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The Next day around Noonish at Mark and Angel's loft as Angel just wakes up

"Good Morning Mark" Angel said as she walked in the kitchen where Mark was and poured herself some juice "Sleep well?"

"Yeah" Mark told her as he turned the page of his newspaper "You slept late"

"Yeah..."Angel told him "After what we did last night I was tired" Mark Chuckled

"Well I must say it was amazing" Mark told her "My life is now complete"

"Your just saying that" Angel told him as she kissed him "But it was fun"

"Well I have to get going" Mark told her as he handed her the newspaper

"Where?" Angel asked "Can I go to?"

"Just out" Mark told her "I'd rather go by myself"

"What do you want me to do?" Angel asked him "I mean what am I allowed to do while your gone?"

"Uh....Why don't you make us lunch?" Mark suggested "I'll be back in an hour or so"

"Bye Sweetie" Angel said as she kissed him "Love you"

"Love you too" Mark said as he left


(*Downstairs at Mimi and Roger's and Benny's loft*)

"Why are we meeting here?" Maureen asked "I like my house better I don't need to get dressed"

"Because we always meet at there and Joanne gets annoyed because we eat all her food" Benny told her

"Exactly" Joanne admitted "Plus ever since the accident we never even come to the Loft anymore"

"Mimi do you guys have any food?" Maureen asked "Or beer?"

"How about some Weed?" Collins asked

"Collins?" Joanne asked "Shoulden't you be in work?"

"Shoulden't you?" Collins replied "I took a personal today"

"Joanne Faked sick" Maureen confessed

"Oh Naughty Joanne!" Collins laughed at her "To think you have clients who need you!"

"Oh no!" Joanne faked gasped "How will the children learn if Collins dosen't go to school and teach!"

"Finally the old Collins is coming back!" Mimi cheered "So anyway Maureen what's the plan?"

"I was thinking we just place Collins next to Angel and Mark next to Roger" Maureen told them "And then we distract Mark with our conversations so that Angel and Collins can leave the table and Collins can tell Angel everything"

"So why does Benny need to go?" Mimi asked

"To pay the bill" Maureen told them "A-Duh!"

"Great...."Benny sarcastically said "I love paying the bill oh but yet I'm not allowed to sit with you guys!"

"Ok Fine" Roger agreed "You can sit with us"

"I'm not sitting by him!" Maureen yelled

"I'll sit by Benny" Roger told them "Benny's not so bad"

"So are we all prepared for tonight?" Joanne asked "Collins?"

"Yeah I guess" Collins told her "I can't wait to see Angel"


(*Later that Night around 6:45pm at Angel and Mark's place*)

"Mark!" Angel yelled from in the loft "It's time to go are you ready yet?" Angel then opened the door to the bedroom to find Mark sleeping

"Wake up!" Angel yelled "It's time to go baby"

"Not going" Mark said as he pulled the blankets back on himself

"Mark" Angel told him "You lied to me! You said we were going!"

"You can go" Mark told her "I want you to go I'm not feeling well I'm staying home"

"Poor baby" Angel told him as she laid next to him "Maybe I should stay home with you"

"No I want you to go" Mark told her "I'll be fine"

"Alright if your sure" Angel agreed "I'll be back in maybe an hour or 2"

"That's fine" Mark told her as he kissed her "Love you"

"Love you to Mark" Angel said as she went to the life Cafe


(*At the Life Cafe*)

"Where the hell are they?" Maureen demanded "I'm hungry!"

"Maureen give them time to get here!" Roger yelled at her "It's 7:02 there only 2 minutes late"

"Here comes Angel now" Benny told them as Angel walked in "Where's Mark?"

"Hey Angel how are you?" Maureen asked as Angel walked over to the table "Wheres Mark? Why are you Alone? What took you so long? Are you aware That I am Hungry and needed to wait for you to get here to get food?"

"Uh...What's with all the questions?" Angel asked laughing "I had trouble finding the place"

"I thought Mark was bringing you?" Collins asked her

"He was" Angel told them "But then he said he was sick and told me to go without him"

"Damn it! My plan is ruined!" Maureen yelled

"How this just made everything easier!" Roger yelled back

"Excuse me?" Angel asked with a laugh "Sorry I'm kinda lost what plan?"

