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The Joy of Revenge

(El placer de la venganza)

A fic by Saiya Elite and Dioxa

Translation by Apolonia


What you never saw

Several months passed, and Chi-chi gave birth to a little baby, who to everyone's surprise, was absolutely identical to Goku, which she named Goten.

The years passed, and the Son widow visited again on numerous occasions the home of her friend Bulma, fact of which her small son and Trunks, to be more or less the same age, they became inseparable friends, and together, shared the most varied moments of fun and mischief.

Due to these visits, Vegeta and Chi-chi had the chance to face each other face to face on many occasions, but none of them ever again refer to those furtive encounters they shared encounters during those days in which she lived at Bulma's house, looking after Trunks in her absence.

Both the prince like Chi-chi acted as if that had never happened, and thus, they achieved that during all the years later, nobody suspected anything unusual that might end up pulling it to light.

The family life of Vegeta and Bulma was improving as the time passed by. The blue-haired woman lived the best moments of her life, along with her son and the prince, who was slowly warming up to the human customs, and as a result of all those years of living next to the human woman and their hybrid son, he had no choice but to finally admit the feelings that arose in him toward the ones he now considered his family.

Bulma assumed and accepted that Vegeta would never be a husband and a father like any other. But despite this, her life radiated happiness everywhere, and gave thanks to Kami every day for having received the opportunity to meet the Saiyan prince, the man she fell in love with and that gave the most wonderful thing a woman can be given: a child, her little Trunks.

For her part, Chi-chi was devoted exclusively to care and protect her two children. Gohan became an excellent student and began to go to the famous school Orange High School, where she met Videl, the daughter of the alleged savior of the Earth, the eccentric and opportunistic Hercule.

After Videl discovered his little secret of being the great Saiyaman, she forced him to stand for the next tournament of martial arts, and precisely on that day he was at Bulma's house, accompanied by Vegeta and Trunks, giving them the news of his registration to the tournament. At that time, his father's voice resounded from the beyond, to the surprise of the bystanders, and the prince could not believe what he heard. Kakarott would return to Earth for one day to participate in this ridiculous tournament! He would have the opportunity to fight him and show him who was the best!. At last his revenge would be fully completed!. That was the best news he had received since that fateful day where the insect dared to dishonor him sacrificing himself to save his life. For nothing in the world he would overlook the opportunity to give him back all the humiliations, all the wrongs he had to suffer for his fault. Nothing was going to stand in his way. This time, nothing would prevent him to recover his dignity and pride. He will finish once and for all with the damn Kakarott, and he would make him pay for his boldnesses with each one of his strokes.

The day of the tournament came and the whole group was happy to see Goku again. His son Goten and him met for the first time and Chi-chi threw herself in his arms when she first saw him. She, at the time, knew she was never able to hate him, and that she always will love him unconditionally, no matter what he did.

What they all thought was that it would be a simple and normal tournament, it became the beginning of a new threat. The magician Babidi was on Earth and was intended to resurrect a terrible and evil being named Boo, when collecting the energies of Saiyans.

After Babidi possessed Vegeta, he sent them all back to the stage of the tournament, and there, Vegeta demanded Goku their rematch. He denied, preceding as his main goal in preventing the monster Boo woke up, and the prince, tired of always being relieved to second place, did not hesitate to annihilate a great part of the audience launching at them twice two huge balls of energy which managed to destroy much of the stands, before the astonished eyes of Bulma, who could not believe what her eyes were showing her.

Vegeta, fully aware of everything he was doing, threatened Goku to continue killing innocent people if he did not accept to fight him. Finally, and with no other option, Gohan's father accepted, and Babidi sent them back to the desert and mountainous place where his ship was.

The prince was exultant. He never thought he would have the opportunity to fight Kakarott again so they can settle accounts. His greatest wish was to humiliate him, he wanted to see him crawl before him, and he would do anything in order to achieve his purposes.

The terrible clash between the two supersaiyans began. The powers of both were practically matched until the prince began to gain advantage, and after beating his rival and crashed him against a rock, hi immobilized him by using several rings of energy, which seized his neck, legs and arms.

- Damn you, Kakarott!. You have no idea how much I hate you...- He said after materializing instantly in front of him.

Goku was not yet able to understand the hatred the prince kept for him. He had already discovered that Vegeta was not completely possessed by Babidi, and as a last resort, he tried to make him reconsider trying to convince him that he was not his enemy.

- But.. why, Vegeta?... I don't think I have done nothing to...-

- Shut up!. - The prince interrupted shouting while snapped at him a couple of times. - You humiliated me!. You sacrificed yourself, stained my honor and I denied me the opportunity to get revenge with your stupid death!..- He spat, to begin punishing Goku's immobilized body with hard punches given by his fists and legs. He enjoyed watching him complaining of pain and suffering. The hatred and anger accumulated for so long on his inside were of such magnitude that he did not only had in mind torturing his body. He was ready to destroy him in any way, not only physically but also psychologically.

