Chapter 154: Dive into the Heart

As soon as Sky had struck Kairi's presence away from the Station of Awaking, the Endless covered himself with his corrupted light, making Sora shield his eyes. The wind brushed past the both of them, howling within the darkness before the corrupted light brightened the area so that the station sat within the emptiness of light. As the light died down, the world faded back to the dark, the wind no longer whistled and the Keyblade Master opened his eyes.

What he saw had sent a chill down his back. His Endless counterpart wielded armour that was a mix with Ventus' armour and Vanitas' armour. It consisted of the same helmet as the Dark Master and a spiked version of Ventus' attire. What was the most noticeable thing were the angelic wings that formed behind him, making the Endless float. The very sight made the 'Chaos of Light' an understatement; he would very well be the 'Angel of Death.'

With the summoned of the infected Kingdom Key, Sky rushed toward, catching the Keyblade Master off guard as he rose to block the attack. The two pushed with strength, analysing one another only for Sky to prevail as his corrupted orbs of light slugged Sora across the face, allowing Sky to flip him in the air and lay a fast combo onto him before slamming him back down onto the stained glass platform, cracking it slightly.

Sora pushed himself up; ignoring the pain from the fast strikes he had received as he charged towards his opponent, slamming it down as he created a red data patterned barrier towards his direction as he slashed towards him. The blast took the Endless back only damaging him slightly as he blocked the attack. He acted quickly to try and trap Sky as he cast a number of spells in a vicious combo.

Through his actions, he noticed that Sky wasn't taking the damage and absorbing the attacks like he had done when he had fought the others. As the two fought, the clashes of their keyblade sparked across the glass, Sky's emotions began to show more clearly as his anger and rage would fuel his strikes, yet his shadowed claw remained white. The Keyblade Master quickly saw what the cure had done to him. His abilities have been shot down. No longer could Sky use the magic and abilities from past Endless, he only has his own spells and ability to aid him.

Due to Sky's increasing anger, it became more of a breeze to counteract his attacks, creating earth based moves to block the vicious winds that was shot his ways and using reflect whenever the orbs struck him or if ruin was in effect. He would cover himself in fire if Sky tried to approach him to absorb his light and strike him in the air before jumping, unleashing a fast air combo before slamming him down to the station.

Sora gasped in surprise. As Sky was about to hit the ground, he laughed before shooting light across the area, changing the form of where they were. Before the Keyblade Master could stop Sky's actions, he was gone and Sora was flying. He looked around to see that he was by Big Ben, the keyhole linked to Mousedom and Neverland. He looked around only to see Sky in front of the clock, setting a timer as the clock went back on itself.

"Wait a minute…" He looked at him in confusion. He was having a sense of Déjà vu, like he had been in this type of battle before. As soon as he showed a timer counting from "12" above his head, he rushed towards Big Ben and kept the clock from counting down. As soon as the clock hands halted, a blur past him as Sky flew past him with haste, trying him hard.

Looking around the sky, Sora could not see any sign of his enemy; he was dodging orbs of corrupted light whenever they appeared, attempting to block the Endless' speedy attacks and he would always have to hover around the clock tower to re-new the spell to prevent Doom from taking him. Despite his defence and his constant check on the clock, the counter above his head slowly came down.

"Your life counts down, Sora. Give up now." Sky appeared in front of him, mocking the hero as he sped away as he sliced down, leaving a tormenting laugh.

Using time based magic was taking a lot of energy from Sora. He cannot hit Sky as he is too fast. The only way for him to hit him will be to cast "Stopga" on him but that would leave the clock ticking. Sora shook his head. "Gee Sky, I know you are supposed to be my reflection of myself but I never saw you as a coward!" He shouted to him. When Sky didn't respond, he continued. "Come to think of it, for Vanitas to take control of you so easily, you must have been buffing about your strength….

Sky appeared in front of him and sharply slammed his keyblade into him, sending Sora into the hand, making it move five seconds, leaving Sora with only four seconds until his doom. The Chaos of Light growled at him, "You think you can torment me just as easy?!"

Sora grinned at him. "At least you stopped." He pointed his keyblade towards him and fired the spell, preventing him to move. Sora dashed forward, being three seconds away from doom. He slashed at Sky with all of his might. Two seconds left and the Chaos of Light shook slightly from the speed and strength that Sora inflicted on him. One second left and the spell was broken before the world turned white again.

