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Chapter 1 A Tragic Move

Veritas Academy was the best private school that money could buy, and only the best was provided to the godson of Sirius Black. Harry tried not to resent being pulled from public school and being forced to leave his home and his friends, but he couldn't quite contain his negative feelings from his godfather.

"Harry, don't look so glum. This will be an adventure!" he told him excitedly.

"Right," was all Harry gave in dull reply.

Sirius pulled the boy against him and ruffled his ebony hair. "I know this is hard, kid, with your parents… and then having to uproot and come live with me, but we'll get through this together. Okay?"

It wasn't really a matter of getting through it together, or else Harry wouldn't be shipping off to boarding school all alone. He tried not to dwell on it though. Sirius was only doing what he thought was best… and what Remus had pressured him to do.

Harry nodded just to keep Sirius from continuing. He loved his godfather, he loved all of his parent's friends, but still it was Sirius he liked best, and he didn't want to disappoint him any further. Sirius had lost someone too. At least that was what Harry kept telling himself so that he wouldn't yell at his godfather for all the changes that were happening too fast.

The day of the accident was a blank in Harry's mind, and the following days were a blur of sadness and activity. Lily and James Potter, his parent's, died in a car crash, leaving sixteen year old Harry all alone. Sirius also mourned is best friends, and tried to be strong for Harry's sake, but he could tell by the look in his eyes that he was in pain too.

After the funeral he left with the millionaire playboy, best and oldest friend of his fathers. Harry was brought to the Black estate and given a suite of rooms and free reign for the last several weeks.

Then another friend of the family, Remus Lupin, enlightened Sirius that he needed to get Harry into school, and that he couldn't just be a lay about like himself. This caused several arguments to ensue over who was and was not a lay about, as well as Harry's upcoming education. Summer had been nearly over so after some research and a lot of grumbling on Harry's part, a decision was reached.

Veritas Academy would be the new home of Harry James Potter.

The worst part, and Harry knew this to be a fact, was that Harry was going to have to try and blend back in with old acquaintances. The Potters had been very well off, and at the beginning of Harry's life, they ran in the same circles with all the English bluebloods; going to the same parties, hosting elaborate functions and arranging play dates for their children.

Lily and James had faded slowly out of this wealthy circle, finding the people shallow and true friendship practically nonexistent. So by the age of thirteen, Harry found himself in public school and surrounded by a much different group of people, people he liked much more than his former friends – if you could have even called them friends.

Now just three short years later he had to go back into that world, back into the life of a millionaires son, and take up the mantle of the socially elite, even though he would rather just be Harry Potter, every day kid at Cotswold High School.


The Academy loomed in the distance as Sirius drove them quickly along in his black Aston Martin. Harry normally found the wealthy trappings that Sirius surrounded himself with to be overdone, and unnecessary, though he had to admit, the car was nice.

More than nice really, it was his favorite of all the cars in his godfather garage, and that was saying something, because Sirius had a fair few.

They pulled into the u-shaped drive in front of the schools main building and Sirius hopped out. Harry followed, a dark gray duffle bag on his shoulder and met his godfather as he was pulling out Harry's luggage. He piled everything up on the step and a young man scurried through the front door with a clipboard.

"Name?" he asked in curt tones.

"Potter," Sirius answered. "Harry Potter."

The young boy scanned the forms on the clipboard. "Ah, yes." He reached out and took Harry's hand in a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, Harry. I'm Griffin. I'll be your dorm master for the duration of your stay with us," he said as if welcoming him to a fine hotel.

"Someone will be along for your things, let me show you to your room."

Harry nodded and turned to follow but Sirius grabbed his arm. "Harry, wait a moment."

Turning around he caught the pained look in his godfather's crystal blue eyes. Sirius opened Harry's hand and pressed something sharp into his palm, then shut his fingers around it. Harry blanched when he saw the set of keys in his hand, the keys to the Aston Martin he had just gotten out of.

Sirius looked sheepish. "I know a car doesn't replace your parents, Harry, but I knew you liked it, and I wanted to get you a new car anyhow. I didn't want you being stuck at the school in case you needed a break or something."

Blinking back tears, Harry opened his mouth to speak but promptly shut it again. He hugged his godfather fiercely and Sirius returned the gesture with full force. "Thanks, Sirius… but… how will you get home?" Harry asked.

