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Summary: ErikRaoul slash. Time, a 3parts Series. Installment 07. Life after. Lime. Angst. Family.

Warning(s): slash (that's homosexual content for those of you who don't know), lime.

Pairing(s): ErikRaoul

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Time: Years

Part01:Year One


By: Lucifer Rosemaunt



Raoul nervously wondered what to get Erik. He had been pacing in his room for the past few hours just trying to think of something really good.

It had been a whole year already. He almost could not believe it. It had passed so quickly. A whole year since the day their relationship started to change to something Raoul had never thought was possible. Everything that had happened afterwards had felt so much like a dream that he had not really wanted to overanalyze it.

They had been together for long enough that Philippe had even come home several times already. Not like Raoul had the courage to say anything to him. He wanted to keep it a secret for as long as he could especially since Philippe had always been just on his way out again. The first year was very important and he had not wanted any problems with his brother to ruin it. They had enough problems between them already.

Yet, after all that they had been through, Raoul still did not know what to get Erik for this celebration. He forced himself to sit down on his bed. There had to be something in their time spent together that Raoul could use to think of a good present.

There were many firsts that Raoul could fondly remember.

The first thing that Raoul made Erik do was show him his home. To say that Raoul had been impressed would be an understatement. He had been speechless and he had wandered around touching everything he could get his hands on to the point that they had also had one of their first fights as a couple shortly thereafter. Raoul had considered having their anniversary celebration there, but it would have been too difficult to set anything up since Erik was usually there. Raoul had yet to be able to surprise Erik in his own home. So, he would not be able to keep Erik from finding out that Raoul wanted to celebrate their special day. They had never spoken about anniversaries or potential days to celebrate together. Raoul wanted it to be a surprise.

They had first kissed in the storage room, but there was no gift idea in that room. He could clean it up a bit, but it was a storage room and Raoul was not very good at cleaning. He could get his maids to do it, but then, it really would not be a present from him. It would be a present from his maid to Erik. Raoul snickered.

Instead, maybe he could make Erik dinner just like their first dinner together that Erik had put together. But the roof of the opera house was quite cold right now and he was not sure that would be the best of ideas. It would ruin the atmosphere if they were both shivering. Well, at least Raoul knew he would be shivering. Erik had an annoying ability to not be susceptible to the cold. Whenever Raoul stayed a long duration in Erik's home, he would always end up cold and shivering. Erik would only smirk at him telling him to borrow some clothes. Raoul knew the man did it so that he could somehow lord over the fact that Erik's clothes were bigger than his.

Even with all the movement when Erik had given a tour of the opera house from his point of view through the passageways behind walls and hidden from sight, Raoul had not been able to keep warm. Erik had not even realized until Raoul had to swallow his pride and ask Erik to let him borrow his cloak. The smug expression and subsequent "pampered Vicomte" was tinged with enough fondness that Raoul had not commented.

He knew that he should stay away from the area near the dormitories. That was definitely a bad place – though Raoul did not know what inspiration he could possibly glean from there in the first place. That place held bad memories even more than the ones of Christine. That was where they had their first real confrontational argument. It had been all out war though Raoul thought the topic on which they argued was foolish. Either way, it had ended in violence, broken opera house furniture, and Raoul almost dying – several times during the fight. That had been bad. What had been worse was the fact that after their argument, Erik had thought things had been through with them. Thinking about it now, Raoul knew it had to be some sort of retribution that he had spent more than several days trying to get through Erik's thick skull that an argument does not automatically mean that the relationship is at an end. Erik had taken a lot of convincing – though considerably less than Raoul had during their courting.

When he had finally convinced Erik, well, that had been the first time that Raoul had stayed overnight.

