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Toshirou and Karin stared at the typically popular girl standing before them. She was Sunako Ai Kokoro. Sure, her name meant 'love' or 'heart' or whatever but from years of experience, she had none.

"Toshirou-kun," she said, shyly, looking up at him, her purple eyes giving him a puppy-dog look with her perfect curly, blonde hair shining in the sun. "Would you like to come to the mall with me and my friends after school?" she asked, gesturing to her two friends giggling two meters behind her.

Karin's body turned stiff, Toshirou could feel it and he stole a glance at her. She thought it was rude but decided not to say anything, testing him. He smirked, seeing through what she was doing and pushed her forward.

"This is Karin. She's the one giving me the bruises on my neck." He said shamelessly and he tugged his shirt collar down to reveal two red marks actually being Hollow scratches. Kokoro's eyes widened and her face turned red. She whispered a stammering apology before she ran away.

Karin turned around to face Toshirou, an angry glare carved in her features. He merely smirked and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Happy?"


this is my second fic, first for Bleach. please, please don't be too harsh but tell me if i can improve on anything. though, i think it's too short to actually tell.