Chapter 15. The Calm

Karen looked out the window, "Looks like the storm is finally passing on," she commented softly. "The power should be coming back on soon." Robert and Jareth coming from the study drew her attention. "Everything alright dear?"

"Everything is fine," Robert said calmly.

Sarah looked at Jareth as he entered the parlor behind her father. His smug expression was worth a thousand words, he had gotten his way. He strolled toward Sarah and extended his hand to her. Sarah remembered another time he'd walked toward her this way, and the touch of his hand. Only this time there was only the music being played on the piano by Merck. The magical music she'd danced to in the ballroom was absent, and she was glad that it was. Without hesitation she placed her hand trustingly into that of the Goblin King. They had struck a bargain and she was not going to Welch on it. Jareth closed his fingers possessively over hers, pulling her to his side before he slid his hand to her waist.

"Your farther has agreed to allow me to see you." Jareth stated quietly.

"Did he," Sarah mused looking into the eyes that still held enough hurt to be slightly cruel.

"Indeed," the Goblin King flexed the fingers at her waist. "He suggests we go slowly."

Ruthie watched the interactivity between them, and looked over at Johnny with a sulky expression. "If the storm has passed, we should be going."

Johnny walked past the sulking girl, offering his hand to the man who was holding Sarah. "It was an experience meeting you, Mr. King… perhaps we shall meet again."

Jareth accepted the offered hand, and shook it firmly. "A pleasure young man," the Goblin King slid his free hand about the waist of the pretty girl standing beside him. "I look forward to getting to know you."

Leeanne and Mike stood up, Ronnie stood as well. Perrin walked beside the girl whose beau had been the spy for the High King. He spoke to her softly, encouragingly. They moved into the foyer past the Williams', Sarah and Jareth migrated that way so Sarah could say good night to her guests. As they reached the large entry way, the lights flickered and came back on. Karen breathed a sigh of relief. "At last," she said as she moved up the stair. "Robert, are you coming up?" Robert waved good bye to the teens, and followed his wife

Sarah and Jareth stood on the porch waving good night to the teens, sirens sounding told them the law enforcement officers were on their way to the neighborhood. Sarah looked sadly at the girl getting into the back seat of Mike's car. "Will she remember anything?" She asked.

Perrin answered, "She'll remember bits and pieces, only what she truly needs," he assured the soon to be Goblin King. "No damages will she suffer."

Odell stepped off the porch, "Your majesties," he addressed the royal couple respectfully. "I'll go to the van and start the process of dealing with the authorities." He bowed slightly toward Sarah. "Congratulations, my Lady." Merck also bowed to Sarah before following Odell.

Rafe and Perrin stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting on Jareth. Perrin looked at Jareth, and quietly reminded him of the time that was fleeting. "We've only a short time left to us, Sire."

Jareth nodded before waving them off. Turning to Sarah he gazed at her with the same worried expression he'd worn in the Escher room. "How you turn my world," he murmured softly.

"I never meant to…" Sarah lamented.

Jareth, now dressed once more in the modern garments of the British rocker, moved toward the girl purposefully. One hand moved gracefully under her chin, tipping her face gently upward. "Your eyes can be so cruel," he reminded her in a sad lament; "Just as I can be so cruel."

Sarah felt her mouth open slightly in surprise. The next thing she felt was Jareth's lips on hers, sealing their deal. As he pulled back from the kiss, with his hand still under her chin, he once more claimed, "Everything I did, I did for you…."

"I know," she whispered solemnly. "I know."

"Sarah," Jareth crooned possessively. "Sometimes one must be cruel to be kind." His eyes were locked into hers. "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"No," she pouted, "But I will learn."

His fingers were bent under her chin, as he stroked her jaw line with his thumb. "No regrets," he advised.

"No regrets," she promised as she yielded her fate to the King who had waited for her.


Author's note:

This is where this tale ends… What happens next is of course up to the fates.

Thank you for reading.