This is my first fan fic. The first couple of chapters may be a little slow but I feel that a good exposition leads to a good story, like Harry Potter, the first book is a little slow, but it lays out the foundation for the rest of the series.

Bella moves to Seattle to live with Charlie and give Renee her newlywed space and catches the eye of Edward Cullen, king of the campus while trying out for the swim and dive team, turns out she is more graceful in the water than on land.

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"You sure about this Bells? I can always call Renee, I know she would have a ticket ready for you to go, hell, she might already have one waiting." Charlie chuckled, more to himself than me knowing how hard a time my mom was going to have getting used to life with out me while he threw my bags into the trunk of his car.

"No, Ch-Dad, I made up my mind I am staying. Renee and Phil need time to get used to each other with out a pesky kid getting in the middle of things. Besides…I…well…I guess I kind of missed you, you know." I said blushing and staring straight out the window. Heart felt moments were not a normal thing for me or Charlie for that matter, I could see a slow blush creep up his cheeks as well to my awkward confession out of the corner of my eye. I cleared my throat and went back to looking out the passenger side window, but soon felt Charlie's hand grab mine.

"Me too, Bells, me too." He said softly and squeezed my hand. This was as touchy feely as we got while we both stared out our respective windows trying to tame the blush and awkwardness of the moment.

We were soon out of exit traffic from Sea-Tac International airport and on our way to Charlie's house in rural Seattle. Technically he lived in Lake Forest Park, a boring place that was named tree capital of the country or some-such when I googled it back in Phoenix.

"Its so green?!" I said out loud to myself. I heard Charlie chuckling at my exclamation;

"It gets that way with all the rain, I guess that two things you'll have to get used to huh?" he said teasingly.

"Unfortunately." The rest of the trip was quiet and uneventful until we got a few blocks away from Charlie's house…home.

"So I know you were thinking about buying a car..." he stared, looking at me out of the corner of his eye,

"Yes, it's better if I don't have to rely on you to get to and from school." Especially since you only have the cruiser, I amended to myself. Nothing slows traffic down more than a police car. "Why?"

"Well I found something that I think you'll like. Really, it's a pretty great find." He said, shifting in his seat.

"What kind of car?" I asked, suspicious, he was too fidgety.

"Well it's more a truck really…"

"More a truck or it is a truck."

"It is a truck, and it's really nice, runs great."

"And how old is this truck?" He shot a glance at me out the corner of his eye before continuing and I knew this is the point he was hoping to glaze over.

"Well the motors been worked on so it's practically like new. You remember Billy Black? I got it from him, his sons a mechanic type, really good." He said with a nod of his head.

"When was the truck new, Ch-Dad? You know I can't afford to have it fixed if something goes wrong with it."

"I'd say in the late 50's early 60's…" he trailed off.

"Seriously?!" it was all I could say. He bought me a truck. He wants me to be happy. Don't throw a bitch fit, you can cry later. That was my mantra for the remaining minutes of the car ride until we turned the final corner and pulled up to the house, nestled in a stand of trees.

There it was. Sitting at the curb of Charlie's 2 story house. It was red, obviously faded, there was a little rust around the edges of the door panels and the bed, but it was love at first sight. It had a rounded front end, definitely an older model, one of those solid affairs that would be left standing with maybe some chipped paint after demolishing whatever import it ran into on the road. I took my carry on inside before making my way out to my new truck. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really loved this truck after sliding in the seat. The upholstery was a little worn, has a smell like cinnamon and tobacco, which I attributed to the air freshener and the former owner respectively. After adjusting my mirrors I started the truck and jumped a little as it roared to life. One small flaw in an otherwise perfect vehicle, I can deal with that.


"I am taking the morning off work Bells, and you should get up if you want to get to school a little early." Charlie said after knocking on my bedroom door.

After showering and getting dressed I went down stairs for pop tarts and a glass of milk. Charlie was sitting at the table reading the paper with a cup of coffee next to him.

"So are you ready to start school?" he asked, there was something playful in his tone and I quirked my head to the side appraising him.

