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Determined to get as far away from her Uncle as she could, Azur continued her rapid journey. She breathed heavily, listening to the beat of her wings and heart. Thump. Thump. Thump. How could she have done that? She grimaced at the coppery taste in her mouth. How could she have enjoyed drinking her Uncle's blood?

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Of course, she was now half vampire. Self hate welled up inside her at the mere thought. Darn it all, why couldn't she just me normal for once? Why did everything have to happen to her?

Thump. Thump. Thump.

She didn't even know who her mate was. For all she knew, she could be mated to Lucius Malfoy or, worse, Voldemort! She scowled and glared at the houses below her. Damn it! She didn't want to be mated to anyone other than Snape. The chances of that happening were -what- 0.0001 percent? Less?

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Would she be happy with her mate? She doubted it. Would her friends hate her? Most probably. Would she be allowed to still go to Hogwarts? She let out a frustrated cry. The wizarding world wouldn't take kindly to the boy-who-lived actually being a half-breed girl. Why, just once, couldn't things go her way? The way she wanted them to?

Thump. Thump. Thump.

She flew for a few more hours at breakneck speeds, grumbling all the while. Despite everything, she had finally managed to accept that she was the daughter of Salazar Slytherin and that she wasn't human. After all, maybe this unexpected news might help her defeats Voldemort. Spying a forest down below, she spiralled down towards it and landed. Everything was silent. Putting down her stuff, she went up the nearest tree and sat down.

Narrowing her eyes, she once again examined the portrait her mother left her. The wooden framed was beautifully made with delicate carvings all over it. The background of the portrait seemed to be a potions lab. After a minute, when no one appeared in the frame, Azur let out a frustrated sigh and set it back down.

Something moved. Nervous, Azur glanced in the direction of the movement. Not seeing or smelling anything that she deemed dangerous, she allowed her thoughts to wonder. Would her mate accept her for who she was? Would he be cruel like Draco or studious like Hermione? Would he be tolerant or sarcastic? Loving or cold hearted?

She leaned back against her tree, watching as the wind caused its branches to sway. The stars seemed to twinkle merrily in the dark sky.

"Have you finally finished feeling sorry for yourself?"

Startled, she looked around. Picking up the portrait, she couldn't help, but stare at the man scowling at her. Salazar Slytherin. He had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail, grey eyes, and a very aristocratic look about him. Salazar raised an eyebrow and adjusted his dark green robes.

"So you are mine and Lily's child?"

Azur nodded as she absently noticed the disappearance of her wings.


Salazar studied her for a minute. Her hair was black with streaks of red and her eyes were all Lily's. Though, unlike Lily's eyes, they reflected the moonlight, which identified her vampirism. As he continued to pick out which features of Azur came from his side of the family and which one came from her mother's side, Azur began to cough nervously.


"You look like her."

Azur blinked at the unexpected comment. Salazar studied his daughter for a few more moments with a frown on his face.

"What is your name, girl?"

He scanned the dense forest, searching for his prey. Several times it had escaped from him by chance, but now it was his. The poor beast was tired and had left a very noticeable trail. Listening to the creature's loud breathing, he managed to pinpoint its location. He leapt at it reaching out with his hands to grab the animal's coarse fur. It struggled with him and rolled on it back, but Severus prevailed. Sinking his fangs into his meal, the animal went limp with a last cry of desperation.

It wasn't long before he pulled away with a sigh of satisfaction. He wiped his bloody mouth with his sleeve. It seemed his meal would live... this time. He stepped away from it. His dinner, however, was only a temporary distraction from his worry. After all, how was he supposed to approach Potter? He couldn't refuse to go and find her, as he knew she was at least part demon from the looks of her. He scowled and began the long trek back to Hogwarts. If he didn't know better, he would have thought Potter was going to be the death of him.

After an hour of walking at a brisk pace, he paused; listening to his surroundings. Was that... parseltongue? Turning to face the noise, he crept behind a tree and watched. Why the hell was Potter in the Forbidden Forest talking to a portrait? Didn't she have any brains in her at all? Oh, that's right. She never used her common sense like most people did.

Azur jumped as Salazar suddenly spoke after what seemed to be fifteen minutes.

"...You'll do...."

Raising an eyebrow in curiosity, she asked,

"I'll do for what?"

