kunai pointed straight at him.

"Hah! I win!" Naruto cheered. Suddenly the sharp edge of the Tetsusaiga was put against his throat. He looked at Inuyasha with a slightly worried look. "You wouldn't hurt a little kid, would you?" Naruto said as Inuyasha simply smirked.

"Oh, I've clobbered a runt a lot smaller than you a lot of times, kid." Inuyasha said as he looked around. "Well, by the looks of it, if one of us makes a funny move, we're all going to die," Inuyasha said. Suddenly a wand was pointed in their direction. They all looked at Donald, who had a fireball forming on the tip.

"Hehehehehe..." Donald cackled as they all stared at the fireball with widened eyes. Sora, Goofy, Lloyd, and Kenshin just sighed and shook their heads as they watched this scene. Goofy leaned in close to Kenshin and Lloyd while staring at the five of them.

"Are they always like this?" he asked. Kenshin and Lloyd looked at him with confused expressions.

"We don't even know these people!" Lloyd shouted in response, while Kenshin just nodded, as it was the truth, he and Lloyd had only met these people a few minutes ago.

"But, what about the duck, will he they be alright?" Kenshin asked Goofy, while the Captain tapped his chin before shrugging.

"Gawrsh, I suppose that all depends" are they fireproof?" Goofy said. Sora, Kenshin, and Lloyd sweat dropped as they watched the other five continue to keep each other at a stand still. Suddenly, there was a dark spot that began growing in size. They all looked up at it, which made Inuyasha, Naruto, Edward, Donald, and Yusuke drop their 'weapons' to look up at the ever growing mass seemingly made from darkness float in the sky above. "Hey, what do ya suppose that is?" Goofy asked as everyone slightly shrugged before the object stopped growing.

Then, as suddenly as it appeared, several giant pieces of armor, mostly a light purple, fell from the sky. There were two giant gauntlets with spiked fingers, two pairs of boots, a giant torso piece with a wide bottom and one of those strange symbols on the chest area, and a helmet with the face plate closed. They all stared at it, but Edward was slightly shaken because he was suddenly reminded of the armored freaks at the lab in Central.

Edward quickly tip-toed over to the pieces of armor and began poking them with his left foot. Everyone else just stared at him with raised eyebrows as he did it to each piece of armor. "What the hell are you doing?" Inuyasha finally asked.

"Yeah, you do look kind of ridiculous," Sora said as Edward kept on going. "Seriously, what are you doing!?" he shouted when Edward showed no indications of stopping any time soon. Said Alchemist just looked back a moment before he began tapping the helmet.

"I'm checking to see if it's alive," Edward simply said. Everyone just looked at him with confused expressions, before they burst out laughing. A throbbing vein appeared on Edward's head as he glared at the other eight guys. "Shut up!" Edward shouted as he stomped his left foot into the helmet, causing it to shake and rattle.

Before it lifted into the air!

Everyone gasped as they moved backwards, and Edward jumped back with them, except he had a cocky grin on his face.

"HA! I knew that was a good idea!" Edward shouted as he looked at all of them with a cocky grin. "And you all thought I was crazy!" They continued staring at the helmet as it kept floating higher into the air until it was several feet above their heads. Then, as it stopped levitating, darkness began pouring out of the bottom of the helmet. It began reaching down for the torso piece of the armor and entered it through the hole in the top of the armor. Slowly, that piece of the armor began lifting up into the air as well.

As it got close to the head, darkness began pouring out of the sides of the armor, reaching for the gauntlets on the ground. The gauntlets began lifting up as the other pieces, and as they did, darkness began pouring out of the bottom of the armor. That darkness began reaching for the boots of the armor as It had with the other segments, and the boots lifted themselves off the ground before touching back down in stomps. The symbol on the chest of the armor glowed for a split second before it stopped.

There, standing before the group of nine, stood a giant suit of armor, darkness pouring out of holes in it, connecting each separate piece to the torso. The head piece spun around, then the arms began spinning rapidly, followed by the torso, and finally the boots did quick 'back flips' before stomping the ground again. Each of the nine stared at the suit of armor before turning to each other. "Any of you ever see something like this?" they all asked each other at the same time. "Didn't think so," they said before looking back at the armor that floated in front of them.