"As I'll ever be. I googled the school district, seems like they have OK stats here." I said shrugging, "As long as they have a swim team I don't really care where I go," I said taking a bite of my chocolate pop tart. "So when do schools around here start?" I asked between bites.

"Around here, I'd say about 8," he said shrugging. I looked at the clock on the stove, 6:30 am.

"So why on earth are we up and ready to go an hour and a half before school starts?" I asked, a little aggravated that I couldn't get to sleep longer, it was hard to fall asleep last night, what with the rain and wind blowing into the side of the house and rattling my window.

"Well there's going to be paperwork to fill out and a brief tour of campus I think. And you have to get settled in."

"How settled do I need to be, I get a locker that probably wont work right and a map of the school. What am I going to be anyway? A Highlander or a Thunderbird?" I asked pausing on the bottom stair.

"Actually you are going to be a Vamp." Charlie said simply, taking a drink from his steaming mug.

"What? I don't remember anything about…Vamps? The Shorline website only had Shorewood and Shorecrest listed." I said, confusion written across my face, Charlie just chuckled to himself a little shaking his head..

"Bells, didn't Renee tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"You aren't going to go to public school this year. You are going to go to Meyer" he said it like he was waiting for me to smack my forehead and say 'Oh ya! I forgot, silly me.'

"Wait…what? What's that?"

"It's a private school that focuses on the arts and academics, really big on extra curriculars, like swimming." He paused there giving me an appraising look. "You know you are ranked nationally?" he asked me; he beamed when he said that. His smile was deep and genuine and I could see the man that my mother fell in love with in that moment.

"Yeah, Coach mentioned something about that when I told him I was moving." I said offhandedly, still shocked. Something was nagging at the back of my mind "So when you say get settled…"

"I mean you will be staying on campus. I can't believe Renee didn't tell you. She was so excited. Said I finally 'did right by you' or some crap like that." He said aggravation flashing across his eyes as he quoted my airhead mom.

"So I wont be staying with you?" I asked in a small voice. Charlie cleared his throat, this was getting way too close to emotional for both of us.

"Well, no, not that I don't want you to, you get to come home for Christmas and summer though, and thanksgiving. And hell close enough for the weekends too I guess…I just," he started, getting out of his chair and making his way over to me. "I just want you to have the best, baby," he said awkwardly as he put his arm around my shoulder and nudged me to sit on the step with him. "You know that I can't offer much here, what with me being at work so long every day, and fishing every weekend. It's an opportunity that presented itself for you and I took it. I have such a good feeling about this, Bells. And you are allowed to bring a vehicle as long as you retain your GPA and are a junior or senior." The way he said it, I could tell he was really excited for this. I agreed to go and found myself in my truck following Charlie the half hour it would take to get to campus.

As I pulled up I was in awe. This looked more like a college campus to me than a high school. I had been to Arizona State University once, for a school field trip, and this was almost comparable to that. If it weren't for the Meyer institute of the Arts and Academics sign I would have thought Charlie was taking me to Washington State. The campus was elegant with brick buildings and ivy. As we pulled up to the front office building I saw a very handsome blond man walk up to my father's cruiser. I got out of my truck and walked over to them, where Charlie very enthusiastically introduced me to my new head master. I snorted a little when Charlie said that. I immediately blushed.

"Isabella, hello, a pleasure to meet you. I am Carlisle Cullen. As your father said I will be your new head master," said the handsome blond man, waiting to take my hand in his,

"…head master?" I replied questioningly shaking his hand and trying to stifle the giggle that was threatening to break free.

"Yes, I get a fancier title than principal because the parents pay for their kids to go here or some nonsense like that, I think It makes them feel better for dropping the cash as quickly as they do for their kids to have a head master," he said laughingly but it made my heart constrict a little. Charlie didn't have a lot of extra cash, being a police chief in a city like Lake Forrest Park didn't pay that well for all the hours he worked. Charlie noticed my somber expression and put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's ok Bells, it's all taken care of," he said smiling brightly at me again as we walked to the head masters office.

