A Night on The Boardwalk

A Night on The Boardwalk

Disclaimer—I do not own Naruto!!

I got a little bored writing my other fanfic…and I wanted to write something cute, so I decided to write a NejiTen!!

Don't worry; I'll finish Key to My Heart :)

Anyways…this story is told in Tenten's POV

Please read, it's better than it sounds :)

Summary: Tenten isn't your ordinary girl. She hates pink, doesn't believe in romance, and is a star player on the boy's basketball team. What happens when she and her rival, Neji Hyuga, end up arguing and find themselves living together in their school's outhouse? Could this lead to an ever-lasting friendship? Or could this lead to an unforgettable love?

Genre—Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Drama:)


"OMG, I heard that Neji Hyuga is single again!!" Ino told her best friend, Sakura.

"Really? He dumped Karin!!" Sakura said, interested.

"Yup!! I'm totally glad, too!!" Ino replied.

"She's too stupid for him." Sakura said.

"I know, I hate her!!"

"When will Neji be here?" Sakura wailed.

"Like I know." Ino replied.

"Why are you guys here?" I said, entering the gym.

"Waiting for Neji to come here!!" Sakura squealed.

I sighed. This was their daily routine. All of these wannabes always came to the gym after school, hoping to see Neji Hyuga topless during basketball practice.

I picked up a basketball out of my bag, and started twirling it around my finger.

"What's it like being his best friend??" Ino asked.

Anger rose to my chest. I threw the basketball over at the prissy blonde. "Don't you ever call Neji Hyuga my best friend."

Neji Hyuga is my rival on the basketball team. Never ever will he be my best friend. Seriously. The day Neji becomes my best friend, will be the day that our retarded guidance counsellor, Guy, learns that thick eyebrows aren't attractive.

"It's the truth!!" Sakura stated. "You've been in his class since grade 3!!"

Ino blushed. "What's it like, Tenten, being in his class?"

"It's no different." I replied. "Grade 11 is grade 11."

Honestly, I don't see what's so great about the guy. He's so cute that it makes me wanna barf, he sweats like a horse, and he likes those retardidly stupid, girly-girls.

What more can I say? Welcome to the Konoha Academy, the school filled with sluts, whores, wannabes and girly-girls.


Honestly, sometimes I feel that I'm the only sane person in this school. I'm athletic, smart, and--, I was the only girl that ever made a boy's sports team!! I don't care about romance, I don't care about gossip, and I don't care about popularity.

My name is Tenten, remember that.

"I'm sooo jealous of you!! You're actually on the boy's basketball team!! You get to stare at that man candy everyday! What's it like?!" Sakura said, squealing.

I shrugged. I was the most athletic girl ever in our boarding school. "Well, Naruto is so stupid it's sad, Sasuke is a cold-hearted jerk, Neji is…ew, he just sucks balls, oh!! And not to mention he hogs them!! Shikamaru?? He can't move his lazy ass to save his life." I paused, and got another basketball out of my bag and started practicing my free throws. "Besides, I don't admire their looks, I admire their game."

"Ok, whatever you say!!" Ino said, giggling.

"OMG!! There's Neji!!" Sakura exclaimed, grabbing Ino's arm. Both girls squealed, and ran over to glomp Neji Hyuga.

I just gazed over at my teammates that entered the gym. Naruto was pouting, and swearing at Sasuke, Sasuke was standing by Shikamaru with his hands deep in his pockets. Shikamaru looked half dead, and Neji was in the middle of their group, trying not to get squished by all of these socially retarded girls.

Let me just tell you something, I will never EVER act like a girl.

I enjoy man-hood.


"Hey Tenten!!" I heard someone calling. I looked around to see who was calling my name. I saw Naruto, waving madly, with a huge grin plastered on his face. I smiled. Naruto was such a cutie. I dropped the basketball I was holding, and waved back.

Naruto ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. "How have you been!!" he asked.

"I'm fine!! What about you!!" I really didn't know why he was hugging me. God, we saw each other yesterday at practice, but what can I say? Naruto's adorable like that.

Now, before you go thinking that I have a crush on Naruto, let me tell you this. Naruto is my best friend. I think of him more like my baby brother. Remember, I don't believe in love.

And I never EVER will.

I looked over at Neji. He was twirling a basketball on his middle finger as Ino and Sakura were playing around with his stupid-ass hair.

I snickered. Jesus Christ, Neji!! I thought. Twirling a flippin' ball on your fuck-finger isn't sexy.

There were a few more giggles coming from Ino and Sakura, before our super-awesome coach, Anko stepped into the gym.

