"Are you happy now?"

"Yes," she hastily agrees. Jake sighs. Bella takes a moment to consider her answer. She looks down at her delicate hands, her pale white skin. "Yes, I am."

"Well, it's all for the best then." Bella is still looking down at herself, but her enhanced senses allow her to feel that Jacob is getting up, ready to leave.

"I miss sleeping," she blurts out, randomly. Jacob stops in his tracks and turns back around to face her. "I miss the definite separation between night and day." Jake walks back toward her, takes his seat again.

"That's… nice, I guess."


Jake pauses, tries to regain his composure. "Oh. Okay. Yeah, that sucks, I guess. But I mean, I'd love to have all that time to do anything I wanted."

Bella looks up, finally, and sees Jake's face. His warmth is radiating off of him, and Bella feels as if she is on fire, even sitting five feet away from him. His face is expressionless, almost as if he doesn't actually care to be with her, and it hurts right down to Bella's useless heart. For the first time since she has been turned, she actually misses her tears. "Jake, honestly… I have no clue what I want anymore." Jacob looks at her, confused. "I thought that being a vampire would be great, and that spending eternity with Edward would be enough, but honestly…" A thousand thoughts are racing through her mind, but she doesn't know which one to pick.

"Sleep isn't the only thing I miss, Jake." Jake's face is blank again, and Bella realizes what she really wants is a hug from him. She doesn't ask, for fear that he might deny her. "I guess… no. No, I'm not happy now."