Cobra's WTF Moment

Author: Okay, so I lied. This is the end of the Eye of the Serpent story arc. It was meant to very stupid & quite amusing. I must borrow friend's computer to post this but plz: R&R. I own nobody but Bullseye & the Eye of the Serpent. Enjoy!


Zartan walked into the Cobra base, holding a brown box out at arms length. He wasn't sure what it was, but he wasn't willing to take any chances on the box that was marked Fragile in large black letters. Given Cobra's luck it could be a C4 explosive.

Cobra Commander jerked awake from his nap on his throne when the door to his "war room" opened. He blinked twice and shook his head attempting to look as alert as possible. Zartan walked in with a box at arms length, looking rather ridicious. "Um... Cobra Commander?" he asked.

"What is it Zartan?" he asked.

"You've got mail." the man said. The Commander blinked several times, attempting to process what he had just heard out of one of his minnions. "Yes I need lots of minnons, preferably smart ones." he thought before slapping himself mentally.

"Give it to me you fool!" he snapped. Zartan handed it to him and seemed to be relieved to be rid of the box. There was nothing on the box, except the word Fragile and that seemed to be all over the package. Trying not to seem too eager, he ripped the brown paper wrapping open to reveal a box in bright shiny wrapping paper.

"Is it your birthday sir?" Zartan asked.

"No you idiot!" he snapped.

Cobra Commander tore the shiny wrapping paper off and tossed it away. He pulled the box open and pulled out something that looked very familiar to Zartan. "It's that blasted eye that the Joes got their hands on." he said. "Ah yes, the Eye of the Serpent that you failed to retrieve." the Commander acussed angerily. Ignoring the rant that the Commander was going on, the aussie bent down and picked up what looked like a card. Opening it, he almost snickered at what it read.

"Um, Commander." he said, holding out the card. Cobra Commander took it and stared at the writing.

"Surprise!! It was glass all along, there was no real eye." he growled. "Don't have a hissy fit, don't have a hissy fit." he thought. Zartan make himself scarce as he shouted, "DAMN YOU JOES!!!!!"

Somewhere a long ways away in the ROCC, Sigma 6 was gathered around the computer screen. Thanks to a small spy bug that had been planted inside the box, they had seen everything that had transpired since Cobra Commander had opened the box.

"That was priceless." Jynx laughed.

"It was, nice going Hi-Tech." Bullseye said. The blonde techie smiled and blushed as Scarlett hugged him and kissed his cheek.

Author: LOL, I loved writing this so much. It was done in about ten minutes & hopefully u will like it. Plz forgive the play on the "I need minnions, yes minnions" flair on Facebook if you've seen it.