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Book 4 Air

Chapter 101 Winter, Spring Summer and Fall

The evening settled over the palace as Katara prepared for bed. She then heard a knock on the door. Walking over, the girl placed her fingers lightly on the handle before opening the door. As soon as it opened the door pushed forward, Katara gasped as she saw the Fire Lord step in roughly as he then embraced the girl. "Zuko?" Katara asked as he then whispered in a low tone.

"I can't blame you for not coming…" Zuko said with a pause as he then spoke in an almost raspy voice. "This is the last I can see you before the ceremony…" Zuko said as he buried his face in her hair.

Katara froze as she then relax in the young man's embrace. "I'm sorry…" Katara said as she hugged him back.

Zuko pulled away as he smiled faintly, "Don't apologize…It's not like he was your father or anything." Zuko said in a humorless tone. Katara lowered her head, "Still…" Katara started to say before she gasped out by Zuko's sudden kiss. He forced his lips against hers, like he was craving to taste her mouth for days. Katara kissed him back as she gripped his robes. Zuko then pulled away as he panted, "I can't stay for long…I'll be looking forward in seeing you tomorrow night." Zuko said as he smiled. Katara smiled back as she then caressed his cheek.

"Sleep well…" Katara said as Zuko took her hand and kissed it lightly, "You too…" Zuko said lovingly as he then turned to the door.

"Goodnight." Zuko said in a formal tone as Katara lowered her head. "Goodnight." The girl said as Zuko then closed the door behind him.

Leaning against the frame Zuko took a deep breath before marching off down the hallway to his bed chambers.

Katara slightly lifted her head as she turned to her bedroom. As she dressed in her night kimono and got into bed, Katara thought about the next day. She would be getting married tomorrow. It was almost a surreal feeling for her.

Katara recalled how in the past she always wondered what her wedding would be like. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would get married in the Fire Nation, much less to someone who was an enemy and now a Fire Lord.

Then Katara remembered in the Makapu village where she had her fortune read by Aunt Wu.

"I feel great romance for you. The man you're going to marry…He's a very powerful bender."

After Aang saved the village from the volcano, Katara thought she was destined to be with Aang. But now, she knew that she was truly happy being with Zuko. It felt right in so many ways, Katara couldn't express them all.

"Aunt Wu's prediction was true…Zuko is a very powerful bender." Katara said to herself as she smiled warmly.

Curling to the side, Katara closed her eyes and sighed peacefully. Soon the waterbender fell fast asleep.

Dawn broke through the rising smoke of the active volcanoes as the sunlight beamed over the kingdom. Staff members and servants were already up early continuing their preparations for the ceremony as the scene drifted to the kitchen. The head chef ordered his trainees to prepare the main courses for the party. Everything from roasted duck to small appetizers, the chefs prepared the food slowly and careful. Allowing the meats to simmer and the cold foods remain fresh.

The hallways were busy with servants as Imperial Ryuan walked out of his bed chamber in the royal family wing. He acknowledged the fellow workers as he walked down to his office in the main hall.

As he entered his office surrounded by books and scrolls, the Imperial took a moment to review the documents for the guests arriving at the ceremony.

Sitting at his desk, Ryuan picked up a bottle with red wine and poured himself a glass.

As he drank the wine, he read through the papers. The list was reasonable. The royal blood nobles and family of the young Water Tribe woman will be arriving for the event. Also other members of the Earth kingdom will be attending such as the noble woman of Goaling, Poppy Bei Fong. The earthbender's mother, Ryuan assumed as he took another drink.

The Kyoshian family will also be coming as an arrangement from the Fire Lord in honor of the Kyoshi warrior, Suki. Ryuan then placed his glass of wine down before reviewing another document.

The list mentioned more people who were invited from the word of the councils. A group of people from both Ember's Island and Fire Fountain City will be attending. The number was at least double than Ryuan was excepting, more than fifty people.

'I'll have to alert the head chef…' Ryuan thought as he added a mental note for a bigger meal plan for the guests. Ryuan then placed the papers down as gazed at the bottle of wine.

"We'll need more wine too." Ryuan said out loud as he poured another glass.

Katara woke up at the sound of tapping on the door. She sat up and called out, "Come in." Katara said in a groggy voice as the door opened. It was Ming and two other servant girls.