Despite the lack of visible eyes thanks to the face plate, everyone had the feeling "it" was observing them. Then it began taking steps towards them. They all looked at each other, then the armor, then each other again, before leaping away from the armor, as well as each other. The armor slammed its fist into the ground where the travelers stood at first before they moved out of the way. It looked up as they began their counter-assault. Yusuke was the first one to act, grinding his shoes into the ground to stop himself before rushing towards the armor.

His fists began glowing as he charged Spirit Energy into them. He was about to strike, when... "Wind Scar!" he heard as he looked to his side to see the giant flare of yellow energy rushing towards him and the armor. Yusuke panicked as he leapt backwards and dodged. He looked up in time to see the Wind Scar hit the suit of armor, and looked at Inuyasha, whose Tetsusaiga was smoking slightly, with an indignant look.

"Hey! Watch where you're aiming that, you asshole!" Yusuke shouted at Inuyasha, who just scoffed at him.

"Whatever. I destroyed it, didn't I?" Inuyasha said as he pointed towards a plume of smoke where the armor was with his sword. The smoke cleared, and it revealed an amazingly damaged armor. It had several smoking grooves resembling huge slash marks from when the attack connected, but it wasn't destroyed. Yusuke looked at Inuyasha with a smug smirk on his face as Inuyasha sweat dropped. "Whatever! I mean, look at it! It's not going to last much longer!" Inuyasha shouted. Suddenly the armor began glowing with a dark aura around it.

Suddenly, the damage in the armor was slowly repaired like nothing had happened. It was as if they were never even there in the first place. Inuyasha, as well as the others, looked on in awe as they watched the damage from that overwhelming attack disappear. As soon as the armor was repaired, it looked straight at Inuyasha, who just glared at it. "Why you!" he shouted as he put his sword back in its sheath. "Whatever, I don't need the Tetsusaiga to kill you!" He then began running towards the giant armor.

The half-breed leapt up towards the giant armor, which tried to strike him down with one of its claws. Inuyasha, however, had other plans as his claws began to glow in a yellow-gold color. "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" He shouted the name of his attack as he sliced straight through the front of the arm, causing chunks of it to fall to the ground. Then, Inuyasha used that same arm to kick off a jump to put some distance between himself and the armor, slamming the dangerous limb into the torso.

Inuyasha then leapt forwards at the armor again. It tried to get him with its other arm. However, Inuyasha simply dug his claws into the arm and leapt over it, aiming for the armor's symbol on the torso. His claws glowed a yellow-gold color once again as he sliced through the armor's torso. He then dug his feet into the armor, and looked up to see that the armor was looking at him with its head tilted to the side. The half-demon was dismayed to find out the damage he had caused was getting reversed like before.

Inuyasha growled as he quickly dropped off from the armor, but he was far from done. He quickly leapt back up and aimed a strong round-house kick to the armor's torso, causing it to stumble towards his side. Not finished yet, he once again dug his feet into the side of the stumbling armor and leapt up towards its head. He then grabbed the head and pulled it down to the ground with him, slamming it into the ground.

Inuyasha looked down at his handiwork, only to see that his handiwork had no body. He looked up to see the rest of the armor standing right behind him. Inuyasha's eyes widened as the armor's foot pulled back and punted him across the area. He landed in a painful heap, struggling to get back up. He stared on as the head of the armor returned to its position. The armor quickly closed the distance to the downed warrior, intend on squashing it under its metal boots, when several small, blue energy shots launched at it seconds later.

"Shot Gun!" Yusuke shouted as he launched several volleys of tiny energy bullets at the huge armor with one attack. The armor covered itself to defend against the attack, causing them to simply bounce off the armor. Inuyasha simply stared at the attack as it ricocheted off uselessly. away from the armor and towards the rest of the people in the area! The group panicked. The half-demon began using his huge blade to deflect the bullets away from himself.

Edward clapped his hands together and slammed them into the ground, transmuting a very thick wall from the stones. He pressed himself against the wall and began praying that he would be alright. Naruto just kept ducking and dodging the rebounded attack, barely evading the shots as they flew by. Lloyd just crossed his swords as a green barrier of energy surrounded him. "Guardian!" The bullets simply bounced right off the barrier.

Kenshin just ran around the entire place, moving out of the way of the tiny bullets. Finally Inuyasha snapped and glared at Yusuke, who was staring at the armor in shock. "It's not working, you jackass! Try something else!" he shouted at Yusuke. Said teen just glanced at the half demon, stopped firing off the bullets, and charged energy into his fists.