The doom counter was gone from Sora and he now stood in white hallways that he could swear that he has never been before. On the other side of the hall, the armoured Sky stood, clicking his claw to forms a number of broken chains in front of him while the floor disappeared, preventing Sora to follow him as he opened the white doors and disappear.

"Get back here!" Sora yelled, getting frustrated as he ran towards the chains and became to connect at them with the power of the keyblade. He gasped in pain as he held his head; he looked to his side only to see his younger self, with Donald and Goofy talking to Naminé. "Naminé?" He spoke in confusion. When did he meet Naminé during that time, went was he in this place? From the look of the scene, it looked like Naminé had just asked him something difficult from the sadden look on both of their faces.

"Make me like I was."

"Okay. Who needs false memories, right? Especially when you have real memories of people who are really important to you. Anyone would have chosen the same."

Donald let go of his head and looked over to Goofy to see that they had experience the same thing. The memories of Castle Oblivion and their adventures to save Naminé were being restored. Despite the memories returning, the two got struck by the Unbirth from their distraction. The two crashed together but nodded to each other. Goofy landed on his shield and caught Donald to stand on the edge of the shield. "HOLD ON!" He shouted as he blasted a huge fire spell, making him and Goofy rocket around on the knight's shield.

Goofy and Donald's yell echoed across the throne room, gaining the attention of the heroes and even Link. They watched as the two rocketed across the room, taking out a number of Unbirth, making Hikari duck for her life. The reflected off Brian's shield before they jumped onto the unexpected and surprised Link, making him crash on the floor and drop his scythe.

Before Riku could even response to what had just happened, he saw the shield drop down around the containers. He moved Donald and Goofy out of the way before creating a box prison for Link, keeping him away his weapon. Donald jumped up to aid Riku in the spell while Goofy kept Unbirth off them as they tried to free their commander. "Free them!" Riku shouted down to Kairi and Mickey.

With the barrier gone, Kairi and Mickey used their keyblades to unlock the containers one at a time. The first one freed was Roxas. As his container opened, his eyes shot open in rage and urgency as he summoned his two keyblade and swiped the container in halve. With his freedom, he had no time for questions as he looked over to where Sora laid, finally able to connect to him again. He could only see that Sky and Sora was memory surfing as their fought, similar to his battle with Xion, before the virus had blocked him out.

He jumped down to Mickey and Kairi, casting magic towards any enemies that was overcrowding Hikari. "I can help Sora in his fight but I need Naminé's help." He told the two.

The two nodded to Roxas' suggestion as they unlocked Naminé. The former Organization member jumped over to Naminé's container and pulled her out of the container. She looked dazed and confusion when she awoke, wondering where they were or what was going on. As she looked around to see everyone fighting and Roxas standing in front of her, she knew what was going on. She remembers her drawings.

Roxas helps Naminé out of the container as they begin to make their way over to the protected barrier where Sora rested. He whispers to Naminé to stay close as he led her through the crowd of Unbirth; he glowed white as he unleashed pillars of light holding the Nobody symbol on top, until creating a huge wave of light, ridding the Unbirth around him and for Hikari and Goofy.

"You have poured so many memories into me. Given me so much... That I feel like I'm about to overflow. Look at me…, who do you see?"

Through the bright door, Sora found himself at the clocktower in Twilight Town, in the state that it was before the Order and its armour had moved in. As he looked around for Sky, he jumped back in surprise as a giant armoured foot slammed down at him. "I don't remember this!" Sora exclaimed as he looked and the giant figure in front of him.

The initial armour has the form of a pink and white helmet that has spikes on the top, sides, and back. The body armour is a black, white, and pink jacket with black and pink gloves. The bottom half of the armour consists of mainly black and gold, with golden and white shoes. Looking at the silhouette, Sora saw that it matches his own.

Sky laughed at this as he stood on the giant's shoulder, leaning on the helmet. "Don't tell me that you are scared of this?!" He mocked.

Sora smirked with confident. "Why don't you come down and fight me yourself?" He challenged. The Keyblade Master dodged the thunder attack that the armoured giant casted. "I take that as a no." He muttered.


The Keyblade Master looked around for the source of the voice, a voice that he hadn't heard in a good long time. "Roxas?" In a burst of light next to him, a figure a merged to be the Nobody that had lost his connection to the heart so long ago. "ROXAS!" With a grin, Sora jumped his other, hugging him with all of his might.