They entered and bowed to Katara. "Today you will be attending the bath house and offer room service in the afternoon." Ming said formally as she lifted her head. "We can start you off with some breakfast and then prepare you for the evening." Ming said as Katara nodded her head.

As Katara stood up the servants rushed to her side placing a warm cloak over her shoulders and leading her to the small room where a table was set with a tray of food. As the girl sat down, Ming took the lid off revealing a stack of hot cakes glazed with cinnamon spice and syrup.

A small bowl of fruit was also on the table with a glass of cool milk and orange juice. Katara thanked the servant girls as she took a bite of the pancakes. It was the most delicious breakfast she had ever had. The hot cake was fluffy and warm as the sweet syrup melted in her mouth. Katara continued to eat her meal as the servants respectably waited.

As Katara finished the servants removed the trays while Ming led Katara to change. She opened the closest and pulled out a special robe for the bath house. It was a light material with a light color of pink and maroon.

Ming helped dressed Katara lightly before bowing to her. "Let us escort you, Miss Katara." Ming said as the girl was lead out of her bedroom and down the hall.

Toph opened her eyes and rose from her bed. Her bedroom was a modest guest room with a full size bed and dresser. The color though was Toph's least favorite, a peal pink with different shades in the room. But as least the bed was comfortable, Toph thought as she stood up and walked over to her bathroom. Her hair was in wild tangled and puffed unevenly around her head. She groaned lightly as she started to comb out her hair with a golden brush.

The girl soon became annoyed as she could feel the paced vibrations of the servants hastily walking down and through the hallways. Brushing it aside Toph then walked into her bedroom and undressed. Looking through her dresser she picked out a simple kimono robe of dark red. Once fully dressed, Toph decided to meet up with Aang and the others. As she stepped out of her room a servant bowed to her, "I am sorry, but reservations are to be made if you wish to leave your room." The male servant said as Toph crossed her arms.

"I'm an honored guest in this place…I shouldn't have to have any restrictions." Toph said getting more annoyed with the solution.

"I'm sorry, Miss Bei Fong…Imperial's orders." The servant said as he bowed again before leaving.

Toph sighed as she returned to her bedroom. Looking at the window where rays of sunlight shined onto the mattress, Toph lazily walked over and plopped on her bed lying in the light. Dust particles were seen in the rays as Toph watched them float in the air. Toph then closed her eyes as she enjoyed the warmth.

As two doors opened revealing the bath house, Katara was impressed of the golden koi fish fountain where the servant bowed to the girl. Katara walked up to the chair and sat down. Ming asked her to lower her head back. Katara did so as she felt her hair dip in the warm water behind her.

Two servants then poured oils and other bottles of soaps into the water then combed out Katara's long brown hair while another woman rubbed her scalp. Katara closed her eyes as she loved the treatment she was given. Then four servants stepped in and manicured her nails and then gave her feet a pedicure at the same time. Katara then felt like she was in heaven.

It felt so nice to be so pampered. 'This is just like at the Fancy Lady Day Spa in Ba Sing Se.' Katara thought as she sighed with content.

As the women worked on her whole appearance, Katara sighed again as she smelled the rich oils of nutmeg and ginger.

The view of Katara's bedroom came into sight as the servants walked in and the girl followed lightly. One of the servants pulled out Katara's dancing outfit along with ceremonial cloth in the casket from the closest. Placing them down on the bed, they took it out and unveiled its material; the sight of a corset with a long overskirt was seen. The fabric was a near black red, partly transparent with a black lace designed as rolling flames with golden seams on the bottom. It was a beautiful piece to add to her dress.

Katara smiled as she looked at her complete outfit. It was amazing…

Ming then turned to the girl and spoke softly. "We need to prepare your outfit soon. Turns out some of the measurements need some tweaking." Ming said as she looked at the bust of her dress.

"I'll take this to the head lady of our services. Until then please relax this afternoon, Miss Katara…" Ming said as Katara nodded.

She wanted to offer herself to make the readjustments but it was not her place. Katara bowed her head to the servants, thanking them kindly for their services to her. The servants nodded their heads in respect and honor to the girl's polite words.

As they left, Katara turned to her window and smiled warmly.

The evening settled in quietly as the sun set into the open sea. Nobles and members in green and blue entered to the front gates as they were escorted into the antechamber. The ceremony was almost due as servant hastily entered into the guests' room and prepared them in their new traditional outfits.