Raoul had pushed his luck that day. He had been forceful. Not just forceful, he had demanded that Erik stop being so selfish before continuing to force him into a kiss. Erik was compliant which surprised Raoul. It made him think that Erik had not wanted to stay apart either. Annoyed with the obstruction, Raoul had then done something he swore he would never do. He took off Erik's mask. He waited for Erik to start screaming at him again, but Erik simply flinched. The look of betrayal had been obvious, but Raoul swore to himself that he would erase that expression. He would erase that emotion entirely when it came to their relationship. Raoul would never willingly betray Erik.

It had been the first time that Raoul had ever seen Erik's face. It was disturbing to look at, but Raoul had expected as much and had braced himself. He kissed Erik almost immediately again running his fingers across his deformity. He loved Erik and that deformity was a part of him. It would take some time getting used to however.

Erik was surprised. He had expected a worse reaction, but Raoul pulled him towards the bed. They had had a long day – a long couple of days in Raoul's opinion. But, as they crawled into bed and settled down, Raoul could not fall asleep. He was just relieved to be back in Erik's good graces. Fortunately, the relief had the opposite effect on Erik and though he had thought it would be impossible to sleep with someone in the same room as him, Erik had fallen asleep with his arm slung across Raoul's abdomen. Smiling, Raoul could not help but roll his eyes. Snuggling was nice, but Raoul had a tendency to move around in his sleep and he had not wanted to hurt Erik with a flung elbow or raised knee – Philippe could attest to the pain that he was able to afflict. Like Erik would listen to him though. Not that Raoul minded that much; it was just surprising.

As soon as Raoul was just about to fall asleep, Erik began to mumble his name.


Thinking Erik was awake, Raoul waited for him to continue. When Erik only continued to mumble, Raoul looked at his face seeing Erik's eyes closed and his breathing even. Raoul could not help but smile. He was probably the only one in the world that knew Erik spoke in his sleep.

"Don't…" Erik shifted, "put your mouth… yeah"

Raoul blushed and stared at him in disbelief. He could not have heard that right or maybe he had misconstrued the statement. Then, Erik moaned and pulled Raoul closer to him. Raoul stayed as still as he could possibly stay. They would sleep. Sleep only. He had kept telling himself that. They had been taking things slow even though it often left him unsatisfied at the end of the night.

Erik was touchy, overly so. Every time Raoul was near him, Erik had a hand on him whether it be a hand on his lower back or just casually leaning against him. Erik made it seem natural but Raoul was not used to such closeness. He had not thought Erik would like to be so close, but he did and Raoul was slowly getting used to it. Whenever Erik sidled up particularly close, Raoul could still distinctly sense him. It was distracting really, but Raoul could not deny Erik that small comfort.

Then, there was the first of many punjabs. Raoul could get him rope, but rope was in abundance in the opera house. Furthermore, he did not think he wanted to encourage Erik's quite liberal use of the weapon.

Raoul had learned the difficult way that when he bothered Erik while the other man was composing, he got punjabbed. Raoul had been absolutely skittish for a bit after that first one, but he eventually calmed down. Erik had not meant to do it; it was simply reflex. However, Raoul found that Erik did not eat for long periods, especially when he was composing. It was not as though he could not let that continue, but Erik's anger was always there just beneath the surface. And, when Erik was angry, there was bound to be a Punjab lasso nearby. Raoul had to deal with that, but at least, he knew he could. He knew Erik would eventually come to his senses and stop trying to kill Raoul. Erik was worth the effort and he was getting better at dodging. Actually, Raoul tested Erik so much that Erik was starting to think he was masochistic, but Erik was of the opinion that Raoul would have to be anyway to stay with him.

There was the first time that they had moved beyond just kissing and petting and… Raoul flushed at the thought. That was a very possible anniversary gift. They had made love more than once of course, but every time they did, it was intense. Raoul was almost ashamed at how turned on he became just by Erik's touch. It was embarrassing really, but Erik never commented. Raoul was just glad that the man had no one to compare him to. And Erik, God, Erik was amazing. Perhaps not the first time because he had been in too much pain to really think anything of form, but after that. He had not thought Erik would know what to do. Raoul did, not that he had done it before Erik, he was just not so naïve to not know how it was done. Erik had been hesitant, but he had definitely known the mechanics of what they had been doing. Erik later admitted that he had been doing research for a while, since they had probably first gotten together. Raoul mock frowned at that. Lust had then become a large part of their relationship. He was actually surprised that they had had that much restraint to wait off as long as they did. It was probably just because they were both nervous.