Roxas chuckled from the friendly hug. "It's good to be back." After the Keyblade Master let him go, Roxas summoned his keyblade and pointed it up to Sky. "You could never keep me out forever!" He told him. Sky didn't reply to Roxas' remark though, only to click his claw and disappear. The sound of the click made Roxas move. "Get ready!" He told Sora.

Before the Keyblade Master knew it, Roxas grabbed him from his legs and forced him into the sky, dropping on an invisible platform that floated mid-air. He groaned in pain from the unexpected trip into the air while Roxas made his way next to him. He pushed himself up, keyblade in hand as the two dashed towards the armoured giant. From time to time, the giant armour would try and destroy them with a range of huge magical attacks, whether they were light based or not, making the two move like crazy.

Roxas huffed as he tried to catch his breath. "Go after Sky." Roxas told his other. "I'll take care of this."

Sora was taken back. "Roxas…" He looked away ready to go after Sky, only to look back at Roxas and smile. "Race ya to the end!" He grinned before going after the Endless.

Roxas shook his head before looking at the armour fighter he was up against. "Xion! You don't have to do this! Fight against his control." He yelled, only to get struck down.

"Who am I? What am I... here for?"

Link burst out of the container that the Wielder of Dawn had trapped him , grabbing him by surprise as he slammed him into Donald and Goofy. The Remorse Endless reached over to grab his staff, only to see a bright light to send him back. He groaned in pain as he saw the King of Disney Castle appear in front of him and strike him rapidly, keeping him away from his weapon.

With Kairi on her own, she had followed the King's instructions and freed Aqua. She walked as the woman inside the container opened her eyes up to the sight in front of her. The sight of Unbirth had got her moving as she broke the container that she was in, unleashing a huge amount of magic on the enemy, clearing most of the horde in the room. The Keyblade Master landed next to Kairi and looked at her in confusion. "What is happening?!" She asked her in shock and surprise. The last thing she remembered was talking to a hooded man in the realm of darkness about a new hero called Sora before being jumped.

"I wish I could explain." Kairi quickly told her. "Our main concern is to free the others." She pointed to the large containers. As soon as Aqua had seen her two friends captured in the containers, she nodded in agreement to her as they readied to free the next wielder.

"Free Xion next!" Naminé tells Kairi before turning to explaining to the struggling Brian. "Because of her deal with the virus, he has control of her heart while she sleeps. If we free her, the virus would lose control of her and will allow Roxas and Sora to take him on."

Brian breathed heavily as he looked over to the knelled Roxas, seeing that he was giving his aid as a transparent connect could be seen from him to Sora. "What makes you so sure?" He questioned before gritting his teeth in pain. He wasn't how much longer he could hold the shield.

Before he knew it, his power had cut and he collapsed to the ground, heavily breathing as his attack came on, yet the barrier didn't fall. He looked to his side to see that Naminé was holding the shield up, having chains cover the shield to hold it in place without her holding it. She quickly came over to the Aversion Endless' side and took off his glove to check his pulse, having no strength to object her.

The sight of his fading claw only made Naminé looked at the red haired teen in sorrow, connecting the dots together with the drawings that she had concurred within Kairi. "Brian…" She held his hand tightly.

He shook his head to her, his eyes watered slightly as his secret was out. With Naminé looking down at him, all he has is Aiddie's last words playing through his head. What was he going to do when he came to this battle? "Please….don't say anything." He begged.

The battle raged on. King Mickey and Riku kept Link away from his scythe, Hikari, Donald and Goofy kept the horde back and Aqua and Kairi unlocked the next container to free Xion. As Kairi jumped up to the container to pull the sleeping Xion out, Link had yelled loudly before his claw glowed brightly. The gravity increased to unbearable levels. Just as Kairi pulled Xion out, the gravity had caused her to lose balance, making her and Xion slam down on the ground painfully while the others were forced onto their knees. The only ones that were not affected by the claw's power were Naminé and Brian and that was due to the shield. With everyone on their knees thought, the Unbirth began to slam at the barrier as they slowly began to break the chains that held the shield down.

Riku fell into his earth element to push himself off the ground, leaving him face to face with Link as he watched the Endless grabbed his scythe, placing a protective barrier over the containers again. "Your gravity won't hold for long." He tells him.

