Apologies: a Cautionary Fairy Tale

Gather 'round children, and let me tell you a story about Fred the Wraith Queen.

Now Fred was a Wraith Queen who really enjoyed writing stories and letting other people read them. One day, Fred posted a story that was enjoyed by many people, but some noticed that Fred had made some mistakes.

Now repeat after me; 'Stupid, stupid Wraith Queen.' Well done!

Fred was very embarrassed by her mistakes and decided that she was going to fix them, so she re-wrote the parts that were wrong and went to post the changes in the website. But when she tried to post them, she accidentally deleted the chapters that had already been written!

All together now; 'Stupid, stupid Wraith Queen.'

Fred panicked, said a couple of very naughty words, and then tried to re-attach the chapters that had been deleted. This took her several tries and several more very naughty words before she managed to get it done, but finally she managed to reattach the chapters and even posted an epilogue to the story. Fred felt horrible for the people who would receive notices telling them about new chapters that were really old chapters, but she felt better when she realised that these people would have a shiny new chapter to help make them feel better.

A couple of days later, Fred noticed that not that many people had said anything about her shiny new chapter and, feeling slightly paranoid, checked to see what had happened. To her horror, she discovered that while the new chapter had posted, all of her messing around had meant that the story had not been moved back to the top of the list, and that not everyone knew that there was a new chapter!

One more time, children; 'Stupid, stupid Wraith Queen.' You are all getting so good at that!

So, concerned and embarrassed, Fred decided to write an explanation and an apology to all the people who read her story, hoping that they would understand.

The End.

Now children, what is the moral of this story?

That's right! Never Trust a Wraith Queen with Technology! There's a reason that the drones fly the ships. Because you were such a great audience, cookies and gold stars for everyone!