.A Venus story.

"You call it Love
I state it's Fate
Pluto says it's Choice"

.If I Could Choose.
* * * * * * * * * *

"There was a tale, long ago, about a man
who saw beauty and captured it..."

She closed her eyes and followed him. Lying down by his side with
his arms around her waist, she knew the inevitablity of this moment. She
knew with certainty of her total entrapment, and the inability to escape.

His arms were like the chains that captured her; his love, a trap
she fell into.

His smile that stole her wings away from her.

"If I could choose," he said to her, "I'd choose you."

She smiled back at him, arms around his neck. "Do you promise?"
She asked him.

He lifted his head and looked to the sky above them, seeing past
the illusion and into the dark universe. "Yes, I promise."

She laid her head onto his chest and listened to his heartbeat,
uncertain which part of him was lying to her.

* * *

Venus is for love.

She stretched out her hand to the sky as if to touch the star.
The brilliant star, so close and so far, sister to Earth, lover to all.
Yet, her heart was her own.

Venus is bright.

In that midnight sky, before all the stars go to sleep, she could
see her star shining like a guide in the sky, a dancing spark of gentle
light that is unending. A light that is alone.

Venus is lonely.

But her heart, was her own.

* * *

"I don't believe people are alone, I think that's the first
mistake that they make," he looked to her, uncertain of the elusive
meaning of her words. "I think, in a way, we all want to think we are
alone. It gives us some type of distance, don't you think? It allows us
the illusion that we can pick up tomorrow and leave, and nothing and no
one can affect us," she paused, thinking, before adding, "or hurt us."

He shrugged with a boyish smile on his face, "It's a good belief,
for some."

She blew at her hair, "Yeah, I guess it is." She turned to him
and looked him in the eye with her large blue eyes. "Do you believe that
we are alone, Kunzite?"

He blinked at her surprised before answering with a soft smile,
"I'm not alone now."

She bit her lower lip thoughtfully. "No, not now," she echoed.
She looked up at him and was about to speak, but he silenced her with a

Maybe, he was scared of what else she would ask. Maybe, they both
were because she kissed him back and didn't ask him again. Or maybe, they
already knew the answer and knew it was best left unspoken.

* * *

"Rei-chan, have you ever been in love?"

The raven-haired girl paused in her sweeping and looked up to meet
her eyes with curiosity. "Why do you ask?" The other replied

"Just wondering," she looked down at the ground and pushed a
pebble with her shoe.

"Depends on what you mean by love, Minako-chan." She looked up to
see her friend smiling at her.

"Well, you know, the love that Usagi-chan and Mamoru-san share."
Minako said, resting her head on her palm.

The wind rustled the leaves of the trees as the sunlight glimmered
over the peaceful temple. "I don't know," Rei told her after a period of
silence. She looked up startled to see Rei standing next to her, bending,
and sitting on the steps beside her. "I don't think I've met my soulmate
yet." Purple eyes turned to her, "Have you ever been in love,

"No." The blonde looked to the sky and wondered why the words
tasted like a lie in her mouth.

* * *

Love is like chocolate, you can't get enough of it!

She smiled as she popped another sweet into her mouth, "This is
good!" She told him through a mouth full of brown gooey goodness.

He looked to her amused, a small smile on his face. "You know I
can bring you more if you want," he told her and immediately regretted his
words at the look in her eyes. "So, you don't have to wolf all of those
down now." He quickly added.

She winked at him, "There can never be too much of a good thing!"

"Oh?" He questioned, "Are you so sure?"

She grinned at him, a mischevious twinkle in her eyes. "Would you
like some?" She asked him innocently.

"When did you learn how to share?" He asked her cautiously.

"Just now," and she closed the gap between their two worlds.

"Chocolate is good for you," he finally said after they broke

Her only reply was her smile and another chocolate popped into her

* * *

The flowers bloomed in rows.

"It's so lovely," she sighed wastefully.

"Extremely beautiful," the other agreed beside her.

"I wish I could take it home with me." She pulled at her hair.

"But you can't," the other told her flatly. "That's why it means
so much more, because you can't have it except in memory."

She tugged at her hair, "I guess your right," she shrugged.
"Still, it would be nice if I could take at least a part of it with me."

"Here," she blinked at her friend beside her. "Take a picture."

* * *

"Want to hear a story?" She asked him.

"Sure," he nodded as she sat down next to him on the grass.

"Well, there once was a man who bought his wife a bundle of red
roses for their anniversary." She tugged on her hair, a motion he
recognized to be one of uncertainty on her part. "His wife loved roses and
had always wanted a garden full of them. However, they lived in the city
and didn't have any place for one.

"So instead, the husband bought his wife the most beautiful roses
he could find in the city and brought it before her." Blue eyes met his
and there was sadness there.

"So, did she like the present?" He asked her.

"She cried at the sight of them," she replied and turned away from
his surprised expression. "When her husband asked her why she was crying,
she told him that he didn't need to kill such beauty to please her. So, in
the end, instead of impressing his wife with beauty, he hurt her."

"Why are you telling me this," he asked her.

"Have you ever tried to capture beauty?" She asked, her eyes
searching into his, yet she dared not ask the real question that lingered
within her mind.

His silence was his reply.

* * *




"He is fine!"

"Why don't you go talk to him?" Her raven-haired friend nudged

"Wouldn't know what to say," she answered.

"Never stopped you before," the brunette on her other side winked.

She shrugged, "Feels different this time."

"So what's stopping you?" The raven-haired girl rested her head
in her hands, "Different is good."

* * *

The war was her wings, as she discovered it again in her duty.

"But you were in love, weren't you?" The raven-haired soldier
questioned her softly.

Venus looked to her friend, "V is for victory." She smiled as she
held out her hand.

"I'll take that as a yes." The other stood and hugged her. "You
know, Venus, V is for love, as well?" Purple eyes looked into her blue
ones, "But your heart is your own."

She shrugged, "I'm free." There were no tears in her eyes, just
truth in her words.

"There was a tale, long ago, about a man
who saw beauty and captured it. He thought
through beauty he could catpure love, and
for awhile he was happy, until beauty found
the wings that he hid from her and flew away
into the heavens."

.The End.



.For love.
.For freedom.
.For fate.
.For life.


Somepeople choose freedom over
love. This is for you.



For those of you wondering about
When All the Good Angels Sleep and
Karma, all I can say for that is...
both my editor and I are VERY busy
people right now. These little tibits
are only here to entertain you in my
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