Lia: I was sitting in my room when i got a major revalation on how just telling somebody who's had a really rough day and is really lonely that they're important in your life can change everything.

Morning Greeting

written by Cecilia Friesen

The sky was clouded on that sad Monday.
The wind blew hard and the flowers and trees looked as though they were crying out for help.
The birds hid in their nests snuggled together.
How I would have loved to be one of them.
Suddenly the rain started to pour and it leaked through the roof of my house.
It was getting me wet.
Why did everything always happen to me?
Thunder boomes in the backround following with lighting.
The lighting threatened the surrounding trees.
Finally carrying out its threat struch the one next to my house.
The tree burst into flames and fell just barely missing me.
Suddenly I turned around as a cheery voice greets me.
"Good morning."
"What's good about it?"
A few minutes of silence passed before the voice spoke up agian.
"What's good about it? Well seeing you has made my day!That's what's good about it!"
"Really?"I answered not sure if he meant it.
"I promise."
Suddenly the sky cleared showing a beautiful blue sky and a bright sun.
The wind stopped and the flowers and trees straightened up,looking joyful.
The birds came out of their nest, flying around singing a spring song.
My house dried up.
The thunder ended and the lighting stopped.
The tree that had been struck down now stood as though nothing had happened, freshly green.
Everything was as it should be.
"Yes, Eeyore?"
"Thank you."

the end.

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