"Fine then!" Yusuke shouted as he ran for the armor. He jumped forward, and began beating the armor with his fists. However, with each punch that hit the armor, a fact became increasingly obvious. It wasn't working either. The young Spirit Detective pressed his feet against the armor and leapt backwards off of it. He then brought his hand down, put it in the gun pose, and began charging a LARGE bullet onto it.

"YOU WANT SOMETHING?! I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING!" Yusuke shouted as he ran for the armor. The armor was about to slam its fist into the ground, but Yusuke quickly leapt up into the air over it. He then pointed the bullet towards the armor and it began shining even brighter. "Spirit Gun!!" Yusuke's trademark attack launched at the Heartless fiend. The armor looked up, and quickly twisted its head.

Then, with the same speed the torso used to deflect the Wind Scar, the armor's head began spinning violently. The spirit bullet hit the spinning head, and they were at a stalemate for several seconds. But then, eight tiny beams reflected off the spinning head. One beam headed straight for Edward's giant wall. In the next instant, the wall was blown to bits. As the smoke cleared, Edward was still standing, the beam apparently having only grazed the top of his hair.

"Wow," Edward said as he shook a bit. "If I were a few inches taller that might have actually gotten me." Edward said chuckling at his seeming good fortune, before breaking down for implying that it good he was so short. Meanwhile, Naruto just stared at the giant beam heading straight for him. He jumped at he last second, but the minor explosion caused him to be blown away several feet. Lloyd tried using his 'Guardian' ability again, but it failed on him, dissipating only part of the beam before the shield broke and the rest struck him head on.

Kenshin once again just used his amazing speed to avoid the attack. Inuyasha, meanwhile, decided to use his Tetsusaiga once again to deflect the attack. However, he was under much more strain, thanks to the concentration of the beam. However, he did end up deflecting the beam away from him, and right towards Yusuke. "Oh, this can't be good," Yusuke said as the beam hit him, blowing him towards one of the white pillars. As he slid down the pillar, he only muttered one thing. "Ow," he groaned as he hit the bottom and tried to force himself up.

Edward looked at both Inuyasha and Yusuke and shook his head. "You both are idiots!!" he muttered as he clapped his hands together and slammed them into the ground. In an instant, large pillars of stone flew from the concrete ground towards the Armor, slamming into its metal exterior. The Guard Armor, however, merely grabbed onto these pillars and broke them away from their base, throwing them at the tiny Alchemist.

Ed quickly clapped his hands together again and slammed them into the ground, bringing up a large wall of concrete in front of him. The two concrete pillars tore through the wall, which did not shock the Full Metal Alchemist. After all, a wall that flimsy wouldn't be able to withstand such a strong force. He just needed it to be strong enough to get the pillars jammed into it. He quickly clapped his hands together again and slammed them into the wall, taking all the concrete from the wall and projectiles and forming it into the shape of a small dome around himself.

The metal goliath, having recovered from Edward's initial strike, ran over to the dome, looking somewhat curiously at the stone structure before slamming its fists down on it. The monster slammed its clawed arms upon the concrete shield again and again and again, hoping to break through and then destroy the tiny alchemist hiding inside. Meanwhile, Edward braced against the far side of the dome, staying as far away from the section the Guard Armor was beating down on as possible. He ground his teeth together; he was honestly hoping the Armor would waste its energy in trying to break through. If it did happen to break through, then he would have a small trick up his sleeve. He smirked before clapping his hands together, a few sparks flying from his palms.

The Guard Armor pulled back its fist, the arm spinning around like a drill before slamming it into the surface of Edward's defense, breaking through it rather easily. It pulled back its fist and looked into the large hole it created, affording Edward the opportunity to pull off his trick. "Got ya!" he shouted as he slammed his palms into the ground, a large pillar shooting up and out of the hole in the dome, striking the Armor's helmet and sending it flying away. The main body of the Heartless stumbled backwards as the Alchemist jumped out from his dome. He looked up and clapped his hands together again, pressing them onto the concrete floor yet again, and once more sent another pillar into the creature's torso. The force of the attack was amazing, launching the body of the Guard Armor against the wall of the makeshift arena.

