I sat Bella on my bed and pulled up a chair in front of her.

I looked thru the box to find her lyrics in art class. I pulled the sheet in front of her and told her to read it.

"What is this" she asked after reading them.

Then I showed her a picture of her and jasper there teacher took when he was getting photo's for the year book.

"Why is there of picture of me and your cousin and why wouldn't this pain in my throat go away" she asked.

A least she knew me and jasper were 'cousins'.

"Bella umm we have something to tell you" I said as jasper came and sat next to Bella.

And then we told her about Vampires and took her hunting.


"Jasper I want to know about my past" Bella complained for the tenth time today.

"Bella first may I kiss you" I whispered.


And then we kissed


Then it happened as I stared into Jaspers eye's I saw it all Art class and Lunch and Kassy, Barron, Alexander and Hilary.

"Oh Jasper I love you" I said and kissed him again knowing we had forever to be together.

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