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Chapter 11

I didn't want to open my eyes. I felt the presens of the person I loved most. I didn't want my dream to end even though I knew something was wrong. Her smell was so real and alive and so close... could it be real? Slowly I opened my eyes and what I saw surprised me. Jenks, Ceri and Keasley were standing at the end of the bed. I still felt Rachel next to me so I looked. Her arm was draped around me and her head was so close that I could feel her breath. How could I ever think that this wasn't real.

"Ivy! You're awake!" Janks said.

"We have been so worried!. Rachel didn't leave you're side for two whole day's!"

I looked at her and smiled.

"She must have been so tired. Don't wake her."

I saw a glitch of worry cross Keasley's face and Jenks dropped a few inches. Ceri turned and walked out saying something about thee. And I looked at Rachel again. A rush of panic went through me and I started shaking her.

"Rachel! Wake up! Rachel... Come on... Please wake up..."

I couldn't stop myself. There was something wrong.

"What is wrong!" I said it with a demanding voice. My vamp pheromones brought fear to the faces of Keasley and Jenks but I couldn't hold myself. Before they knew it or could react, I jumped out of bed and stood before Keasley. Then there was a white flash and I felt myself flying through the room and landing against the wall. I saw Keasley standing there with his hand held out and I realised that he had used magic against me. My anger turned into sadness, and before I knew it I felt tears running down my cheeks. I couldn't stop them. All the emotions I had kept from everyone came out. I felt Jenks landing on my shoulder and the soft touch of Ceri's hand. Keasley's steady voice said that I shouldn't lose hope. And after a while my tears stopped and I looked up. Ceri was sitting next to me and she handed me a cup of thee. I would have preferred coffee but this would do. I took small sips and felt myself calm down. Ceri gave me a cookie and I tasted the Brimstone. I had a flashback to a dream and couldn't help but smile.

"You and Rachel are both drugged with ABS."

The moment Ceri said it I froze. The cookie stayed in mid air between my lips, as I was about to get an other bite.

"That isn't possible! They took the drug out!"

Keasley came closer and sat down on a chair that was brought in from the kitchen.

"Can you explain it then? Every symptom?"

I was thinking and thinking but I couldn't come up with anything. Could he be right. Why on earth would they use that drug on us if they still wanted to use us. They must have known what it would do to us and what it would do to there plans. I wasn't sure about there answer to the riddle that surrounded us. I wasn't sure about anything anymore. I let my gaze go to Rachel, and realised on that moment that I knew one thing. And that was that Rachel defines my existence. She might not realise it yet, but I was quite sure that I meant the same for her. I needed to believe that for my own piece of mind.

"The attacks are coming to quickly!" I had said it before I thought it through but it made no sense. The drug worked slow. It would attack our mind and then our body. Having strange dreams weren't on the symptom list. I was sure of that. I spook my mind and Keasley and Ceri sat back and started thinking. Not knowing what we had was scary, but putting a tag on it because a few points were checked didn't ad up. Jenks flew back in and I wondered where he had gone.

"So... are you calm? You look calm..."

I only looked at him. He was anxious, I could feel it.

"So I went to the zoo and guess what I found...?"

My eyes locked with his and a faint smile curved his lips.

"What did you find Jenks?" I wasn't the only one waiting for an answer. Ceri was sitting straight up and keasley was slowly passing through the room.

"I found one of the darts... but it was to big to bring it to the church so I hid it. I figured you could do some mojo and try to find out what kind of drug it was..."

"Jenks! You are a brilliant." I was getting up from the floor but it was Ceri's voice that stopped me from leaving the room.

"I will go with you Jenks! Ivy I know you want to go but you could pass out... something might happen."

I wanted to protest and walk out, but she had a point. I looked at Rachel and nodded an okay. They all left the room leaving me alone with Rachel. I crawled on the bed so I could sit next to Rachel. She looked beautiful. I didn't know what to do but I had a great urge to touch her. I knew that I shouldn't... but she looked so irresistible. For a moment my hand hovered above her cheek and then gently brushed away a string of hair. It was only a moment later that I saw

myself in the reflexion of her stunning eyes...

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