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Warning! A very extremely sex Sirius Black was cleared of his charges and free to roam the streets a free man!

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A Marauder's Daughter

Chapter One

A Letter

Hermione Granger always knew she was adopted by John and Jane. But she knew her parents loved her dearly. She wanted to find her real parents. Hermione felt like a piece was missing from her heart. She wanted to know who she was and were she came from. Was she truly pure blood? She needed to know the truth. Hermione was going to find out who they were even if she didn't like the out come.


Hermione stretched and sat up in her bed. She smiled today was her 17th birthday. She turned on her bedside lamp and saw a envelope on the table with her name on it. She picked it up and opened the envelope. The witch pulled out the letter. She unfolded the note. Hermione had never seen the type of hand writing. She did note it looked much like hers. The swoops of the letters had the same signture. She shrugged and began to read and her eyes widened at the information it held.

My darling daughter,

Congratulations today is your seventeenth birthday. I only wish I was able to be there with you on this day. But if you are reading this letter it's because I am no longer among the living. I've made it so that this letter would appear for you to read.

Hermione my name is Samantha Miley Lupin-Black. Your father is Sirius Black. He was so proud the day you were born. When I placed you in his arms he wouldn't let you go. He loves you so.

Darling the day Lily and James died and Sirius was sent to Azkaban for a false charge I took you away from our world. I had to protect you. So I placed you in a muggle orphanage. I knew you would find a loving family. Leaving you there was the hardest thing had to do. But I knew it was for best. I know you've made our family so proud. I love you and miss you every day.

Hermione, before I left you at the orphanage I placed charms over you to make you appear and grow up like your adopted mother. It was done to protect you from Voldemort. I know our world is safe now. The charms will brake once you are through reading this letter. Remember Hermione Jane that I love you.



Hermione threw the letter down and ran across the room into the bathroom. She looked into the minor and her mouth dropped at her appearance.

Hermione's once bushy hair was now smooth black curls that stopped at her shoulders. Her pale skin had taken on a tone color. She had deep blue eyes, pink full lips. Hermione had firm round breasts, thin curved waist and long smooth legs. She was a sex pistol as her father would say.

"Wow!" whispered the witch. "I look like a female version of Sirius." Hermione smirked, "I'm a Marauder's daughter."

She took a quick shower and magically dried her hair. She was glad that her hair was actually in slick easy to fix curls. Just like her father's. Hermione slipped into a deep red shirt with a golden lion on the front and a pair of shorts. She squealed when her once some what baggy clothes now fit her body shape. Oh Hogwarts want know what hit it!


Hermione grabbed the letter and ran down stairs to kitchen. She knew this was going to be shock to her parents. But in truth she was happy to know the truth. She walked into the kitchen. John and Jane looked up at their daughter in shock.

Jane broke the silence, "A….Hermione sweetie, what have you done to your self?"

The witch handed her mother the letter. She took the note from her daughter. Jane read it twice and handed it to John. He read the letter and looked up and smiled.

"Hermione, this will take some time getting use to. But your beautiful."

She blushed and Jane took her daughter into a bone crushing hug. Hermione gasped as the air was squeezed from her body.

"Air. I need air."

"Oh, sorry sweetie." Jane let go.

Hermione rubbed her arm. She only shook her head and fixed her a cup of coffee and joined her parents. She was glad that she already knew Sirius and Remus. She was comfortable around them. They already felt like family to her. But what if they didn't believe her? What if her friends hated her? What if they had nothing do but shut her out of their lives? Hermione mentally shook the thoughts from her head. They loved her and she loved them.

Jane and John gave Hermione birthday presents. Which were a books from her favorite muggle author Steven King. She thanked them and went to go pack to spend the rest of the summer at Grimmauld Place.

Hermione came back down stairs with her trunk and her cat. She sat her trunk down and shank it and put it in her pocket. She hugged her parents good bye and grabbed some floo power.

"Number Twelve Grimmauld Place!" and she was gone in a swirl of green flames.

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