"School normally starts at 8 but today is just a settling in day for you. You will start classes tomorrow." Head Master Cullen (HMC) was saying, well that's a relief I thought to myself and nodded my head a little for him to continue. After informing me of all campus rules and having Charlie and I sign a dozen papers that made me wonder if I wasn't inadvertently signing over my first born, we were lead back outside to gather my things and make our way to the dorm. I was surprised to see the head master had a golf cart waiting for us, but he laughed and said it was easier than walking the whole way with all the bags we had. I was to be staying in Mathews Hall one of the Co-Ed dorms. Some were boys or girls only according to how parents felt but as I was starting so late in the year I really didn't mind where I was as long as I had a respectful roommate. The dorm was really nice, HMC, as I started calling him in my head, was telling me how lucky I was there was an opening here because it was the nicest dorm on the campus, one of the schools former students now a famous ballerina or something donated enough money to have new housing put in.

First hour classes had just started when we made it to the 9th floor. I was told that the dorms here were apartment style which meant that there were 2 rooms and a common area, kitchenette and bathroom. He said that they try to keep the rooms to one person each but in some cases rooms had to be shared. I was lucky enough to get a room to myself as the former tenant was expelled for something HMC couldn't discuss openly. We walked all the way to the end of the hall to a room labeled 902, which was right next to the stairwell. HMC used a key card and punched a code into the lock on the door, which looked like something that should be on a hotel room or a computer lab to make sure only authorized people get in. I arched an eyebrow in silent question at that.

"You can never be too careful my dear. Your safety is our priority." He chuckled a little, I'm sure it was as the look of incredulity that must have been etched across my face. I was to be in 902A and my suite mate would be in 902B. I dropped my bags on the bed on looked around, I had a desk, a double bed, a dresser, and a walk in closet all to myself, the room was big enough to hold another desk, bed (if they were both twins) and dresser, but I was lucky enough to not to have to share the bedroom with a stranger. I went back to the living area where there was a couch and a table with 4 chairs. The "kitchen" actually has a fridge, smaller than the ones in your house, but still full sized, and a stove-top oven. There were cabinets and a sink.

"I wonder how much that ballerina chick gave…this is serious shit." I wondered out loud, my comment was met by a silvery laugh and Charlie's gentle chuckle. I turned around a blushed again.

"Yes, it is pretty serious, which is why we had you sign all those forms in my office. You are contractually obligated to ensure that this housing provided to you stays in the shape it was in when you arrived. I have a paper for you to fill out stating any damage that was here when you arrived." He said giving me a turquoise colored paper. "Also, I wanted to talk to you one of the other papers you signed. I noticed you weren't really paying attention, and I don't mind," he said after noticing my blush again. "This is a lot to take in, especially since you weren't prepared. One of those forms was an acceptance letter."

"Acceptance?" I asked, slightly confused.

"Yes you accepted entrance into this school and in signing agreed to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA and attend all practices or meets for any sports you become involved in. Your scholarship is based on that." he said it so offhandedly, like one would do when talking about the weather.

"Scholarship?!" Now I was just plain lost, they both just stared at me with amused expressions, while HMC explained.

"Yes, your school transcripts were faxed over as well as a letter of recommendation from both your swim coach and your English teacher, she also sent us a sampling of your essays, I must admit we were all quite impressed. This scholarship is based on merit and you deserve it."

"WE? How much?" Was all I could ask, looking from HMC to Charlie.

"We being the collective 'they' you will most likely hear the students talking about. The school has a council of tenured teachers that decides various things, scholarships being one, and as I am headmaster I get final say." he said shrugging. I then looked pointedly at Charlie.

"All of it" he said simply.

"What?" it came out in a gush of air, like a shouted whisper.

"As long as you keep your grades up and participate 100 percent at swim, which I am sure you will make, the scholarship covers your total cost here." He said beaming at me, you would have thought he won a million bucks with that smile.

"…um…ok?" I was so mixed up at the moment; I didn't have enough time to process everything that was being said.

"Miss Swan, why don't we start the tour now and then you and Charlie can eat lunch in the cafeteria." HMC said as he opened the door. "The walk should help clear your thoughts."

"Yeah, I am kind of hungry, seeing as how I was woken up so da-rn early." I had to catch myself, I was pretty sure the Head Master wouldn't take so kindly to my swearing a second time around.


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