He stopped beating him, and nailing his cold and shocking look on him, told him:

- You made a mistake to die, Kakarott: You forgot who I am and what I would be able to do to retaliate... And now, I want you to suffer the same humiliation you made me feel... I want to see your face when know what I had to do to try to recover my pride...- He hissed, eager to see what would be the reaction of his rival to hear him.

- What are you talking about?. - Goku answered surprised. He could not imagine what was Vegeta trying to say with those words.

The prince smiled with malice. Many times he was delighted imagining Kakarott's face to discover what he did with his wife and how he used her to take vengeance on him. And now... the time had come... But first, he would enjoy making him suffer with uncertainty and impatience for a few more minutes...

- Oh.. what a shame!... It is a pity that in the afterlife you could not see what was happening on Earth - He said, initiating the particular psychological torture to which he was willing to submit to Kakarott. - But anyway, now you're here and I can say it to you without reservation. I assure you that you'll love to know it..- He added with great irony and sarcasm.

- Speak at once!. - Exclaimed Goku raising his voice.

The prince released an audible laugh. It was a long time was not enjoying life this way. All these years on Earth, full of peace and quiet, almost made him forget the exciting feeling that his Saiyan warrior blood gave in the middle of a battle, a confrontation. The mere fact of being and feeling more than any of his rivals, always provided him such pleasure and delight that he could never continue living without a chance to feel anything of that again. He fleetingly recalled all those moments of his life in which he mercilessly tortured and annihilated thousands of people completely inferior to him, and how the adrenaline flowed relentlessly and ran through his veins, enjoying it, enjoying with great satisfaction while he listened to them imploring him and begging clemency, which he never granted. Those were the same sensations he was experiencing at this very moment, to have Kakarott at his mercy and ready to see him defeated and prostrated before his feet. And without being able to contain waiting for any longer, he decided it was time to reveal the whole truth and he begin to suffer as soon as possible...

- After your death, training and the fight no longer had any meaning for me. - He began to recount. - I thought that nothing could be done to recover the dignity you snatch from me, but then, when I had nearly lost all hope... she appeared... there was when I saw it, when I discovered a new way of revenge, the only thing you left in my power... and this time, I wouldn't let it escape...- He added, making a pause, with the clear intention that Kakarott himself made his own conclusions.

Goku remained for a few seconds digesting the words uttered by the prince, until a fleeting thought toured his mind, getting his heart stop beating for a second to such feeling.

- She?... You won't be... you are not meaning...- He started to say, hoping that his intuition was completely wrong.

- To your wife? - The prince immediately interrupted, finishing himself the sentence the other Saiyan was not able to complete. He laughed again harder than before, amused to the pathetic gesture of disbelief his rival was showing. - Not only are you stupid, Kakarott. Not only are you the biggest disgrace ever existed in our race, but above, you are completely useless and you were never able to prove your manhood as it should be...- He said with disdain and sharpness. - But don't worry, I myself took care to correct your pathetic ineffectiveness... and believe me... you should be grateful...- He added then added with slyness, in a way of mockery.

- What did you do to Milk?... Answer!. - Goku cried with rage. For his mind, began to circulate various images of what Vegeta would have been able to do to his wife, the mother of his two sons. But no... it could not be true... He had seen Chi-chi only a few hours ago and he was unable to see anything strange about her...

- Do to her?. - The prince laughed again. - I only showed her what it is a real Saiyan male!. You had your wife so needy that I had no other choice but to grant her the honor of sharing my bed!. - He finally revealed, raising the voice even more, and thus, get more reliable and truthful his arguments.

- You're lying!...- Goku exclaimed at the edge of despair. - Chi-chi would never be able to do something like that..- He knew her perfectly. He was sure that, by her own will, his wife would never act that way. If what Vegeta said was true, then it probably should be that she was forced, or perhaps manipulated by the prince, who had started to laugh again with huge guffaws to observe the reaction of the being he most loath in his life. Despite the psychological torture to which he was giving to Kakarott, he was achieving the desired effect, he felt the terrible need to continue, to go even further... He wanted to see him suffer until the limit... he desperately yearned to see him humiliated and mortified, twisting in pain and helplessness..

