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Toushirou frowned at the letter in his hand. What was that even supposed to mean? His usual glare lightened and turned into a look of confusion.

Matsumoto and Hinamori had spent the past three minutes staring at him as his teal eyes roamed over the paper.

"Matsumoto, I'm going out," he muttered, slipping his haori on.

That statement brought out raised eyebrows. Hitsugaya-taichou only took lunch breaks outside of his office five times a month, if ever so it wasn't likely that he could just skip out on all the paperwork like he was doing at that very moment.

"Taichou, where are you going?" Matsumoto asked. She lounged on the couch, stealing a glance at all the work he had left on his desk.

He ignored the question. "At least do the pile on the left," he sighed, stepping out and closing the door behind him.

"Goodbye, Shirou-chan!" Hinamori called loudly. He didn't say anything and walked on. Something was definitely up.

"Did he leave it?" Matsumoto stood up and looked around the desk anxiously. Hinamori held up a sheet that had been lying on a particularly short pile of papers with a triumphant grin.

Two pairs of eyes skimmed over it. Matsumoto finished first. A smile spread over her face as she began to take all of the paperwork on the desk into her arms while Hinamori read on. It was okay for her to do some work after all, considering the conditions.

"Momo, I think you're going to have to help me with all of this. He might be back very late."

Hinamori smiled and nodded, folding the letter and slipping it into a drawer. "Yes, Rangiku-san, I think so too."




Too short? I keep trying to find ways to make it longer but I guess I'm not cut out for that sort of stuff. *sigh* One more chapter left unless anyone wants me to continue past that or request or something. Any suggestions for the letter N?