Eye Of The Serpent

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The sky was a delicate shade of pale blue with pink and gold. There were small puddles of standing water everywhere and the cacti were covered in flowers. It had rained heavily the night before so it seemed that everything was filled with life. It was two months since Sigma Six had rewelcomed Storm Shadow to the team and everyone was healing. Bullseye's leg had healed wonderfully. Snake Eyes was just as fortunate, but still sore. Iron Claw's paw healed in a very short time. None of the three had a scar to show for their injuries. As early as it was, the team was awake, for the most part. Tun-nel Rat had walked into room, sat on the floor and fell asleep again. "Billy go wake him up." Scarlett said. The falcon flew down to his shoulder and started to peck his head.

"Ow!! Knoc' it off fea'her head." he shouted. He returned to Spirit's arm and called.

"He says that if you are still tired, then go to bed earlier." Spirit translated. Long Range smirked.

One of the screens flashed in front of Hi-Tech. "Hey guys, we've got an incoming video feed coming in and it's addressed to Bullseye, Grey and company." he said. "Send it through." Duke told him. A face appeared on screen: dark tanned with brown eyes and framed by a mane of silver-grey hair.

"I hope you know how hard you and your group are to get ahold of Selen, even with Sigma Six."

"Hatchet." she said, getting up. Grey settled on the table beside her and Iron Claw sat on the floor at his feet.

"And I was right, when I sent you out to find Long Range with the team. The ninja's too I see." he added.

"Yeah, but it wouldn't have hurt you to tell me that he was my father instead of telling me that he'd know where I could find my father." she accussed.

Long Range came up behind her and asked, "How long have you known Hatchet?"

"A couple of years. I was at the base in Maryland when I first came to America, it's where I meet these two." she explained.

"I didn't call just to chat." he reminded them.

"How long have you been trying to send messages through?" Duke asked.

"Just over a month and a half. Right after I heard that you defeated Cobra, I tried to get through to say that I was proud of the youngsters, but I've been trying for about two weeks so I could give you information that recently came into my possession." he told them.

"What kind?" Scarlett asked.

"Nothing good." he admited.

The team rallied around the table to listen. "For one Cobra is not disbanded. Yes you defeated them, but Cobra Commander didn't die in the base explosion. He has more members in the wings and they are after this. But I'm not sure if they know where to find it and get to it." he told them. A picture of a large green stone with a black streak down the center appeared on screen.

"That's the Eye of the Serpent." Jynx realized.

"I hate to admit but she did beat me to that fact." Hatchet muttered.

"Go drink your coffee, you're not a morning person anyways. But how'd you know?" Bullseye asked turning to Jynx.

"That's the emblem of the ninja village where I was born and raised. Everyone gets it tattooed on them when they become an apprentice. There's dozens of legends that talk about it, including one that says that a great serpent used to watch over my ancestors and that when it died, it's spirit sealed inself in a stone in the form of a great eye. That stone is supposively hidden in the mountains to the east of the village and that anyone who uses it will be granted great power." she told them.

"Why haven't we see this tattoo before?" Komakura asked.

"Because I don't exactly go around showing my stomach." she said, as she worked at her Sigma Suit. Soon she pulled up the tank top that she had on under it to reveal the tattoo just below her ribcage. Eyebrows raised all around in interest.

"So if Cobra gets it, how powerful could they become?" Hatchet asked.

"Powerful enough to take over the world and then some. Except there's a few small details everyone overlooks, so they won't be able to get their hands on it." she told them.

"What details are those?" Spirit asked.

"It's protected by booby traps and catacombs, plus enchantments that can only be broken by someone with intentions to only use the stone for the good of other people and not themselves. Not to mention the shrine itself is hidden so deep in the mountains that it's near to impossible to get to." she said.

"This is Cobra we're talking about Jynx." Komakura reminded her.

"And I'm the one who grew up in that village and knows all the rumors and legends about the stone." she retorted. The two of them bristled at each other as Jynx pulled her Sigma Suit up around her shoulders.

"You two stop bickering." Storm Shadow told them. They didn't speak, but it was obvious that his words had some affect.

"Well as to why I was trying to call in before. I'm glad to see that you two found the team and that you found Long Range. Take care of yourselves, but I'm going back to sleep for a few more hours." he told them.

"Nice to talk to you hombre." Long Range said.

"Take care of yourself." Snake Eyes added. Iron Claw barked, tail wagging.

"Thanks for the information." Grey yawned.

"Keep a few chairs handy for a game of cards one day." Bullseye told him.

He smiled and said, "I'll remember that."

"Get some sleep old man." she said as her instincts said something was wrong.

Hours later, after Jynx had told them every legend, myth and rumor about the stone she knew, they were busy making arrangements to leave. Duke was getting in contact all of the right people to work out the trip from Arizonia to China. Scarlett was trying to gather any and all information about where Cobra was. Hi-Tech, who was working on the Sigma System mainframe, didn't look up as Bullseye walked in behind him. "Hey Tech, can I borrow a sec." she said.

"Yeah sure." he said.

"Why couldn't Hatchet get through for over a month?" she asked. He stopped in mid-type, fingertips hovering over the keys as he ran it over and over in his head.

"It doesn't make any sense, he has a com. card. All of those were working, in-cluding his and distance has never been a problem." he whispered.

"So..?" she asked. He looked at her, with a look that she didn't want to see.

"No, he can't be working for..." she said.

"It explains how he knew the plan before any of our informants." Hi-Tech told her. Both went into the conferance room.

"Duke, kill the trip." Bullseye said.

"Why?" he asked.

"We think Hatchet's working with Cobra." she said.

"That's impossible." Storm Shadow said.

"How else would he have known about Cobra before anyone else. Including our informants. Besides he was acting really weird and there was something in his eyes that didn't seem like Hatchet." Bullseye said.

"How can we be for sure?" Duke asked.

"Some of us will have to go and find out." Long Range told him. He looked the team over, not wanting to break it again, but knew he had to.

Storm Shadow: Is he working for Cobra?

Author: I can't tell u that. You have to wait for the next chap like everyone else. Flames are not welcome & will go to Firefly should I ever write him into anything. Hatchet's an old friend of Spirit's, along with being native american. I know nothing of Jynx's past so if this is wrong, don't sue me. I'm broke & the base in Maryland is not the same one that's in Valor vs Venom. I hadn't seen the movie when I starting writing this stuff. And for those who wish to flame me: Jynx has a tank top on under her Sigma Suit!