Edward then ran up right in front of the armor again, pressing his hands together again before slapping them onto the Guard Armor itself. Sparks flew and shot all over the armor, causing it to screech as it was shattered in multiple places. The blond Alchemist then jumped back several feet, and once more activated his Alchemy, using the ground as his weapon once again. This time, however, instead of just one section of concrete flying towards the monster, several pillars jutted out of the ground, slamming the vulnerable Armor in various places, pinning it further again the wall, and crushing, if not outright breaking, several pieces of its body.

Edward looked up at the still piece of armor, smirking as he crossed his arms. "You see, brute strength alone can't defeat such a complex enemy," he said in a boastful tone, annoying many of the other persons there. "Yep, just goes to show just how much better brain is than brawn," he said as he scratched the tip of his nose. He was about to continue, but was almost instantly interrupted by a loud, screeching sound. Edward immediately turned his head, only to be confronted with a somewhat disturbing sight. The Armor's left arm was pulling against the pillars that had pinned it up against the wall.

With one forceful pull, the Guard Armor pulled its arm from the pillars, tearing its own arm apart. However, instantaneously, the darkness poured out from the arm, pulling the individual pieces back to the arm. The crushed parts of the arm also began expanding again, until the arm was completely back to normal. That one arm began destroying all of the pillars Edward had created, freeing the rest of its body, and allowing the darkness inside to heal the beast.

Edward sweat dropped as he clapped his hands. "Alright, that didn't work..." he muttered in a weak tone as he hit his arm blade with his left hand, while keeping his right hand in contact with the concrete. The sparks flew as large piles of stone rode up onto Edward's metal arm, slowly moving and twisting into the shape of a hammer, while metal plate from his arms were moved to surround most of the stone hammer. "Alright, time for Plan C!" Edward shouted as he leapt towards the armor for his own attack. The armor looked over to see the tiny Alchemist running at him. It almost crushed him under his boot, but Edward quickly leapt up onto the hem of the torso armor.

He quickly clapped his hands together and slammed them onto the side of the armor's torso, before leaping up onto the armor's arm. As he jumped, the part of the armor he touched was quickly demolished. After landing on the arm, he leapt up towards the head of the armor, and hit it with the hammer. The head flew ten feet away from the armor, and Ed smiled at his accomplishment. He quickly looked down and saw the most terrible thing he had seen all day.

Inside the torso of the armor was a large amount of dark material, with two beady yellow eyes staring back at him. Edward froze right then and there, as fear quickly overtook his body. He felt like he was standing in front of them again. Those strange black creatures, just looking at him, staring at him, watching him carefully, only to come out and try to take him apart limb by limb.

Those eyes stared at the young man quite intently and then the living darkness began rising out of the armor and wrapped around Edward. Edward was quickly snapped out of his panic by the attack, and he quickly clapped his hands together and slammed his left hand onto his hammer just before the black material enveloped him. In the next instant, a blade sliced through the shadowy mess, revealing the Full Metal Alchemist.

However, he was quickly getting drawn towards that...that hole inside the armor, and he had no way of getting out of the darkness this time. Then, suddenly, Kenshin leapt up and dragged the Elric boy away from the vortex, just as a mess of dark tendrils was about to swallow them up. The former manslayer landed with Edward's arm firmly in his grasp. The boy stared at Kenshin for a moment before scratching the back of his head. "Thanks. What's your name?" Edward asked as Kenshin looked at him with narrowed eyes.

Edward raised an eyebrow and looked at Kenshin. The guy had these big innocent eyes moments ago, but now had a look of utmost seriousness in his violet orbs. "Kenshin. My name is Kenshin Himura, and I'd suggest that you get out of the way, quick!" Kenshin shouted as he jumped out of the way from an incoming attack, and Edward looked back to see one of the armor's hands rising into the air. He also jumped out of the way as the hand slammed onto the ground.

Everyone looked at the armor to see that it was putting itself back together. Large clumps of darkness poured out of the hole in the torso and grabbed onto the broken pieces that littered the ground. It slowly started pulling them back to their proper places and then fused them back together. Then, a huge blob of darkness quickly shot out of the top of the torso, and went inside the head, quickly pulling it back into position. The head glowed as it began spinning wildly again.

The entire group just stared at the armor with widened eyes, but Naruto ran in front. "Ha! Alch... whatever may not have been able to destroy this thing, but a ninja will definitely do the job!" He shouted as he made the cross hand sign for his trademark technique. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Thirteen clones of Naruto suddenly appeared beside him. Four of the clones surrounded the giant armor, while five groups of two clones also positioned themselves around it.

