The warm sun rested upon the 300 Spartan's the breeze blew in their capes and on their face and chests

The warm sun rested upon the 300 Spartan's the breeze blew in their capes and on their face and chests. A young Spartan soldier by the name of Astinos was walking next to his great friend Stelios, they were always with each other almost like brothers, but Astinos didn't want to be like brothers or just friends with Stelios he felt like he wanted to be closer to him, feel the warmth from Stelios and maybe even kiss him.

When the sun rested for the day the Spartans took rest as well, they set up a camp fire and as always the two friends were by each other talking and laughing, the other Spartans were doing the same, talking laughing even sleeping. The breeze brushed against Stelios' hair moving it in front of his eyes it wasn't there for long Astinos moved the hair so he could see the beautiful eyes of the man he thinks he loves, Stelios felt the hand of Astinos move across his face and smiled at the young solider.

"Stelios" said Astinos looking at the man the eyes from Stelios looked across to him then Astinos spoke again "what would you say if a soldier any one of these soldiers have never felt the warmth of women, but wanted to feel that warmth from a man?" he asked, Stelios smiled and wrapped an arm around Astinos' neck and pulled him close "I don't know, its not my place to judge if a man loves another man" Stelios smiled looking down at Astinos

"but what would you say if…I wanted to feel that warmth from a man" Astinos whispered once he got to the end of his sentence "I would be mighty jealous" he smiled once more looking down at Astinos, the words from Stelios made him blush "what do you mean, that you would be jealous?" he asked,
Stelios placed his hand on Astinos' shoulder and pulled him even closer "haven't you noticed all these things I have said to you, the ways my eyes glance up and down at your beautiful body … Astinos I love you" he said grinning widely, Astinos blushed even more "you love me?" he questioned.

Stelios didn't answer but he kissed him instead "does that answer your question, and you?, do you feel the same?" he asked smirking, Astinos looked at him still blushing and in shock "Stelios… I…I have the same feelings for you" he said then returned the kiss, "tomorrow we fight again and now I know that I am with the man I love, so when I die in war I know you will be there so I could die happy" Astinos smiled kissing Stelios even more.
Stelios ran his fingers through Astinos' dark hair pushing him to the ground and laying on top of him "and this shall be our celebration I shall make you no longer a virgin Astinos" he smiled looking into Astinos' beautiful eyes, Astinos placed his hand on Stelios' cheek "I would love that, and I am glad that is it you I lose it to" he smiled kissing Stelios once more.