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Silent Protector

So, it is said

Though death I do not dread,

To live by the sword is to die by it.

Yet here I sit,

By dark or light,

By day or night.

Watching, waiting,

Your friends and foes anticipating.

I will ever protect you from harm the rest of my days

In all my deadly ways.

It is not for Him

I will do this,

Though he does control me.

It is for you,

Dear Sara,

To whom

I owe my allegiance, my devotion.

Me, who claims to know no emotion

Save this one.

You who wield the Witchblade,

I will obey to my dying day.

My devotion to you is complete,

My help you need never seek

For it is there,

Anytime, anywhere.

My Sword and my arm are yours for the taking.

There is no mistaking

The past lives we have shared.

Yes, Lady Sara, I do indeed care.

You need have no fear.I am here, my Beloved Lady, my Wielder dear.

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