Link remains silent as he walked past the Wielder of Dawn, seeing that his rock element will only give him the strength to stand, not to move. With his gravity, he had forced Riku to follow him like a chess piece as he stood in the middle of the room while making the others face him. "Following your crimes of betrayal and hurt on friends and family, including the death of an Order Member, I hereby relief you of your regrets and despair…" He spoke as he placed the scythe across Riku's neck. "And imprison you into the life of happiness." Link laughed as he took a long swing towards the keybearer.

Riku only huffed as he moved his arm and punched Link right in the face.

"What I said back there... about thinking I was better at stuff than you... To tell you the truth, Sora... I was jealous of you."

"What for?"

" I wished I could live life the way you do. Just following my heart."

With Sky in his sights, Sora cast haste on himself to speed up to the virus. From the chasing, he saw that the cure was beginning to affect Sky more. His white hair was fading out, turning more darker and his claw had turned back to looking like a Heartless claw. As he reached up to Sky, he swung his keyblade high to strike him down, only to be deflected by a barrier. With the speed that he was going, the Keyblade Master crashed to the hard cold ground.

He coughed up the dirt in annoyance as he watched Sky disappear from his sight. As the virus disappeared from his sight, the shadows began to surround the Keyblade Master. Keyblade in hand, he jumped up from the ground and began to take out the Heartless that were surrounding him. One keyblade soon turned to two as he dived into Master Form to take the on the increasing amount of Heartless around him.

As he fought on, the surroundings around was becoming clearer. For one, he could tell that he was in the Pride Lands when it was a graveyard from Scar's rule. He had no time to question why they were here as the Heartless horde was soon outnumbering him. As he fought, he soon found him chase swords with The Colonel. "Huh?" He gasped in confusion, distracting him from the battle with the horde as the Heartless push him to the ground.

Soon the horde of Heartless began to surround him, trying to take his heart. The Keyblade Master acted quickly as he cast Holyaga, making a huge chuck of the Heartless to disappear. As he had gotten back on his feet, he saw that the Colonel was gone. "Was that-" He questioned, thinking that the Colonel's appearance being linked to the selection of memories that Brian had shown him.


He looked behind him to see that Roxas had caught up with him, dual wielding the same as he was. "Sora. Are you okay? Where's Sky?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine." He assured him. "He's being more defensive now. He's looking more like Vanitas now." He looked over to Roxas. "Your battle was quick."

Roxas nodded. "After they released Xion, the virus lost control and the enemy disappeared." He swung his keyblades. "We should go."

Sora nodded as the two wielders searched for the virus.

"You make a good other."

Link's face was full of surprise as he stumbled to the floor, dropping his scythe once more. Riku took the chance and jumped on the Remorse Endless, trying to keep him down and his abilities. "Free the others! NOW!" He shouted at the others, struggling to keep the Endless down. With the gravity lifted, Kairi wasted no time to get to Ventus' container. While she opened the container, Xion awoken from her sleep and jumped into battle with haste, aiding Donald, Goofy and Hikari, while Aqua and Mickey began to work on Terra's container.

The Unbirth emerged from the shadows like rapid fire, flooding the room like the sea. The intense force of the enemy was drowning the heroes. As much as Xion, Hikari, Donald and Goofy fought them off, they had soon covered them. They had taken Mickey and Aqua away from freeing Terra, making them focus on the horde that was placed in front of them. The assit of the two keyblade masters gave Kairi enough time to unlock the fifth container.

With a jolt, Ventus jumped out of his container and slammed his keyblade into the floor, creating a huge white wave of light, engulfing the horde of Unbirth away from the group. Before running over to the barrier where Sora laid, he quickly aimed his keyblade at Link as he watched him push Riku out of his grasp. Just as the Remorse Endless was about to grab his scythe, Ventus lauched towards him in a gust of wind, slicing him quickly with swift barrages of blade made from pure light energy. Finishing his attack, he spun around, creating a huge vortex that trapped the Endless and the remaining Unbirth.

RIku pushed himself up as he summoned his keyblade, watching as Link crashed into the wall. "Xion! Mickey!" He called over, pointing his keyblade towards the near unconscious Link. "Help me keep him down." He asked of them. As he heard Link's yell of anger, he shot the beam of light into his heart, pushing him back in.

"You gave me something back when I needed it most. A second chance."

The sight of silhouette hills sent a chill up Sora and Roxas' backs as they appeared in the darkened world. Within the shrouds of shadows, they could tell that they stood on a grassy training area, one that looked overgrown and unused in years. When they approached the edge side, they only saw Castle Oblivion in their sights.