Then, in the five groups of two clones, one of the clones held out his right hand, while another one struck at specific points around the other's palm. Suddenly, tendrils of blue energy began spinning around in their hands, while the other four began charging the suit of armor. "U!" One clone shouted as he jumped forward, head-butting one of the arms out of the way. "Zu!" Another shoulder as he kicked the other arm away. "Ma!" He shouted as he round-house kicked a foot away. "Ki!" The last shouted as he punched the last foot away.

Then, suddenly, spinning blue energy spheres formed in five of the clones' hands as the others simply disappeared. "Naruto Rasengan Combo!" The five remaining Naruto clones shouted as they ran for the armor. Four of the Narutos leapt for the torso, while the last one leapt for the head. The group of four clones rammed the 'Rasengans' into the chest area, immediately causing cracks, while the last clone struck the head, shattering the face plate, and causing the Rasengan to plow into the back of the helmet.

The others stared in amazement at the attack Naruto just unleashed. Edward even whistled in appreciation. As the seconds passed, the four other Rasengans broke through the front of the armor, and rammed into the back before dissipating, while the final one broke through the back of the helmet before dissipating. The Naruto clones smirked, at least, until the two gauntlets suddenly clapped together, crushing four of the clones in the process. Meanwhile, the feet began crushing the other four clones underneath them.

The number one hyperactive ninja didn't have much time to be shocked, for the helmet struck him hard, sending him flying away. Once he fell on the ground, darkness began pouring out of the flying body parts, positioning themselves back in their proper places. As the torso refilled with darkness, the armor slowly began the process of putting itself back together again. The guys were starting to feel very threatened by the armor; so much so that they really didn't want to get near it yet.

As the armor finally rebuilt itself, Sora, Donald, and Goofy stepped forward to fight the monster. The armor 'looked' intently at them as Sora charged at it, while Donald and Goofy stayed behind, Goofy beginning to spin in a circle. Sora leapt up towards the armor, striking it with his Keyblade, which, to everyone's surprise, caused massive cracks and dents in the armor, and even caused the armor to 'cry' in pain. The armor then rammed Sora into its torso with its hand and threw him across the area.

Sora landed on his feet and began spinning his Keyblade around, running for the armor to land another hit. Goofy suddenly threw his shield towards the armor. However, the armor effortlessly picked the shield out of mid-air with its claws. Sora, after getting some momentum, threw himself up towards the armor, preparing to strike it once again. The armor tried to block the attack with his arm, but Sora's Legendary Weapon once again inflicted amazing damage, causing the creature to howl again.

Sora took the hint and began trying to break the Heartless' arm to pieces. However, the armor used Goofy's shield to its advantage, using it to deflect each of the attacks made by Sora. Eventually, Sora tried to bring his sword back and stab through the armor's gauntlet; however, he didn't realize that in doing so, he gave the monster just the opportunity it needed. The armor backhanded him with the shield, striking him in the head and sending him flying.

Goofy jumped up and caught the young Keyblade master in his arms. He looked up, however, to see the armor spinning around with the shield in its hand. As it launched the shield, Goofy quickly covered Sora up to keep the young boy safe. "Aero!" Donald shouted the name of the wind spell, using it to form a shield to surround the Captain of the royal guard just as the shield was about to hit him. The wind shield bounced the metal shield away. Goofy slowly opened his eyes to see the shield, and sent a grateful smile towards Donald.

"Thanks, Donald!" Goofy shouted towards his friend, followed by his trademark light-hearted laugh. Donald just shook his head.

"Just wake him up and quick! I'll hold this thing off while the other weirdoes recover!" Donald replied in a brusque manner. Goofy nodded and the Court Magician charged. Donald began firing off a group of five fireballs towards the armor, and the armor simply clenched its gauntlet around the fireballs. Donald's beak opened wide as the armor began spinning around, then flung the fireballs right back at him. Donald simply stood his ground, creating a wind shield around himself.

The fireballs were easily deflected off the surface of the shield. Donald chuckled in confidence, and began moving around the armor. Then he launched a fireball at the armor's left gauntlet, which it did not block. Donald's staff then began to glow a white-blue. "Now, you want to see a good trick?" Donald said as he launched a giant bit of frost at the same spot. "Blizzard!" Donald shouted as the frost hit the armor's gauntlet, cooling it off.