- You don't imagine how much I enjoyed fucking again and again with your female!. To hear her moaning like a bitch while writhing with pleasure in my arms, it was like a heavenly music to my ears. - He exclaimed with all the hatred reflected in his eyes and with a shocking and cruel smile, with which he showed how much he was enjoying it. - Do you see this technique I've used with you?. - He asked referring to the energy rings with which he remained trapped. - Well, I precisely used it also with her in one of the occasions on which she shared bed with me. And I assure you that she loved it. - He laughed again so deafeningly and then, he made a short pause to quickly continue saying: - If you don't believe me, you can ask her... but you would have to come out victorious in this battle before your time to stay here ends... And that, will never happen...- He added, with the intention of completing this way his particular talk with Kakarott and end his damned presence once and for all. He raised his right arm, ready to prepare one of his powerful techniques of combat to finish him as soon as possible, and cried: - I'll send you to the site where you come! -

The prince's words were repeated over and over again through Goku's mind, getting all the pain suffered was turning out in rage and anger. Only cruelty and wickedness of the most evil and ruthless beings were able to achieve this effect on him, and Vegeta was becoming one of them. Soon, he began to feel the Saiyan fury possessing his body managing to renew immediately his lost energy. He increased his ki, and to the prince's astonishment, his arms and legs were releasing from his prison, taking with them several pieces of rock where the energy rings kept him trapped during the long time the conversation lasted. Before Vegeta could react, he rushed over him, and he dealt a serious blow with one of the pieces of stone that still remained attached to his right arm.

- You took advantage of her!... - He shouted enraged, while the prince was hurt by the blow suffered. - Damn you, Vegeta!. You'll pay it!..- He exclaimed, while repeating the same previous blow with his other arm.

After that, the forces of the two were equaled again, and they continued to fight against each other. In an interlude between the fighting, Goku once again turn to his rival, and asked him unreservedly:

- How could you, Vegeta?. Why did you have to use her?. What did you gain with that?. - He could not stop thinking about everything that Vegeta revealed minutes ago.

- Gain?. It was not a question of winning or losing. The fact of doing mine something of your possession, would bring something to calm my thirst for revenge. - The prince said. - And that was how I planned it... and let me tell you that I didn't only get my goals, but beyond that, I enjoyed as I have never done it before. - He added, outlining in his face again his half smile of satisfaction.

Goku still could not believe that anything of what Vegeta had told him was true. From the moment he learned the prince would have a child with Bulma, he always had the certainty things would radically alter his character and that his cold and ruthless attitude would disappear forever.

- And what about Bulma?... Is that you didn't care cheating on her in that way?. - He asked, remembering at that very moment of his dear friend, and what that might mean for her if she came to find out.

Vegeta growled furiously. He quickly replied:

- Why would I care?. My honor, my pride and my dignity are the most important thing for me! .. Now and forever! - He cried full of anger. - When the hell are you going to understand it, damn stupid?. - He would never let Kakarott know that always he tried to avoid Bulma learn about of all that. He knew him so well, he was completely sure the insect he had never before him would never tell her anything, simply by not making her suffer. Immediately after that, he began to tell his rival, step by step, the way he let Babidi possessed him for the sole purpose of achieving more power and energy, thus defeating him and completing his revenge.

The battle continued until both realized the presence of the monster Boo, and Goku tried to convince Vegeta to leave the battle and join forces to defeat him. The prince, furious and angry for being relieved again to second place in Kakarott's priorities, deceived him and made him believe that he had accepted, but by a neglect of his rival, he hit him from behind leaving him unconscious, and he went alone to fight against the new enemy, who he could not defeat, and eventually he sacrificed his life so futilely, as neither his self-destruction managed to eliminate Boo.

Finally, after Vegeta returned for a day to the world of the livings, he joined forces to Goku, and after many efforts, they succeeded in defeating him.

The prince was able to resurrect again thanks to the dragon balls, and was granted another chance to redeem himself for all the heinous acts he committed during his entire existence. Goku knew then that Vegeta's life would change radically from that very moment and it was useless to keep any remorse for everything that had happened between him and Chi-chi. Neither he saw the need to remove the past talking with his wife about that murky affair, and decided to shut it up forever. His wife was only a victim who let herself be dragged by the arts of Vegeta's handling, and even he himself felt responsible of that, because he was convinced that she had acted that way for his fault, for having abandoned her again.

This way, everyone returned to resume their lives, and what happened during those days in Capsule Corporation never again was mentioned nor brought to light.

The two protagonists, Vegeta and Chi-chi, even almost forgot it completely, burying it forever in their minds as a... bad memory?... no... neither of them would define it that way... maybe yes as a mistake, a mistake that could have gone expensive, despite the fact that at the very bottom in the deepest corner of their thoughts, they never found a reason that made them regret about all that...


CLARIFICATION: It should be noted that this chapter tells exactly each and every one of the scenes and dialogues that were completely censored during the fight that Vegeta and Kakarott maintained. It was tried by all means to clear what actually happened, but we thought we should make you sharers in the unique and authentic truth.

Likewise, our intention is not to forget that our history is a fanfic, but everything could had been perfectly feasible within the anime and manga, and therefore it should never be described as an alternate universe.

Finally, we thank you for your interest in our first story created together. We hope that, if time allows, we can make some more, with the enormous hope and wish that you please at least in the same way as this one.

Many kisses and... see you soon!..

DioXa and Saiya Elite.