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Chapter 1: Kindred Spirits

On the fire command ship Smoke, Pyrus stood at the viewport of his private chambers and watched the glowing blue engine trail of Planet Ice pass slowly by. It had been a year since the beast had first appeared and devoured his homeworld, now it had been transported to some distant and unknown location but there was still no peace. Oh sure the planets were united but there wasn't really peace, not the peace of heart that a home brings and that he so longed for, for his people.

Staring aimlessly into space the crackle of the braziers went unnoticed by Pyrus, so too did the low humming of the ship's engines go unnoticed, but unfortunately, the insistent beeping of his wrist com. did not go unnoticed. When he activated the link the voice of Captain Blaze issued from the speaker.

"My Prince, there is a visitor who has come to see you." Surprised, Pyrus turned from the viewport and transferred the link to the brazier behind him. The stern face of his captain of the guard appeared in the flames before his eyes. "Who is it?"

Captain Blaze paused for a moment and cleared his throat before replying, "It is the lordling Lavas, from the house of Blaze." Pyrus blinked, "What is your lordling doing coming here?" Blaze averted his gaze, "I do not know what his intentions are my prince, he did not see fit to tell a mere guard like myself. Shall I send him to you when he arrives?" Pyrus turned away for a moment before replying, "No, take him to the control centre, I will meet him there."

Terminating the link Pyrus turned back to the window. I wonder why Lavas is coming to see me. Leaning on the viewport edge, gazing even more aimlessly out the window, he thought about everything he knew of House Blaze. Aha, he realised, of course Lavas just turned sixteen, his father is dead as well and now he will have come to swear fealty. Pyrus breathed a sigh of relief; at least this wasn't another problem because he'd certainly had enough of those lately.

Stepping into the corridor he began to make his way to the control centre, the guard from his door following at a discreet distance. Pyrus wasn't exactly sure what Blaze thought he'd need a guard for on his very own command ship but no amount of protestation or persuasive language on his part had managed to dissuade his captain of the guard yet.

With a series of clicks the door to the control centre folded back into the wall to allow him through. Immediately all other sounds were pushed aside by the argument going on inside the room. Near the centre of the floor Captain Blaze and two unknown guards yelled at each other while a teenage fire boy, presumably Lavas, stood by and watched.

Moving into the centre of the room Pyrus interrupted their argument when he shouted, "What are you doing!" All three guards fell silent immediately. So much for not another problem, he thought.

Blaze turned to Pyrus, "This lordling brought his guards onto the command ship without authorisation." Pyrus raised his eyebrows, "Blaze, are you so paranoid about keeping me safe that you would suspect our own people? Go back to doing your job and I'll deal with this matter." Wordlessly Blaze turned and left the control centre, though his posture clearly indicated he was not happy with being silenced. With a hand gesture Pyrus dismissed Lavas' guards before turning to Lavas himself.

For a moment both of them were speechless as the looked at each other. Aside from Lavas being fractionally taller and having slightly different lines on his forehead the two were almost identical. A moment later Lavas remembered his manners and bowed his head, "Greetings, Prince Pyrus." Pyrus winced, why does everyone have to be so formal? "Look, please just call me Pyrus, I absolutely hate all the bowing and formality and no one seems to listen to me when I say stop."

Lavas looked up at Pyrus again, "You sure about that?" Pyrus nodded, "Yes, it's really annoying." Lavas' face split with a grin, "So you are a real person after all, I wasn't sure whether or not to believe the rumours." Trying hard to keep a straight face Pyrus replied, "Of course, think how bored I'd be if I wasn't really real!" There was a little moment where neither of them said anything, but it didn't last long before they both broke down laughing at how ridiculous the situation was.

When they'd finally got back some level of control Pyrus spoke again, "Man I haven't laughed like that in ages, come on lets talk somewhere else." Still shaking with suppressed mirth Pyrus and Lavas exited the control centre and made their way back down the corridor. "So did you come here to swear fealty now you're of age?" After all, Pyrus thought, I can't imagine any other reason why he'd be here. Lavas answered just as the door to Pyrus' private chambers clicked shut behind them. "No." Pyrus turned to face Lavas, his body just a little tensed, "What are you doing here then? You're not going to challenge me for the throne are you?" A little, almost imperceptible, tremor crept into his voice and he was suddenly more a teenager than a prince.

Lavas stepped forwards and clasped Pyrus' shoulders, "No Pyrus, I love you just as much as the rest of our people. Maybe when I know you better and have seen that you are worthy of my loyalty, then I will swear fealty. First and foremost though, I am here simply to be a friend, and to show those 'outworlders' that the people of fire still support their prince." Lavas' grinned, "After all, you're not the only one who is sick of all the formality." Pyrus face lit up with a grin. "Sweet, you can hang around with me and I can say you're my 'advisor'. I love the advantages of being prince!"

Watching Pyrus' face Lavas smiled. Our prince really is just a teenager after all. He was happy the prince was friendly, it would annoy his own vizier a lot but that didn't matter. Finally there was someone who didn't bow all the time and say 'my lord'.

Heading towards the door Pyrus caught hold of Lavas' arm. "Come on, there's someone who you just have to meet. Trust me, if you're anything like me, you'll love him." With Lavas stumbling along behind him Pyrus tapped his wrist com. "Blaze, I want you to find out where the Clavicle is and set a course. I think it's about time we paid it a royal visit."

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