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It was a long time coming, and as Draco sidled up beside Harry in the cafeteria for lunch, he finally felt the truth of it hit him.

They were graduating.

In a few short hours he and Harry would get their diplomas and be let out into the waiting world.

They hadn't planned too far ahead, but Harry had already started looking at flats in London, leaving Draco feeling slightly left out. He didn't have much to fall back on and once he graduated he would only get a small stipend from his father before being completely disowned and sent away.

The backlash from his choosing Harry over everything else had been a large price, but nothing he hadn't been willing to pay. He was closer now to the boy he loved than he could have ever dreamed possible, and just hoped that when it came time to move, Harry didn't lease a place so expensive that Draco couldn't afford to live close by.

Sirius and Remus would be arriving shortly as well as Harry's friends Hermione and Ron for their graduation ceremony and Draco was feeling more and more alone as he thought about it.

"Holy shit!" Neville exclaimed, jarring Draco from his thoughts.

"What is it?" the other boys asked in unison, Griffin swiping the paper Neville was reading from his hands.

Longbottom pointed out the passage he had been reading and Griffin scanned it quickly before gaping in surprise.

"Care to share with the entire class?" Harry teased after Griffin and Neville both sat in silence.

Griffin merely shoved the paper across the table for Harry to read, and he read the article aloud for Draco and Colin's benefit as well.

"Local boy beaten to death in schoolyard scuffle. Recent transfer to St. Brutus's Academy for Incurably Criminal Boys, Tristan Bright supposedly instigated the fight between himself and two other boys one Dudley Dursley and Piers Polkiss. It was said that Dursley and Polkiss were in a relationship and Bright, who had been recently expelled from Veritas Academy for a similar situation, tried to manipulate the other boys into ceasing their relationship. It is not said to what extent the other boys will be punished for this offence, but the attorney mentioned that the case should be fairly open and shut as Tristan Bright had a history of mental instability. The funeral will be a private affair held at Carson Memorial this Friday," Harry finished, his face going slightly pale.

"I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'm not," Draco shrugged.

"I just… I can't believe he just wouldn't learn," Harry whispered, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Moving onto lighter topic," Griffin mused as he shoved another newsprint page in front of Harry. "I saw this flat listed and thought you might want to give it a look."

Draco tried to ignore the growing pit in his stomach and be happy for his boyfriend, but every time the topic of Harry moving came up it made him squirm. What would happen if Harry moved away and met someone new?

"What do you think, Draco?" Harry asked, showing him the advertisement for a one-bedroom loft in Hyde Park.

"It's nice," Draco muttered distractedly, wondering if he'd be allowed to stay over occasionally or if he would even be able to find a place in London at all. Hyde Park was a very expensive neighborhood and Draco knew he didn't have that kind of money.

"Nice as in 'sure I'd stay there'? Or nice as in 'Sod off Harry, there is no way I'd live there with you?'" Harry asked.

"Live with you?" Draco asked, suddenly aware of everyone's eyes on him.

"Of course," Harry laughed. "Why do you think I've been running all these flat's by you?"

"I thought you just wanted my opinion," Draco muttered, feeling both lighthearted and slightly dim for not asking Harry sooner, and in private.

"When you said you wanted to be together, I assumed that meant after school as well," Harry mused, looking suddenly worried, as if he had misinterpreted things.

"No, no, it is," Draco assured him. "We just hadn't discussed living together and I assumed all this time you were looking for your own place."

Harry kissed him then, hard and passionate before breaking away and smacking his boyfriend lightly on the arm. "What have I told you about the word assume? It makes and arse out of you and me," he teased with suggestively raised eyebrows.

"But I like your arse," Draco countered with a wink and ignored Griffin's groan from across the table.

"Well, you have quite the nice bum yourself, but stop assuming and just ask me next time," Harry replied with a mock stern look.

"Hey," Draco whined, rubbing his arm for dramatic effect. "You just assumed I would move in with you," Draco chastised.