Zuko was dressed in his royal robes with hakama pants and silk vest underneath. His golden flame crown gleamed in the candle light as he entered into the back entrance of the ballroom. The room was amazingly mind blowing. A massive golden chandelier was seen above with crystal lights and red diaphanous curtains hanging throughout the ceiling. Ruby stone pillars were planted around the dome like room with fine details of golden flames etched on the bottom. Along the sides were tables serving different arrays of food and drinks.

The center of the dance floor was white marble in a circle with black marble symbol of the Fire Nation's icon. Candles were placed everywhere in the room, from the tables to the walls lighting the room up brightly. A small stage was seen on the side where the musicians were already in place ready to perform music. Zuko was impressed as he stepped on the platform where two high chairs were placed for him and his future bride. Zuko smiled, this was perfect. The Fire Lord thought as he then turned to the crowd of people entering through the front entrance.

(Play the music: Avatar Soundtracks: ScrafDance)

As the music was heard from the drummers Zuko sat in his chair patiently waiting for everyone to arrive. As more guests entered, Zuko spotted his friends slowly making their way in.

He smiled as they saw him and walked up to the area. "Wow, Zuko this is incredible!" Aang said as he then turned to his friends. "Yea, it looks grander than the ballroom in Ba Sing Se!" Sokka said as Zuko thanked the young man.

"Where's Sugar Queen? Isn't she supposed to be here?" Toph asked as Zuko lowered his head.

"She will arrive once we ensure the guests are all present." Zuko said as he then saw Katara's family make their way through the growing crowd. "Ah, Fire Lord Zuko, congratulations again, and thank you for this wonderful ceremony as well." Hakoda said as he formed a respectful bow to the young man.

"I am glad you and your family could make it, Chief Hakoda of the Water Tribe." Zuko said as he stood up and bowed back. Hakoda then smiled as he spoke in a deep tone. "Enough of the formalities…Just call me Dad." Hakoda said as he laughed a heartful chuckle before turning to Sokka. "Now I guess you have the brother you always wanted, uh Sokka?" Hakoda said to the young man as he then laughed as his father wrapped his arm over the boy's shoulder.

Zuko smiled at the warm family scene. He always respected Katara and Sokka's father and admire the love he offered to his children and tribe. He was an honorable man.

Just then a soft voice was heard as they turned to see Ursa bowing deeply to the group. "Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe, it is a pleasure to meet you." The woman said softly as Hakoda gazed at Ursa.

"My pleasure is all mine…" Hakoda said as he took the woman's hand and kissed it lightly.

"Gran-Gran! Pakku!" Sokka exclaimed as he saw the couple walk up to the children. "I see you've all grown since I've last seen you." Pakku said in a serious tone as the children smiled.

As the group got some drinks and samples of the food, a gong was heard as it echoed in the room.

The crowd grew quiet as the cue was sent for the doors to open. A figure was seen entering slowly and gracefully. Zuko was in awe as he saw Katara walk into the room.

Her hair was in a complex bun with peals laced in her hair loopies. Deep red lipstick painted her lips as her bright blue eyes shined. Her outfit was stunning as she continued to awe the crowd.

Zuko then rose from his chair as he slowly made his way to the girl. Each step felt like a mile to the young man as he reached the beautiful young woman at last. Taking her hand, he neatly kissed the top of her hand before bowing deeply. Katara blushed as she then bowed in return. Two servants then entered the center of the floor and removed their outer robes and dress. The dance was going to begin! Everyone patiently watched as the musicians started to play their song.

(Play music: El tango de Roxanne - Instrumental version)

Forming into their stances, Zuko and Katara started their performance. Bending her knee forward as Zuko bent his back, the two spun in a circle as they looked into each other's eyes.

A loud stomp echoed with Zuko's boot as he arched back while Katara folded her leg over his then tapped quickly before running her hands down his chest. Turning her head slightly, Katara then back away as Zuko grabbed her wrist, her head jerked as her hair swayed to the side.

They never turned their gaze at one another as they continued to dance along the floor.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Zuko lowered his head near her neck as she rubbed her leg up his thigh.

The air was thick as everyone held their breaths at the passionate display.

Zuko then twirled Katara quickly as she then moved away from him. Their steps were hard, pounding into the marble as Katara turned to Zuko. Gracefully folding back as she caressed her hand over his cheek before turning around. Zuko snaked his hands to her sides before up her stomach. Her head tilted back as her eyes closed. The connection to the two had was clearly seen as Katara then stomped out.