Donald kept this same strategy up, continuously shifting between a Fire and a Blizzard attack on the armor's gauntlet, until eventually huge cracks began forming on the metal. Donald then launched one last Blizzard, before charging up another, much more powerful, fireball on his staff. "Take this! Fira!" Donald then launched the fireball at the armor's gauntlet, causing it to shatter.

Donald laughed victoriously, before the armor once again began picking itself back up. Donald stopped to stare for a moment, before he glared at the armor. "That's it! You want power?!" he shouted, as brilliant purple sparks began forming on his rod. "I'll give you power!" He shot the rod into the air. "Thundara!" A huge bolt of lightning headed towards the armor. However, the armor merely blocked it with its gauntlet.

As the gauntlet began sparking with electricity, the metal having captured the energy of the bolt, before the Heartless beast looked at Donald before pointing one of its fingers at Donald. A second later, the huge bolt of lightning that hit the armor was fired at Donald. Donald ducked, knowing that the wind shield wouldn't hold against such a strong attack. The lightning bolt passed over him, and when he looked up to see it missed, he began laughing at the armor, until Goofy, who was still trying to wake Sora up, noticed something odd.

"Hey Donald, your tail's on fire," he said. Donald just looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"My tail's what?" he asked as he looked at it, and saw that it was indeed on fire. "AAAHHHH!" Donald screamed as he ran around, trying everything to stop his tail from burning. Everyone watched until finally Donald put out his tail. He let out an immense sigh of relief. Yusuke would've been rolling on the ground laughing aloud had the situation not been so dire. Goofy then stood and looked down at the unconscious Sora.

"You just stay here. I'll take care of this thing," he said to the unconscious Keyblade master. Goofy looked up at the armor, before charging at it, his shield right in front of him. He began spinning around, and while the armor was ready to intercept another thrown shield, he then actually began to lift into the air. Goofy spun around the armor, striking it in random places around it.

Finally, the armor found Goofy and struck him while he was spinning in mid-air, causing him to fly through the air while spinning like a tornado. Sora slowly woke up, only to see Goofy ready to land on him. He quickly moved out of the way before the spinning Goof projectile could harm him. Said Goof landed on his head, spinning on it like a top. "Ouch," was all Goofy could say when he finally stopped spinning.

Lloyd and Kenshin stepped forward together and stared down the immense armor. It was then that Lloyd began speaking. "Hey, Kenshin," Lloyd said, prompting Kenshin to glance at him.

"Yes, Lloyd?" Kenshin asked as Lloyd brought his swords out in front of him.

"By the looks of things, going at this thing by ourselves isn't going to work out so well, is it?" he asked Kenshin with a hint of satire in his voice as Kenshin nodded.

"Indeed. So you propose we work together, then?" Kenshin asked as Lloyd nodded.

"You read my mind." Lloyd replied. He and Kenshin nodded before charging for the armor. They both brought their swords out in front of them as Kenshin went to the right and Lloyd went to the left. The armor couldn't quite follow them, since they were moving so fast, even by sound. "Demon Fang!" Lloyd shouted as a blue wave of energy struck it in the side of the head.

It turned to face Lloyd, but then it heard the sound of ground crumbling. "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: Earth Dragon Flash!" Kenshin shouted the name of his attack, which caused piles of stones from the ground to strike the monster in the back of its armored head. It looked in the direction that the stones came from, and then Lloyd made himself heard again.

"Demon Fang!" Said attack sent a blue wave of energy that hit the back of the head just like the previous one. It turned around again, only to have more stones hit their mark again. It turned to look at where Kenshin should have been, and found him not there, and another blue wave of energy hit it in the back of the head. This time it managed to counter attack. It quickly turned to where it guessed Kenshin would be and brought its gauntlets up to block its head.

When no stones came, it looked over its arm, only to see Kenshin leaping towards it. The armor panicked and swung its arm towards the current attacker. The swordsman, however, just swung his reverse edge katana, and passed right by the arm. A few seconds went by, and in an instant, the arm was sliced in two. The armor watched as both pieces of its limb fell. The darkness began pouring out of the hole in its torso, and it began snaking its way to the arm pieces.

Until Lloyd leapt in front of the pieces as blue energy enveloped his blades.

"Fierce Demon Fang!" Unlike the prior Demon Fang attacks, a HUGE blast of dull orange energy completely destroyed the darkness and the hole it came from. The armor screamed out as the darkness literally disappeared. It looked at the hole in its torso and tried to force darkness out of it, but all that came out were little tendrils, not even reaching an inch.