Harry blushed and looked at his half eaten macaroni and cheese. "Sorry."

"Do you really want me to live with you?" Draco asked in slight awe.

Harry looked as if that was the single most ignorant thing Draco had ever said and kissed him again.

"Fine," Draco agreed when they broke apart again. "But we'll have to find a cheaper place. I won't have much to work with."

Harry rolled his eyes. "My inheritance will support us fine."

"I don't want you to have to support both of us," Draco whined.

"Then tell me where to start looking," Harry replied without argument. Draco's heart swelled at Harry's easy acceptance of his terms. He didn't want for Harry to have to take care of him, he wanted to contribute his part, and the fact that Harry understood that meant the world to him.

"It might take a while to find something just right," Draco offered.

"We'll just stay with Sirius until we decide. He's eager to have us there," Harry replied with a nod.

A distant rumbling made Draco turn his head and follow the gaze of several students. It was Ron that Draco spotted first, his red hair looking slightly more vibrant than before for some reason. Then it took him a moment to focus, to believe what it was he was seeing.

Next to Ron, with his hand clutched tightly around the redhead's was Theo.

"Ron, you… you're…" Harry stammered, his mouth gaping slightly.

"Gay?" the other boy finished for him and laughed. "It appears so, yes."

Theo smiled sheepishly and wound his arm around Ron's waist. "We spent a lot of time together after Dumbledore transferred me to his school," Theo added.

"So that's where he sent you?" Draco mused and looked to Harry in order to gauge his reaction. It was tricky though, as Harry had slipped into a surprise trance of sorts and just kept looking back and forth between Ron and Theo's clasped hands and their faces, both of which were silently pleading for acceptance.

A moment later Harry was up and hugging Ron, then quickly shifting over to hug Theo, though that was far briefer an exchange.

Draco followed suit, and clapped Ron on the back. He had spoken to Ron and Hermione a few times since they helped him save Harry from Tristan, but never had he mentioned anything about his relationship with his old boyfriend turned enemy turned friend again.

A quick glance around the table showed all surprised faces except for Griffin, who must have heard about it from his girlfriend. "Why didn't you tell us," Harry asked Griffin, apparently gleaning the same thing from the boy's lukewarm reaction.

Griffin merely shrugged. "I didn't know how you'd handle it, and they asked me not to say anything."

"We wanted to tell you in person, but couldn't get over here until today," Ron added before kissing Theo tenderly on the lips. "It's still new, but… I don't know… it could be something."

The blush spread from Ron's cheeks to Theo's and Draco had never seen his old boyfriend so happy. "So will you two stay for our graduation?" he asked.

"Of course," Theo replied with a nod and he and Ron sat down to continue chatting with their friends.


"That was the last one," Harry huffed as he shut the cupboard door.

"I can't believe how much stuff your godfather gave us," Draco groaned, flopping onto the sofa and flicking on the television.

Harry laughed and sat beside his boyfriend, leaning his head against the other boy's chest. "He'd like us to believe he was doing us a huge favor, but he's been trying to get rid of Remus's old stuff for years."

"Still, it saved us from having to buy all new stuff, and it fills the flat up nicely," Draco offered before pressing a kiss to Harry's forehead.

They had finally settled on a nice place in Trafalgar Square and were happily moved in with that final box that Harry had unloaded.

"Don't get too comfortable," Harry said with a yawn. "Everyone will be here shortly."

"Remind me why we invited them over today?" Draco asked, feeling more like cuddling on the couch with his lover than socializing after all that work moving boxes and furniture.

"We didn't," Harry groaned. "They invited themselves."

"Oh right," Draco muttered. "We should get friends with better manners."

"I'll get right on that," Harry laughed and snuggled closer to his boyfriend.

"Let's just cancel and have a nice evening in," Draco offered with suggestively raised eyebrows.

Harry perked up instantly and hopped off the couch. "You call Theo and Ron and I'll call Hermione and Griffin."

"Deal," Draco said with a laugh and followed his lover to the phone and then to their bedroom.

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