Her heels tapped along the floor as she then held Zuko's hand. Zuko then led her forward as they spun together in the circle.

Katara turned her head again posing her head up to her forehead before she was spun again and then in the young man's arms.

His hands guided down her body in an intimate fashion before he then took her almost roughly and lowered her down. Her hair flung back as she bent her knees and let Zuko lead her. Again she stomped her feet over his knee then they danced together encircling the area.

As the music came to close, Zuko spun her once before he then held her close and lifted her leg up his waist. Katara leaned in; her lips barely caressed his mouth.

Tilting his head down, he nuzzled lightly before she pulled away from him. Katara then spun quickly as Zuko held out his hand. Grabbing her forward, she then bent down on one knee gazing up at him as he gazed down at her and the music stopped. A moment of silence was heard before a loud wave of clapping echoed in the room.

A break was announced as Katara was taken into the back room to change into her wedding dress. A beautiful white kimono with a red sash and golden head dress, it fit perfectly over the girl's form as she stood up and smiled.

Once out in the ballroom again she heard the compliments from the guest whisper throughout the room as she made her way to the two chairs were Zuko was seen.

Already in his royal robes, Zuko smiled at he saw the young woman. Before Katara had a chance to sit down, Zuko stood and called out. "Before we continue the wedding. I have an announcement to make." Zuko said as he then turned to Katara.

"I know it was sudden when we were engaged and I never had a real chance to properly purpose so." Zuko said as he pulled out a slender box and bent on one knee. "Katara Tao of the Southern Water Tribe. Will you be with me till the day I die?" Zuko asked as he opened the box showing a purple betrothal necklace with a deep craving of a wave and flame encircling each other like a yin and yang symbol. Katara was completely taken back at the Fire Lord's offer.

The choker was so beautiful and meant for much to her. Shaking lightly, the girl nodded her head excitedly. "Y-yes!" Katara said as tears whelmed up in her eyes. Zuko smiled as he stood up and placed the necklace on her.

Gran-gran smiled with approval as she held Pakku's hand warmly. The scene then moved to Katara and Zuko as he kissed her sweetly.

After the proposal the ceremony continued as the councils spoke the royal vows to the couple and announced their engagement final.

"You may now kiss the bride." Lo and Li said as Zuko leaned in kissing Katara lovingly.

The scene drifted to all of the families joined in the dining room enjoying roast duck with other choices of rice, pork, fruit, and soups. Everyone was laughing and happy for the new married couple.

Hakoda turned his attention to Ursa as he told her a funny joke. The woman laughed lightly and smiled back at the handsome man.

The scene drifted to Suki feeding Sokka a dumpling and giggling. Then to Aang and Toph laughing and teasing Katara as she pouted then laughed heartfully. Azula was seen talking to one of the guests Chan the son of one of the admirals. He seemed more laid back as he continued to say he couldn't believe she was the princess. She flirted with him as he chuckled.

The scene then moved to Zuko holding Katara's hand as they smiled at one another. As the group finished their meals and people started to leave. Zuko and Katara left the dining room and ran their suite.

Katara giggled as they entered the room. "Here we are…My wife." Zuko said in a husky voice as he held Katara in his arms. "Yes, here we are…My husband." Katara said lovingly as she kissed him. Zuko kissed her back with deep passion as they started to head to the bed.

As they lay on the bed, Zuko looked down at her and spoke softly. "Are you nervous?" Zuko asked as Katara shook her head. "No." Katara said as she then spoke softly. "Take me Zuko…Make me yours" Katara said in a low almost pleading voice as Zuko leaned in and kissed deeply as his hand rested on her right breast.

Zuko then hovered over her as their kisses became almost frantic. Sitting up, Zuko then removed his robe before looking down at the girl before him. She looked so innocent. Zuko then realized he didn't want their first time to be quick and wild. He wanted it to be slow and romantic…

Slowly Zuko relax as he rubbed his hand up her thigh. Katara cried out as she blushed. Her body was getting hot as his hand rested on her stomach before she felt him kissing down her arms then carefully removing the top of her dress. As her breasts were exposed Katara gasped out as Zuko admired her body. "Agni…You're so beautiful…" Zuko said as he leaned down and took her dark chocolate nipple into his mouth. Katara whimpered out as she squirmed underneath him.