"Alright, all of you girls, out of here." Anko, our coach yelled. Her voice echoed through out the gym "We have a very important game in a few weeks, and we don't need all of you girls stalking our team."

Ino, Sakura and the other skunk bags groaned, and left the gym after blowing Neji their kisses.

Neji just ignored them and looked at the floor.

In your face, Ino I thought. I snickered, and joined my other teammates. We were all standing in a circle in the centre of the gym, warming up. Once I was all warmed up, I picked up a basketball off of the floor, and started practicing my layups.

As I was dashing across the gym, a rather soft chuckle was coming from someone in back of me. Again, the anger rose to my chest, as I whipped around my body. I was standing face to face with Neji Hyuga, jackass extraordinaire.

"What are you laughing about, wonder boy?" I hissed. His snicker became less human-like, and more devilish.

Neji crossed his arms across his chest. "You run like a girl."

Oh, no he didn't!

"I DO NOT!!" I clenched my teeth, and drove my anger down to my fists. "You should look in the mirror more often, Hyuga. You and your luscious hair…"

Neji snorted. "That's original."

I grabbed a bundle of Neji's hair. "Too bad your hair isn't."

Neji was ready to blow up. "My hair is none of your concern!!"

"Then why do you have it sooo shiny!! You're the real girl, Hyuga!!"

"At least I don't put my hair in big donuts on top of my hair!!"




Neji growled. "At least I have an ass, Madame Twiggy poo!!"

"Neji Hyuga, you are such a stupid assed, mentally retarded, ball sucking pig!!" As you could see, I couldn't control myself.

"I DO NOT SUCK BALLS!!" Neji yelled.

"You can soo tell that you want to!! Always flirting with those dumb ass girls…"

"So what if I'm sexy!?"

"Oh, please, you are not sexy. I find a rug more attractive than you."

"That just means you're desperate, flirting with a rug. And besides," Neji paused, and then smirked, "I don't care about what you find is attractive."

"Stop smirking, you faggot!"

"Why? Does it scare you?? Is Tenten scared of me?"

"NO!!" I turned around, and ran away from him.

"Wimp." Neji muttered. "You're just running away from me."

"That's what it looks like." I pranced across the gym, and was about to give Neji a good punch on his pretty face--…

"THAT'S ENOUGH!!" I heard from someone.

I couldn't exactly tell what just happened, but I saw my best friend's arm across my chest, forcing me to stop my actions. I also saw Anko, standing in the middle Neji and I. Sasuke and Shikamaru were trying to calm Neji down, who had both of his fists ready to kill me.

"I AM SICK, AND TIRED OF YOU TWO ALWAYS TRYING TO KILL EACHOTHER DURING PRACTICE!!" Anko's voice blared through the gym. She sounded more like a gorilla. Her eyes looked like they were ready to burst fire at Neji and me.

But…I wouldn't blame her for getting mad. This happened at least once every week. Neji would say something, I would get mad, I'd threaten to pulverize him, and normally, both of us would get hurt.


"Come on, Tenten!! We have a game in a few weeks!! You two are the best players on the team!! You guys need to separate your differences, or we'll never win!!" Naruto explained.

"It's not my fault!! He started it, calling me a girl!!"

"YOU ARE A GIRL!!" Sasuke yelled.

"She was making fun of my hair!!" Neji hissed.

"But your hair style IS weird!!" Shikamaru said, exasperated.

There was an awkward pause.

"My hair is not weird..." Neji mumbled under his breath

Anko sighed and reached down her pocket, and pulled out a slick, black razor phone. She furiously tapped the numbers, and brought the phone to her ear.

"They're at it again." Anko said.

Naruto had this goofy grin on his face. I could tell exactly what he was thinking. He was thinking on how pervy that sounded. God, Naruto can sometimes just be a weird kid.

Everyone stayed silent. Anko just nodded and mumbled something. She closed her phone, and mentioned for our teammates to let go of us.

"Neji and Tenten, go upstairs to your dorms and pack your bags." Anko calmly said.

"What do you…" I questioned.

"Just pack them and meet me here in fifteen."

What in the world was going on!? Pack my bags? Were we getting expelled? No way, that wasn't possible…Maybe they were just going to…oh, I dunno…kick our asses?

I growled, and walked out of the gym. I was cursing under my breath, until I reached my dorm. Damn, I forgot my key in the gym. Oh well. I gave the door a good kick, and started banging on it with my fists. I know this seems pretty stupid and everything, but hey? It's good to be different. I continued banging the door. (Not like that) I gave the door another kick, before my roommate answered the door.

"HINATA!!" I yelled in her ear once I stepped into our room. "WHAT HAPPENED!! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG??"

"Tenten, I was in the shower."


