A Marauder's Daughter

Chapter Forty

Nineteen Years Later

"Daddy when can I go!" Lily cried.

"Next year sweetie," answer Harry and Hermione ran through the platform between nine and ten.

"Jonathan Remus Lupin get back here!" Anna yelled at her three year old son.

Remus chuckled and picked up his son. He kissed his wife on the cheek.

Draco and Ginny walked over to Harry and Hermione and smiled.

"Hi James." Dina Molfoy said with a smile. "Let's go find a seat."

The kids ran off before they could get kissed good bye.

"Hi guys." Luna said with her daughter Raine.

"Now I want you have a good year and write us when you can." Ron told her.

"I will don't worry," and kissed him on the cheek and got on the train.

The whistle blew and Sam and Sirius ran through the wall with a boy behind them. Hermione laughed her parents as she watched them push Sean on the train for last year.

The train pulled out the station. Hermione turned to her parents and the large family left King's Cross Station.

The End!