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This world… unbeknownst to many people contains two halves. On one side there is the world we humans live in. On the other half is a world that can't be reached on foot… the Crimson World. The Crimson World has denizens that cross over into our world for a purpose. These denizens lack a major tool one that can only come from humans… Power of Existence! However, by taking away Power of Existence the humans would immediately become nonexistent, and as the existence constantly continue to be taken away the world would eventually be distorted.

Guardians of the Crimson Lords… Weapons of the Crimson Lords… humans that wanted retribution against the Crimson Denizens and gained powers by giving their entire existences to being the containers of crimson lords, Flame Hazes!

Although the Flame Hazes rose to do battle with these denizens, the denizens will always be an opposition against them. The Flame Hazes repaired the damages by the Denizens by making torches, to slow down the rate of distortion. And myself, a torch that at first thought I would lose my existence after a while learned of the treasure within me… Reiji Maigo, a treasure with the ability to replenish my power of existence at midnight.

My path crossed with a Flame Haze with flaming-hair and blazing-eyes. The Flame Haze that I named Shana. Together we've managed to stop a number of denizens we've crossed paths with but today...

Shakugan no Shana: The Crimson

Chapter 1: A New Challenge

Yuji and Shana walked outside of Yuji's house and headed for their usual training spot.

"You know we haven't had to battle for a while, it kind of makes me uneasy." Yuji said.

"You make a good point." Alastor's voice came from Shana's pendant. "There haven't been any attacks against us from any of the Crimson Lords that make up the Bal Masque. It's possible that they're using this time to carefully strategize their plan."

"Makes sense since their last plan didn't work out." said Yuji.

"We'll need to keep on our guard, they could strike at anytime." Alastor replied. They both nodded.

"So do you have an idea what Bal Masque could be planning?" asked Yuji

"We're not so sure about that yet, however it seems that their plans always seem to revolve around the Reiji Maigo so we already know there's a high possibility that they'll be coming after you." said Alastor.

"So I'll be their target…" thought Yuji.

Shana looked over at Yuji. "Are you worried about them coming after you?" she asked him.

"No, after all when that time comes we'll battle them together right?" he said

"Uh…yeah!" said Shana turning away with a blush on her face.

They arrived at their training spot near the lake. Shana set up a Fuzetsu and they had a sparring session with wooden poles.

Shana started with a diagonal strike, Yuji parried her strike and tried to counter but Shana was too quick and kicked him in his stomach causing him to fall on the ground. Shana swung down at him and Yuji blocked with his pole. He pushed forward causing her to jump back and charged in with a horizontal slash but Shana moved quickly and managed to knock the pole out of his hands. She released the Fuzetsu. "You're improving on your swordsmanship, at the moment it seems that you may have some difficulty facing a close ranged opponent so we'll be working on that next time." she said.

A seal appeared on the ground and the surroundings once again became crimson. Yuji looked at Shana confused. "Why did you use Fuzetsu again?" he asked.

Shana transformed and materialized her night coat. She pulled out her sword ready to fight. "We're not alone." she said looking over at Yuji.

"The Flaming-Haired Blazing Eyed Hunter…" a voice said.

"Who said that?" asked Shana

A kid that looked to be about sixteen years old appeared in front of them. He had black hair and was wearing all black. A sword was strapped to his back.

"I finally get to meet the Flaming-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter," The boy smiled.

"My name is Shana!" she answered.

"Shana huh, my name's Ichiro and I've come to challenge the Flaming-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter. I want to see if you're truly as good as your reputation claims you are."

Yuji reached for his bookmark containing Blutsauger but the boy quickly noticed this and appeared next to Yuji grabbing his arm and preventing him from summoning his sword. "Not quick enough mystes, now don't interfere with my battle, I want a fair battle between me and the contractor for the Flame of Heaven," Ichiro said.

"Yuji! Let go of him!" Shana shouted. "He's fast I didn't even notice him move." She thought.

"I'll let the mystes go as long as he doesn't interfere with our battle." Ichiro said.

"Yuji…it's alright I'll fight him." said Shana.

"Are you sure Shana?" he asked. She noticed the concerned look on Yuji's face and nodded. Ichiro let go of Yuji's arm.

"A wise choice..." Ichiro pulled out a sword with a blade that was completely black. "Are you ready Shana?"

Shana nodded and got into her battle stance. "Before we start there's something I want to know." she said.

Ichiro nodded. "Very well, what do you wish to know?" he asked.

"You're a flame haze, aren't you?" Shana asked him.

"I was trying to suppress my presence. I'm surprised that you were able to detect me." Ichiro smiled. Crimson red flames circled around his body.

"Your container picks up on things quickly Alastor." A woman's voice said from Ichiro's headband.

"Alastor do you know them?" Shana asked him.

"I know the Crimson Lord, the Empress of Battle, Seraphyne. However, I did not know that she had made a contract with someone." answered Alastor.

"Now's not the time for talking, we came to fight." Seraphyne answered sternly.

"That's right so prepare yourself Shana!" Ichiro told her.

Both of them charged towards each other, swinging their swords simultaneously.

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