Hinata gave me a warm smile. "Something seems wrong. Tell me, maybe I can help."

I sighed, and sat down on my bed. Hinata is such a great friend. When I first met her, I couldn't even get a word out of her!! Now, she's on fire! She's soo open-hearted, and sincere, a quality which is hard to find in people nowadays. She just has that sort of…charm, that makes her so easy to talk to. If you give her a chance, that is.

It's very hard to believe that she's related to Neji.

"Um…I sorta got into a fight with Neji." I told her.



Hinata just shook her head in shame. "You've always quarrelled with him ever since I invited you to my house for the first time a few years ago."

Hehe, I remember that day!! It was in Grade 6, Hinata had just invited me over to her house, and I was pretty excited about it. I mean, she lived in a fancy, huge mansion. So, we were in her room, talking about stuff, and then, the door suddenly opens, and Neji stood there with some creep who had humongous eyebrows, and who was wearing spandex. Both of them just reached behind their backs, and pulled out water guns, and sprayed both of us. After that, I made a vow to myself, to see Neji Hyuga be tortured.

"This time, I think we're getting expelled!!" I exclaimed. "Anko ordered him and me to pack our bags and meet her down in the gym in fifteen."

Hinata sat down beside me. "I doubt you'll be getting expelled. You're an A+ student!! Maybe you'll just get yelled at…a lot."

"Gee Hinata that really helps a lot." I got up off of my ass, and started stuffing my clothes into my navy-blue suitcase.

My life sucks, my life sucks, I'm getting expelled because of a gay faggot. My life sucks.

Neji, be prepared to die.

Once I added my last pair of underwear to my suitcase, (lime green, if you were wondering) I gave Hinata a hug, and ran down to the gym with my bag clutched in my hands.

"Good luck!!" I heard her call.

"Thank you!!" I yelled back at her.

My parents are going to flip out once they realize that I've been expelled… I reached the gym, and swung the door open. Anko, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Naruto and Neji were all standing in the middle of the gym, waiting for me. I ran over to them, and demanded for Anko to explain.

"What's the deal coach?? Why did you want us to pack our stuff!?" I set my bag on the gym's floor, as I pouted, and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"Calm down, Tenten. I know, you're feisty. Just relax." Anko chuckled.

Neji smirked. I growled. Anko yawned.

"Anyways, follow me." She walked out of the gym, and Neji and I followed. I noticed something weird…Anko was walking outside of the building.

"Where are we going, coach?" I asked her. Now, we were walking through the woods next to the academy.

I'm walking through the woods with my basketball coach and a mini Tarzan.

She just ignored me. We kept on walking through the woods, until Anko suddenly stopped, and pointed over to a shabby cabin. "We're going over there."

We just continued walking, until she stopped in front of the shitty house, and mentioned for us to enter. Neji and I looked around. There was a small, round table in the center of the room, with two tables on either side. When you walked in, to your left, there was a medium sized kitchen that had the basic utensils, not to mention the basic mess. If you walked about…ten steps, you could see a small love seat, a very small television, and a coffee table in the centre of the two. Again, very messy, and very disgusting. There was poop everywhere, papers, leaves, and dirt were scattered on the floor, you could see the mouse holes, and the cockroaches squirming in random places.

Why the hell would Anko bring us here!?

Anko stayed silent, and lead us up a set of stairs. There were two rooms, Anko mentioned me to put my stuff in the room on the left hand side, and Neji went to the room next to mine.

Why?? Why did we pack our stuff? Why are we not getting expelled? Why am I standing in a crappy house with my rival?? I demand answers!!

I laid my stuff on the bed as told, and ran over to Anko.

"Please tell me what's going on." I pleaded. Neji stepped out of the room, and started smirking. His smirk started to fade away as our backstabber of a coach dangled two sets of keys in front of our eyes.


"What in the world!?" I yelled.

"Please explain." Neji furiously said.

"You see…us teachers…we had a discussion. We decided that if you argued one more time, you would have to solve your problem yourself." Anko handed the keys to us.

"You cannot be serious. You can't let me!! I'm only 17!! Neji could like, rape me or something!! I was about to cry. How could my evil teachers do this to me!?

Anko smirked. "Neji's a gentleman." I snorted. Anko gave me a look, and continued. "I really doubt Neji would sexually harass a girl."

"Wait 'till you find out." I mumbled.

"How do you expect me to…you know with her?" Neji demanded.

Anko sighed. "Honestly you guys, I really don't know. But until you guys learn how to get along," she turned around and headed towards the stairs, "you can call eachother roomies."



I based Tenten's personality a lot on my personality and opinions…so yeah.

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