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She couldn't think, she couldn't speak, she couldn't feel anything but the pain, that raked throughout her body, still clutching her shoulder, and biting her lip to keep herself from making to much noise, not wanting to attract any attention to herself.

Tap...tap...tap. She could hear his shoes, tapping endlessly, on the linoleum floor, they were getting louder with each step that he took back in her direction.

Finally, she dared to crack open an eye, and watched him as he looked over what he had just done, his face wasn't turned up into a smile, but ti had a smirk on it, that irked her, in a way she couldn't describe. With the semi-automatic still hanging loosely at his side.

He stepped out of the silent room, he closed the door, the bell ringing as he did, she remembered something about hearing sirens, but it seemed like such a long time ago, that she couldn't quite remember.

Once he was out of sight through the glass pane, a loud crack split the thin air like thunder, a sound which she recognized immediately.


The the silence was filled with the sounds of crashing feet, and men shouting orders at one another. Her heart was racing already. She jumped when someone put a hand on her, mostly out of fright rather than pain, but her sudden movements sent pain coursing through her body.

"Hey we got a live one!" The officer called out, to no one in particular, putting his gun back at his side, he slid his hands beneath her legs and under her back. As he lifted the fragile teenager into his arms, careful to avoid her wounded shoulder, and carried her out to the awaiting paramedics.

She remembered something about seeing her parents outside, their faces were relieved, yet sullen, and she couldn't quite understand why. Her whole body hurt, and she struggled to see them at first, but resorted to just lying back, and waiting until the paramedics allowed them to see her.

The swirl of people around her, trying to take the pain away, and loading her onto the stretcher, driving her to the hospital, and the press lurking everywhere trying to get her statement. Even the crowd of her small town friends, seemed strangely unfamiliar to her. Her memory of everything was a little foggy at first, but when she had been sedated, everything she had seen came back like a movie playing in her mind, with it's sole purpose being to just play over and over again.

She saw him walk in and eye the woman behind the register, counting the days money, mumbling softly to herself, then the four friends sitting at a table near the back, laughing about something that was said. He looked around the rest of the room but not one other person was in sight. The she realized what it was, he had clenched within his palm.Her first instinct was to get in front of her friends. And she was almost successful, the bullet clipped her in the shoulder, and brought her down in a wave of unbearable pain. Closing her eyes at the pain, she heard the shots ring out again, and again, and again...

"No!" She yelled sitting up in her bed, her forehead damp with a cold sweat, and her body shaking uncontrollably.

It was just a dream, you're fine, it was just another dream.

A now much older Lindsay Monroe, told herself as she sat in bed trying to calm her racing heart. Even though it had happened all those years ago, it still ate away at her to this day. Not being able to sleep one peaceful night since it had happened.

All those adults accusing faces, staring her down, until the pain became too great to handle. She got out of her bed, and began walking around her living room, even after her legs became tired, she didn't dare sit down. All she wanted was a distraction, and sitting back down, would only push every minuscule thought, to the front of her brain, and she didn't want to lie back down for fear the dream would again return, so she simply paced until morning.