"Nothing at all Angel just an inside joke" Roger told her "Why don't you sit down? there's a seat next to Collins"

"Uh...Sure" Angel agreed as she down "So what's everyone been up to?"

"Work" Collins Joanne and Mimi all said at the same time

"What do you guys do?" Angel asked



"I already know what you do Collins" Angel told him with a smile "So how was the class today?"

"Oh I took the day off" Collins told her "What did you do today?"

"I slept til noon" Angel said laughing "Then Mark went out and I made lunch then when he came back we watched TV and he went into the bedroom and went to sleep then he said he diden't feel well so I guess when I go home I'm going to take care of him"

"Wow someone has no life...."Maureen muttered "HELLO! SERVICE HERE PLEASE!" Maureen yelled

"Oh yes sorry about that I'm Frank and I'm new here" Frank told them "Everyone ready to order?"

"Yeah Cheeseburger with Fries and beer" Maureen yelled

"Everyone else?" Frank asked

"I guess I'll have a CheeseBurger too" Angel told him

"CheeseBurgers all around" Roger told him "Oh Yeah and one Veggie burger!"

"Is that all?" Frank asked

"Beer all around" Mimi told him

"Coming up" Frank said as he walked away

"Uh Collins" Angel asked him "I'm going to use the bathroom wanna show me where it is?"

"Yeah sure" Collins got up and walked Angel to the bathroom "Right here"

"Collins!" Angel yelled as he started to walk away "Which one do I use?"

"I'd go with Mens" Collins said as they both walked in

"What now your following me to the bathroom?" Angel asked him laughing

"Yes I'm your stalker" Collins told her laughing "Besides you asked me to come"

"I only asked you to show me the bathroom" Angel told him

"And I did" Collins told her "See this is the mens room"

"Funny" Angel said as she washed her hands

"What's wrong?" Collins asked her "Your in another world tonight"

"I'm worried about Mark" Angel told him "He's at home sick and I'm not with him"

"So then go be with him" Collins told her

"That would be rude" Angel told him "The food diden't even get here yet"

"Rude?" Collins asked "Everyone at the table is rude in there own special way" Angel laughed

"So how about I walk you home?" Collins suggested

"Would you?" Angel asked

"I'd be happy to" Collins told her as he grabbed both of their coats and they started walking towards the loft


(*Back at the Loft*)

"Thanks for bringing me home" Angel said as the reached the door "Would you like to come in?"

"I don't wanna cause trouble between you and Mark" Collins told her "I'd better go"

"No you can come in" Angel told him "Mark's sleeping anyway"

"Alright then" Collins agreed as they walked in

"Just lemme check on Mark and then we can talk or whatever" Angel said as she went into the room

"Collins!" Angel started Crying "Help me!"

"Angel calm down what's wrong?" Collins grabbed her as she cried and cried

"Marks dead" Angel cried "What do I do? without him I don't know how I'll survive!"

"Angel theres a note on the night stand" Collins handed it to her "What's it say?"


I always loved you and I always will. After last night you made my life complete. I've done everything I wanted to do with you to show you my love. I know the price I had to pay to share that moment with you. I always had dreams of being a filmaker and I realized after the fact that I could never be a great filmaker with a time limit in my life. I want you to also know that I wanted to be with you last night AIDS or not and I don't want you to blame this on yourself. I deserve to die after all the lies that I told you. The reason you have memory loss is because of me. I wanted you all to myself and took advantage of you and I hope you can forgive me. Collins will take care of you I'm sure of it after all he was your real lover not me. Maybe Collins can help you become the real you again. Please don't cry and blame yourself for leaving tonight I would have waited until you went to sleep and just did it anyway. I wanted to let you know I took pills and overdosed and I went into a deep sleep and I went peacefully. Angel I love you and I wish you the best of luck with getting your memory back and I hope you'll be happy with Collins

Love Always