Salazar smirked, picking up a glass of what looked to be wine. He took a drink.

"You inherited Parseltongue. Excellent."

Putting his glass down, he stared at his daughters questioning gaze. It wasn't long before she began to scowl at him.

"Are you going to tell me what you meant by your earlier comment or not?"

"You'll do as my heir. You have met my expectations."

Azur stared for a minute, trying to comprehend what Salazar had just said. She would do as his heir. Who did he think he was? She paused. Oh yeah, the greatest of the Hogwarts four. Bah! Bastard. What did it matter if she met with his expectations or not? She was his daughter! She didn't give a rat's ass whether he found her worthy or not. She glared. Instead of shouting at him angrily, she murmured.

"You are not as pleasant as mom makes you to be."

The man scowled at her.

"She made me out to be all sugar and honey, didn't she?"

"The great Salazar Slytherin all sweet and cuddly? No, she didn't say that, but she did say you were kinder than what history makes you out to be. I guess she was wrong for you are not showing me any of this so called kindness that you supposedly have."

Salazar blinked.

"No... I suppose I haven't. Azur," The word sounded foreign to both of their ears as Salazar slowly pronounced it, "you are angry about my earlier comment, thus, I feel, I must explain some things to you. As my heir, you will be hunted down for a number of things. First you are related to me and have a vast fortune people will want, second, you are half vampire and half demon, which makes you rather unique, and thirdly, due to your heritage, you can be easily influenced by dark magic if you aren't trained properly. There are other reasons, but I deem them to be irrelevant at the moment."

Surprised, Azur adjusted herself to be more comfortable. She set the portrait down against one of the tree's thick roots breaking above the surface of the ground. Slytherin, after examining her reaction, continued,

"Because of this, Azur, you must be strong in mind, body, and in magic. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about the physical aspect as you aren't as weak as a typical human by nature. Your magic has potential and with a little training there'll be no worries coming from that department. However, I don't know about your state of mind. I deem you fit to be my heir as you show great potential and because I need not worry too much about your wellbeing."

Just as quickly as it had come, Azur's anger wilted.

Severus scowled into the dark. He scanned the forest once more. The wind had changed and the disgusting smell of dog invaded his sensitive nose. A werewolf, instead of attacking instantly, was watching his mate, waiting for the girl to put her guard down and fall asleep. This mangy wolf was unusually patient, probably a high ranking member of its pack. Stepping away from his hiding place, he began to search for the mutt. There was only one werewolf he could tolerate and, unfortunately, it was Lupin.

Snarling at the discovery that the mangy wolf hadn't been the far east of him, he lunged, forgetting about the presence of his wand in its holster. The werewolf howled in shock as they went flying towards Potter. As the girl looked up in surprise, the mutt shoved him into the nearest tree. Snape grunted in pain as he dug his claws into the creature. Suddenly he was thrown off it and sent rolling away in the dirt. He coughed as it rapidly advanced on him. Desperately, he rolled to the side and hit a tree as the werewolf's teeth bit into the dirt where his legs had been. The creature growled with rage.

As it was about to bite down on Severus once again, a spell came out of nowhere sending the mutt flying. Potter stood there, her eyes gleaming as she held her wand. A voice snapped from her portrait to tell her to stay out of the fight. She made an indignant noise as she found herself unable to move or speak. She could, however watch. Unable to make out who the other man –vampire?- was, she panicked. Was this her mate? How had he managed to find her so quickly? Why was he fighting a werewolf?

One of its claws tore a deep gash into his arm as Snape shoved the revolting wolf away. It began to salivate, drool dripping down from its massive jaws. Shit. He panted slightly and dodged once more. Jumping onto the creatures back, he bit and spat out its blood from his mouth. The monster growled and tried to dislodge him from its backside once more.

Azur watched with growing horror as the werewolf seemed to be winning. Salazar was warning her not to join the fight (though it's not like she could) as he seemed to see this as a test for her mate. The werewolf had managed to throw the man off him after struggling for a few minutes. The man didn't seem to be able to get up. She couldn't go and help him. The werewolf limped towards him, fully intent on killing him. Time seemed to slow. Desperately, Azur struggled against the invisible bonds holding her in place.

The werewolf was almost on top of him.

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