Twilight - ABBA STYLE.

What would that be then...Twabba?

...HAHAHAHAHA...sounds like a distant cousin of Chewbacca. Only hairier. But whatevs. So this was a little song I wrote PRE-Breaking Dawn, but POST-watchingMammaMiaatthemoviesSOGOOD - yeah.

Hope you like...

Love Lolls.


I heard about Twilight from a friend but I chose to ignore.
A vampire story - I'd seen it all before...
From Buffy to Anne Rice, I'd been down that road,
But I started reading, and hit motherload,
These great books had me wowed
So I wanted to sing this out loud:

So we say
Thank you for the series, the books we're loving,
Thank you for that Edward Cullen.
Who could live without them?
Ed, Jasper, Emmett and Jake?
For goodness sake,
Without our fictional loves,
What are we?
So we say thank you for the series,
We love you Stephenie...

Mother tells me to shut up when I go on and on
About TwiTube, or fanfic, or the latest from the Lexicon
And I've often wondered, how did this all start,
How is it that Twilight has captured the hearts
Of these thousands of fans?
Will Edward ever get a tan?

So I say
Thank you for the movie, for Kristen as Bella
I want Rob, under my umbrella - ella
Twilight has changed my whole life
I guess I'm a total twi-hard,
Henry or Gaspard
Could not have pulled Edward off,
Like our Rob,
So we say thank you for the movie
Summit's doing a great job.

So we say
Thank you for the series, we're all obsessive,
Thanks for all the joy that you give,
You have a wonderful gift,
These books are just so much fun
So everyone
Would like to step up and finally say
We all thank Stephenie for Twilight
Now write another one...