Feeling it was time to show Rose more of her own planet, the Doctor took her to West Africa, a few hundred years before her time. She had never seen a more beautiful place on Earth. In wonder, she stared at the flora and fauna, while the Doctor watched her and chuckled.

"You stupid apes are soooo easy to enthuse..." Grinning, he took a banana out of his seemingly endless pocket.

Rose ignored his rude comment (you get used to it after a while...) and continued to look around until she spotted something.

"Doctor, look! It's a little monkey."

The monkey stared at her with blatant curiosity and suddenly jumped into her arms. Rose squealed and ran her fingers through the soft fur.

The Doctor openly laughed at her. "He seems to like you. Maybe you are related..." His voice drifted off when he noticed both 'apes' giving him the exact same glare.

Yep, definitely related, they are...

All of the sudden, the monkey's eyes drifted to the banana, still clenched in the Doctor's hand and fixed at it..

"Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no! That's my banana! Go and get one for yourself!"

The monkey obviously had the same idea. He leapt at the Doctor and yanked the fruit out of his grip. With one great leap, he was back into the woods and jumped from tree to tree.

Rose watched wide-eyed when the Doctor growled (really growled), climbed a tree and followed the ape in the exact same way. She shook her head in disbelief when she heard his animal-like grunts resounding through the woods.

"Now, who is the stupid ape?"