Hello, Kagome1235 here with yet another fanfic of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This one is based on the finale movie event Sozin's Comet. Where at long last the one hundred year old war ended, and the Fire Lord Ozai was brought down. Now rebuilding the four nations and restoring balance… Will life flourish and thrive with peacefulness…? Or will someone or something destroy what little happiness is left?

Here in the avatar universe a new chapter begins where questions will be answered and friendships will be tested. An epic unknown twist draws near for the young avatar and everyone he has come to know and love.

"Four Seasons"

Book 4 Air

Chapter 1 Summer's Yesterday

A soft smile formed on the waterbender's face as she watched her friends laugh and drink tea that Iroh prepared in his new tea shop. The white tea was brewed to perfection; Katara swallowed the last of the warm liquid as it trickled down her throat. With a light sigh she was relieved. Everyone was at ease and enjoy each other's company. Aang once again told The Duke and Teo the story of how he took away Fire Lord Ozai's bending, and how amazing it was. Sokka and Suki were both cuddled on a small couch, drinking tea and nibbling on cakes. While Haru and Toph talked about new earthbending techniques. Katara then noticed Mai and Zuko; they were out on the balcony. The wind softly swayed Mai's long straight black hair as her usual emotionless face was now almost in tears. Zuko remained firm and tensed as his fist clenched tightly.

The new Fire Lord then stomped away, throwing a crumbled piece of paper on to the limestone ground beneath his feet. Mai lowered her head and turned, staring off into the distance of houses below.

Katara watched Zuko as he passed her by. His face held anger and frustration, Katara never seen him so upset before. As Zuko left the room almost no one noticed expect Iroh. The waterbender turned and looked at the old man. His wise eyes lightly narrowed, he seemed to know what happened. Concerned Katara started to leave, "Hey Katara where are you going?" asked Aang as he played with Momo.

"I'm going to look for Zuko…" Katara said.

"Hey don't forget he's Fire Lord now…" Sokka said with a smirk.

"Oh shut it Sokka…" Katara said slightly irritated of her brother's smart mouth.

"Should I come with you?" asked Aang.

"No…you don't have to…I want to see what's wrong with him." Katara said as she left.


Katara walked down the stone steps into the royal garden of the Earth Kingdom's palace. Wondering where the firebender went. Then she found him, sitting underneath a sakura tree that was late in bloom. The small petals danced in light circles as they fell to the ground. The Fire Lord had one leg laid flat on the grassy tuft while his other leg was propped up supporting his arm. He rested his chin on his out stretched arm and was staring into space. The wind rustled through his hair as he sighed and continued to stare. He seemed to be deep in thought, his head shifted toward the pond. Watching the multiply colored catfish swim along the surface.

Unsure of what to say or to do, Katara slightly fiddled her thumbs, and looked down. "Umm...Zuko?" Katara started to say.

"Is everything alright?" asked the waterbender.

Zuko leaned back against the tree, his eyes focused at the small ripples from the pond.

"Mai and I broke up…" Zuko said stoically.

"Oh…I'm so sorry…" Katara said sincerely. She then walked over and sat down next to him. Her legs neatly folded to the side as her dress fanned out against the grass. She managed to smile lightly.

"Do you want to talk about it? Katara asked softly.

Zuko lowered his head, an awkward silence formed between them. Feeling uneasy, Katara thought it was best if she should just leave Zuko to his thoughts. She started to get up, and then he spoke.

"It wasn't her decision or mine…" Zuko said flatly.

Katara turned her head and looked at him, "Then whose was it?" asked the waterbender.

"It was informed that the Fire Lord is not to be romantically involved with a daughter of a nobleman. Mai's father has taken more of his share in the trade of ruling over beyond his title. Such has he did in Omashu. He might try to use his daughter's position to gain political influence; he could possibly raise a rebellion within the nation. Besides it has also been determined by the council that Mai is unfit to become Fire Lady. Her uncle failed in hiding all the evidence of her crime, thus this is her punishment. Her mother will be arriving within a few days…While he uncle takes trial in court two days from now." Zuko said in a low and depressed voice.

Katara had no idea that it came to that. She felt sorry for Zuko. He couldn't be with the one he loved.

What could she say…was there even anything to say…?

Katara looked down, biting her lower lip. She felt so helpless, she just couldn't think of anything easy to say…Because she knew saying she was sorry wasn't enough…


"Hey there you guys are…come on, everyone is ready, let's hurry, or we'll be late!" Ty Lee said as she then raced off.

Zuko sighed again and stood up, then walked to the main gate. Katara slowly followed.


Her hand rested on the cold metal floor as she lifted her head slowly. Her eyes gleamed a crazied glare as she stood. Pacing herself slowly to the bar handles of her cell. Lightly tracing her fingertips along the sleek metal shaft, "He'll come…He'll save me from this place…heheh…and together we'll rule the world…" Azula whispered wickedly. She then jerked her head back, staring at the dripping water from the outside window. The tiny droplets landed onto the metal frame of her cot. Creating a small sound, drip by drip… "Stop mocking me!" Azula screamed.

Droplets tinkled against the metal, then fell to the ground forming a puddle. With every drop the ringing sound seemed to grow louder to the princess. She covered her ears, "No…Stop it…Stop it! I order you to stop!!" cried out Azula.

Falling to her knees she rocked back and forth, "No…no…no…no…no!" repeated Azula as her words soon turned into muttering nonsense.

On the outer doors of the princess's cell, the two guards looked back. "Is she going off again?" asked one of the men.

"Yea…She goes through them usually around this time…Poor thing just lost it…" said the other guard.

Just then another guard came up to cell, holding a tray of mushy rice and a cup of water. "Is it not a good time to bring her this…?" asked the female guard.

"I'm afraid so…" the first guard said.

"Hm…Don't ya wonder what has gotten her this way…" asked the other guard.

The female guard lowered her head, "I heard from one of the servants who assisted the princess during the time of war, that she soon lost her mind over the pressures and worries of everyone betraying her." The female guard said.

"Hmm…If that's the case then I can somewhat understand…" said the second guard.

"Do you think she'll ever return to normal?" asked the first guard.

"Who knows…Only time can tell…" said the female guard.

The gentle brush of fabric trailed along the crisp grass, as Katara landed on her feet after jumping off Appa. She then noticed three cadres hastily walking up to Zuko. One of the cadres walked up to Zuko lightly whispered to him. Zuko tensed and looked straight ahead walking toward the palace doors, while two of the cadres followed him. The third cadre walked over to the group, "The Fire Lord will be attending a meeting, please go to the dining room, as the Fire Lord's requested." The cadre said firmly.

He then left as quickly as he came, leaving the group in confusion.

'I wonder what that was all about…' thought Katara.

Well that's my first chapter. And as for Mai, I figured her uncle had to have had to pulled some strings, and in the end backfired on Mai's chance for total freedom. It's just something to think about…I hope you enjoyed it so far…And thank you for reading.