His godfather waved over to another familiar car, a blue BMW, and Harry saw Remus waving back. Sirius pulled him into another big hug and whispered in his ear. "I love you kid, we all do, and you keep in touch alright? We'll see you soon."

Harry nodded and his handsome godfather turned and jogged over to the waiting car. The young man with the clipboard cleared his throat and Harry turned to follow him into his new home.


"Veritas Academy is the most prestigious private school in the world," Griffin was saying. "We are very selective in our student body and only accept the most talented and worthy."

"You mean the richest," Harry interrupted.

Griffin looked flustered. "Wealth does play a small part, yes, but here at Veritas Academy-"

Harry cut him off again with a sharp look. "Listen, Griffin, you seem like a nice enough bloke, but you really don't have to sell me on the place. I'm already here. If you could just show me to my room, I'll be out of your hair."

A skeptical look crossed over the young mans features but finally he nodded, a faint smile playing on his lips. "Thanks, this gets old really quick, especially on the first day. You have no idea how many times I'm going to have to repeat that speech today."

Harry chuckled and followed Griffin to the dorm rooms.

They were crossing a large courtyard when a series of thwacks sounded from overhead. Looking up, Harry saw a dark green helicopter preparing to land in the center of the yard in front of them. As it grew closer students formed around to see the occupant.

The giant flying bird landed gracefully and three people got out. First was a tall man, with long blonde hair. He was dressed in a slim black suit and carried a black lacquered cane in his right hand. On his other hand was a beautiful and graceful woman, with long silvery blonde hair that billowed in the wind kicked up from the helicopter.

Behind them, and the one Harry was least impressed to see, was a lithe boy, Harry's age, already dressed in the Veritas uniform and trailing after his parents. He looked much the same as he had when Harry last saw him, haughty, pointy and pale, but that didn't stop Harry's mouth from going dry as he watched the boy walk gracefully across the courtyard, only a meters feet away.

The boy looked his way, and stopped for a moment, his stern face faltering into a subtle smirk as he saw Harry standing there. He gave Harry a brief nod and continued to follow his parents.

Griffin tensed beside him. "How do you know the Malfoy's?" he asked Harry.

A deep sigh ripped through his chest, as he thought about the last time he had seen the youngest Malfoy, and the person he was least inclined to spend time with now. "Draco and I go way back," Harry muttered, annoyed at the truth of his words.

Griffin sighed as well, but his was much more wistful than Harry's had been. "He's like… the hottest," he whispered.

Harry rolled his eyes. Griffin sounded like a lovesick schoolgirl. "He's not really all that great once you get to know him," Harry replied.

A sharp laugh exploded from his tour guide. "I would give anything to be half as bad ass as Draco Malfoy."

Harry laughed and patted the young man on the shoulder. "Griffin, I've only known you for fifteen minutes, and I can safely say that you are already more bad ass then that pretentious prick could ever hope to be."


While unpacking, Harry took a moment to let the dread of being in this school, settle into his mind. He was already so different from his brief stint in public school, happy with his old friends, Ron and Hermione. He pulled several garments out of his steamer trunk and hung them in his closet.

"So, Potter. What brings you to our humble school?"

The voice in his doorway caught him off guard and made Harry jump. He turned around to see Draco standing behind him, leaning elegantly against the doorjamb. His short, shaggy platinum blonde hair was streaked with emerald green, something Harry hadn't noticed in the courtyard earlier.

"Nice hair, Malfoy," Harry said, spitting the name, though in truth… he did like the hair even if he didn't care for the person wearing it.

Draco laughed and the sound was like silk rubbing against his skin. "Do you like it? You know I've always been partial to green," he whispered, his eyes flicking to Harry's vibrant green eyes.

Harry pulled away and shot the boy a nasty scowl. "Sod off, Malfoy."

Pouting prettily, Draco took a small step back, but kept his eyes locked on Harry's. "I'm sorry about your parents," he said sweetly, though Harry knew the sweetness in his tone was nothing but false.

"Don't talk about my parents," Harry replied sharply.

Draco sneered and strode back to the doorway. "Look, Potter, I can make your stay here heaven or hell. You choose." He was almost out the door when he turned around again. "But make the choice quick, because I don't give second chances."

Harry rolled his eyes and went back to unpacking, flinching as Draco slammed the door behind him.

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