The others saw this and quickly began plotting, almost in unison. "So it's not the armor we should be focusing on." Inuyasha said as he smirked and lifted the Tetsusaiga over his shoulder.

"We've just got to destroy the darkness underneath it." Yusuke said. The others nodded in agreement. Lloyd and Kenshin heard them, and Lloyd smirked. Kenshin merely nodded before turning back to the creature, glad they finally noticed what he had several minutes ago. The guard Armor tried to attack again before they leapt out of the way, and Inuyasha and Yusuke began running forward. Inuyasha quickly leapt up towards the other arm, and as the armor tried to swat Inuyasha away, Inuyasha crashed the Tetsusaiga into it, causing it to bounce back. The human-demon mix touched down and leapt back up, sending more strikes into the arm and causing it to crack significantly.

Inuyasha then dug one of his feet into the arm and leapt up into the air. The armor brought its cracked arm up, getting ready to block a Wind Scar. However, Inuyasha didn't do anything, Yusuke did. Yusuke fired a spirit bullet that destroyed the weakened arm without being deflected back, revealing the darkness. That's when Inuyasha attacked.

The half-breed brought his blade back and swung forward, causing the waves of yellow energy to launch themselves at the armor. The vulnerable darkness was quickly destroyed by the Wind Scar, causing another scream to escape the armor. Then Yusuke leapt up and pulled Inuyasha away from the armor in mid-air as Edward and Naruto ran forward to attack. The armor lifted up its left boot preparing to squash the small blonds.

Edward quickly clapped his hands together and slammed them into the ground. A portion of the ground shot up, blocking the boot. Edward clapped his hands together again and slammed them into the boot, causing it to burst into pieces.

Meanwhile Naruto made four clones of himself, two of which stayed behind, making another Rasengan, while the other three Narutos threw shuriken and kunai at the blobs of vulnerable darkness.

The kunai and shuriken made the darkness pause for several seconds, more than enough time for the Rasengan to be completed, and the real Naruto rammed it into the globs of darkness, causing it to almost instantly disappear. Edward then clapped his hands together and slammed them into the ground, causing it to move under Edward and Naruto, moving them away from the Heartless monster as Lloyd and Kenshin got back into the fray.

Lloyd was the first to run forward. He ran for the last boot and brought his sword back. "Sonic Thrust!" he rammed his sword into the boot with the piercing technique, causing it to severely crack. He then quickly moved away he was stomped. Kenshin then began running at high speed towards the boot.

"Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: Dragon Nest Flash!" With this attack, Kenshin cut through the cracked boot several times. As soon as he passed by, the boot suddenly fell to pieces, with the darkness that was shredded by the attack dissipating as well. Donald and Goofy then stepped up and joined the fight. Goofy began spinning his shield around, launching it at high speed towards the head. Without any arms to block it, the shield rammed into the head, which caused it to fly off the torso.

When the hole in the bottom was revealed, Donald quickly launched a group of fireballs into the helmet. It burst into flames as the darkness inside the helmet was destroyed by the magical flames. The helmet fell to the ground lifelessly, shattering into pieces. Then, as Donald and Goofy separated, Sora ran forward. The torso, somehow, saw him coming and began spinning around wildly. Sora leapt forward and struck the spinning armor with his Keyblade.

Thanks to the force of the spinning, the damage to the armor was multiplied, and almost an entire third of the armor was covered in cracks. The Heartless 'screamed' out as Sora kept on striking with the Keyblade, causing the cracks to spread and deepen. Finally, Sora began spinning the Keyblade behind him and stabbed it into the armor. The armor shattered, and the darkness inside it felt the full wrath of Sora's weapon.

The darkness melted out of the armor before disappearing. Sora pushed off the torso armor before it fell to the ground, shattering on impact. The pieces of armor that were all over the ground disappeared as a heart-like shape flew up into the sky. Everyone looked up as they sighed, groaned, and gasped for breath. Sora looked around and smiled as he looked at all of them. "I guess... we did it..." He said as he fell over onto his back before passing out.

And in a matter of moments afterwards, the remaining eight fighters fell over, passing out from the strain of the day.

Next Time: Explanations and the Gummi Barge!!

The travelers have fought off their first horde of Heartless; however they are far from done. They now must learn of the situation they are inÉ and gain a gummi barge from a man named Cid.