Caressing her other breast with his free hand, Zuko nibbled lightly on her peaked flesh. Katara cried out as he moved lower, kissing down her body. "Z-Zuko!" Katara cried out as she felt his hair caress her lower area as he then removed her bindings one strand at a time.

Katara titled her head to the side as she blushed when she was now fully exposed to the young man. Zuko held his breath before lowered his head to her lips. He kissed her lightly before moving down her body again. Katara moaned as his wet kisses trailed down her naval.

Reaching her soft womanhood, Zuko lightly guided his tongue over her nub. Katara cried out as he then rubbed the outer layers of herself. Pulling back the folds, the sight of pink was seen. Zuko's mouth watered as he instinctive lowered his head before swallowing, he dived into her. Katara gasped out as she arched her back. His quick movements were amazing as Katara moaned out.

Zuko continued as he loved her soft cries of pleasure. Zuko then pulled away as he licked his lips.

She was so wet, it was driving him crazy. The sweet salty taste of her body made Zuko want her more. He then pulled away his trousers as Katara looked up at him. She blushed deeply then shut her eyes. "It's too big!" Katara said as she squirmed from the sight of his manhood.

Zuko smirked as he leaned forward, "It may hurt at first…" Zuko said as Katara nodded her head.

Zuko then leaned forward, hovering over the dark skinned girl as he slowly entered into her. Katara cried out in pain as she gripped his shoulders. Zuko grunted at her tightness as he dove deeper inside her. Finally hitting the base, Zuko then pulled out as she whimpered before he thrusted back in. After he got a pace, Zuko thrusted into her and her whimpering cries of pain soon turned in moans of pleasure. The two lovers moaned as their bodies became one. Zuko continued to rock inside her before he felt her build up and cry out.

"Ahh! I'm coming…Oh La! Zuko!" Katara cried out as her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.

Zuko panted as he leaned in kissing her neck. Katara wrapped her arms around him. Their bodies fit perfectly against each other as Zuko continued to thrust into her. Katara's moan soon turned into screams of pleasure as Zuko moaned out her name. As Zuko came close to his orgasm he pulled back lifting Katara up as she then rocked against him quickly. They kissed passionately as sweat dripped down their bodies and sweet scent of their love-making hung in the air. The smell of spice and lavender filled their noses as Zuko moaned into their kiss.

Zuko then fell back as Katara lay on top of him panting. Katara then lifted her head as she smiled.

"That was amazing…" Katara said as Zuko smiled. "Yea…" the young man said as he closed his eyes. Katara then moved to the side and embraced him. The couple then relaxed as Zuko then spoke out before falling into slumber. "I love you." Zuko said as Katara held him close, "I love you too…" Katara said as she too fell asleep.


"The battle between the Golden Dragon and the God of Fire was a fierce one indeed." A voice said as three children surrounded an old man.

"The woman who loved Agni couldn't bear to see him get hurt. So she jumped into the battle. The powerful claw of the dragon and the fiery flame of Agni struck her at once causing her to fall to the ground." Iroh said the children in an animated display. The two older children gasped as Iroh then continued. Agni was so torn of the lost of his love, he sent the Golden Dragon into the gates of Hell. But the dragon's obsession with the hime was so strong he took her soul with him. Agni was all alone, out of rage and despair the Fire God could have destroyed the whole island. But instead he fell into a deep sleep inside the volcanoes waiting for the day his love will return to him." Iroh said as one of the children asked how he would know.

Iroh then took a small biwa instrument and played a small tune. "There is a song in tribute to their love. It is said if you sing it loud enough. You can hear the God cry out her name…" Iroh said as he then sang the song to the three children.

"Four seasons…Four loves. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Four seasons…Four loves…" Iroh sang as a woman walked in. "Children supper is ready." The woman said as the three children cheered and left the room. Katara then laughed lightly, "General Iroh, why do you insist on telling them that story every year?" the woman said as the old man smiled.

"Because, my dear Katara. It is a universal story that should be known." Iroh said as Katara laughed lightly. "I see…Well then shall we join the children and my husband?" Katara said as Iroh nodded his head.

"Yes…But first I wouldn't mind for some tea…" Iroh said as the two left the room. The scene then backed away showing the Fire Nation palace.

-The End-

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