The two looked at each other in confusion. "Was this always here?" Sora asked the teen beside him, only to see him shake his head in confusion.

Roxas looked away from Castle Oblivion as he looked around the old training area. "End of the road, Sora." He turned back to him. "He has to be here." He told him, holding caution in his voice.

The Keyblade Master nodded only to look at the castle again. "Why here thought?" He spoke out loud. "I don't remember being here; not the side of the castle anyway."

Roxas nodded in agreement. "Me neither." He summoned his keyblade. "But we are not here for sightseeing. We need to find Sky." He turned to look at Sora.

From the shadows, Sky emerged to kick Roxas straight in the face, knocking him to the ground. As Sora approached him, he blasted orbs of darkness towards him, making him land on his bottom. "YOU SEE WHAT THIS C-C-CURE HAS DONE TO ME!?" He yelled in pain with his full, golden yellow eyes.

The sight of Sky had change dramatically. The features that made Sky himself were no more. He looked like something from Sora's deepest nightmares as he looked as the pulsing forms of anti-form that was trying to consume Sky completely. "You were fleeing to control the darkness you had taken." Sora spoke, feeling pity for his enemy. He didn't want to face Sky this way, not like this.

The only response Sky made was a violent scream, sounding so piercing that it made Sora and Roxas' skin crawl as they covered their ears. The infected Sky move quickly through the shadows, kicking Roxas back before grabbing Sora in a tight grip; only to be slammed back with Sora's keyblade.

The Keyblade Master quickly moved, seeing that Sky will not stand for reasoning any more. He glided towards him and cast Firaga around him, pushing the virus back before dashing towards him, striking him rapidly with kingdom key before sending him up in the air. From the move, Roxas bounced off the floor and began to strike him midair before creating multiple beams of light with the nobody symbol on top and striking Sky couple of times with the limit.

Sora kept aware as he watched Roxas and Sky fight midair, seeing Sky beginning to reflect the attacks and creating waves of darkness to keep Roxas away. It was only he saw a similar glow surround Sky did he jump up to what he was about to do. He was too late though, Sky yelled as a mix of light and dark orbs fired down from the heavens. The two keybearers were hit heavily by the unexpected attack, having to heal themselves within the waves of the fiery storm. As soon as the attack had stopped, the Keyblade Master noticed a number over his and Roxas' head, starting from 30.

"This cure will destroy me in thirty minutes." Sky told them. "So a density bond will be made." The shadows shrouded him as he spoke, smirking as he saw the two look at each other nervously.

Sora cursed himself slightly. He should have been varied of the spell when they went through the Neverland memory. The blame turned into anger as he glared at his enemy. "You won't win." He told him. Sky only huffed as he surrounded everything in darkness, creating laser orbs in his hands before firing away. The storm came down harder than ever, leading Sora and Roxas to be back to back to each other, reflect the attack. The attack was very similar to Xenmas' attack to him and Riku, making Sora see what Sky was up too. He and Roxas were trapped in this attack until Doom counted to zero.

They reflected the attack with all of their strength will and might. All they could do was watch their own counter go down.


Thirty turned to twenty.


Twenty turned to ten.

Ten turned to five.


Their strength was beginning to fail before they saw a figure approach behind Sky. Before they knew it, the storm of orbs had stopped. Quickly healing themselves, the two looked up to see that Sky was fighting another, he was fighting Ventus. "But how did—" Roxas looked at Sora with question. They looked around to see that Castle Oblivion was no more but stood another castle, connecting the chains and mountains. Was this Land of Departure? Was this Ventus' home?

They jumped back as Sky crashed into the ground, now turning into a complete shadow.

Ventus jumped beside the two, having the Doom counter be placed on him for entering the battle, knelling besides him with his keyblade in the ground. "Use my strength." Ventus told him as he growled green.

Roxas got the idea as he done the same, placing Two Across in the ground as he knelled at Sora's side, growing red as he spoke. "Use my power."

Sora looked at himself as he was surrounded by a light blue aura, his keyblade feeling a lot more powerful than usual. Looking at the enemy in front of me, he aimed his keyblade at Sky, charging the beam as he spoke. "I'm sorry…" He apologized once more.

Zero struck on the counters before Sora could fire the beam, making the environment change back to the station of awakening. The shadow Sky yelled in pain as the cure dissolved him as he placed the last of his strength into the stained glass platform.

The platform shattered.

The Keyblade Master fell into the darkness as Sky laughed for the last time.

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