Jasper's eyes came to rest on Edward's lithe frame once more. He couldn't quite comprehend the younger vampire's feelings, a mix of sadness, passion, denial. It was the denial that unsettled him the most for it had joined the mix only a few days ago and strangely it made Jasper feel as if Edward was denying him.

He just couldn't put his finger on what had made Edward make this decision. Jasper vividly remembered the smiling Edward who had gently whispered his name and drawn him into a tight embrace that had practically screamed 'I'll never let you go'.

Edward had gone from hot to cold over night, avoiding his eyes, avoiding his touch, avoiding him altogether without as much as an explanation or a word of goodbye if it was that the younger vampire's coldness meant.

The day Edward first showed up at home with the human girl whose enticing scent had Jasper constantly swallowing back the venom burning up his throat, he finally understood. Finally understood the sudden reluctance to look at him, to even acknowledge him. Jasper guessed it was the smell and the fragility he knew he could never offer the other vampire that had drawn him away and to this girl.

But Jasper knew that this hadn't been goodbye because as long as he had strength, unbreakable skin, immortality to offer there was still something Edward would feel drawn to, something the breakable, weak, mortal girl couldn't give him as long as she was still human.

So Jasper kept his distance and revelled in Edward's feelings of denial for they told him all he had to know. That no matter how much distance there was between them, Edward still wanted him.