1A Traitors Love

"Sakura! Sakura!" A familiar voice yelled. "What now Naruto?" Sakura groaned.

"Sasuke finally came back!" "No way! Really? When did this happen?!" Sakura asked anxiously.

" Just now and he's not alone, They're both meeting with Tsunade-sama right now!" "Well lets get going!" sakura yelled as she finished giving a patient they're medication, they sped through Konoha.

As they reached the hokage's door, /CHA! We're gonna see Sasuke!/ inner Sakura Cheered. ( and I finally thought I got rid of her, great.) Sakura thought.

When they entered they saw only four people and tonton. "What are you two doing here?! This is a private meeting!" Tsunade bellowed, "We have the right to be here! We are Sasuke's old teammates and we care what happens to him!" Naruto bickered back. "Fine, if you get in the way we won't hesitate."

tsunade grumbled. As Tsunade led on about what sasuke has done, the decision actually came. "Uchiha Sasuke you are under heavy watch by team seven any disobeying and it will be the Anbu's watching you. Same to you Miss Alia Tenzuki. "Agreed." they both said simultaneously. Alia turned around, She was gorgeous, long flaming red hair, pink topaz eyes, very thin and about 5"7.

The Only thing she said was " If your team seven then this will be pathetic!" "Hey! What's her problem teme!?" Naruto yelled. "Nothings wrong with her. She's mine, so back off." he growled.

Sakura's heart finally shattered. She ran out crying as fast as she could and went to team sevens old training grounds and cried her heart till she bled, her pain was unbearable. "Sakura, forget Sasuke. You deserve much better." Naruto Said walking up to her slowly, scared that she might hit him.

"You still don't get it, do you? I love him! Its hard for me to get over him, I can't do it!" She screamed. Naruto felt hurt, the girl he loved, was in love with that Uchiha bastard. All Naruto could do was hold her.

(Get you hands off her Naruto! She's mine! Wait I love Alia not Sakura! Right?) Sasuke thought while glaring at him, his sharingan piercing red.

Naruto finally picked her up while sakura was asleep and took her home, as he was about to leave he looked over to her.

"Take care of yourself Sakura." Naruto whispered. And with that he left, only to be watched by Pink eyes.


I hope you enjoyed it! Ch.2 will come when I get a good brainstorm review with any criticism!

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