So, he still did not know what to get him. Erik was always complaining about how the managers were always throwing parties and he hated crowds. Raoul had listened to Erik's rants so many times Raoul was starting to think that he did not even need to be around for Erik to start complaining. Not that Raoul minded so much, as long as Erik talked Raoul found that he could do nothing much but listen and argue when Erik was being particularly stubborn.

"The managers are complete idiots. They're always late on my salary. They're all so noisy. All the ballet corps does is talk. That orchestra needs to learn to practice on their own time. Such imbeciles. Complete imbeciles. Sometimes I would just like them all to leave for a day so that I could get some peace and quiet."

But that gave no clues as to a gift. It only meant that although Raoul would have liked a big celebration, he would have to think of something else. Raoul had everything ready that would make Erik have the greatest day ever, but he did not have a gift.


Erik woke up inhaling a scent that was wholly Raoul. He smiled and tightened his grip around the blonde. He had almost forgotten that Raoul had slept over the night before. He had not forgotten how oddly Raoul had been acting though. Raoul was hiding something from him, but knowing Raoul, it was probably something rather small. The boy worried too much about things.

He wondered if he should get up, but when Raoul hugged him tighter, Erik decided he could sleep in for a few more minutes. It was too easy with Raoul in his arms to forget about everything else. Sleep, something that had always eluded him in the past, was quick to come.

When he woke again, Raoul was gone. Frowning, Erik reached over to put on his mask before dressing up and searching for his Vicomte. Pulling on his pants, he saw a note flutter to the floor.

Meet me at the entrance.


Erik looked at the note suspiciously but decided that this must be what Raoul had been keeping a secret from him. Grabbing his cloak, he headed towards the front of the opera house. He was surprised at how quiet the residents of the opera house were being. He expected to hear the ballet girls chatting about something, giggling, and flirting with the stagehands. He expected the managers to be there complaining or flirting themselves. As he approached the front entrance, he wondered at the complete silence. In the middle of the main hall there was a table filled with breakfast foods. Raoul was standing by the table fussing with some napkins on it.

"What is this?"

Raoul's head shot up and immediately met Erik's eyes. Erik was impressed. He was still hiding and he was certain that he had thrown his voice across the room by force of habit. Raoul smiled excitedly.


Erik slowly stepped out into the main hall looking around to see if someone would suddenly show up as they always had a tendency to do. He realized that it was well into the day already. He had not realized he had slept that much. They should be having lunch right now, but he did not want to point out that fact to Raoul.

"Where is everyone?"

Raoul looked around as though he had just noticed, "Holiday?" He guessed with a shrug. "But breakfast is here."

Erik sat down and suspiciously looked at the food. "Did you cook it?"

Looking affronted, Raoul asked, "And if I did?"

"I would decline." Erik immediately replied.

Pouting, Raoul answered. "So I can't cook. You can't either."

"But I don't try."

"No, I didn't cook this." Raoul sat down after Erik did.

When Raoul did not explain what they were doing there, Erik decided to make the best of the situation and began to eat. He kept half his attention on Raoul, expecting him to start speaking. This had to be his doing after all. Who else but the patron could get the entire opera house to leave for a day?

Raoul did not have much of an appetite. He was rather worried and he spent most of the time just watching Erik eat. He simply ate a piece of bread with some spread. He had gotten Erik's gift yesterday, but he was not sure Erik would like it very much.

When Erik was finished, he looked up at Raoul. The boy had been watching him this whole time and he was not sure he wanted to reprimand him. Sometimes he was surprised that Raoul could stand to look at him at all.

Clearing his throat, Raoul stood up and winced at the loud sound of his chair scraping against the floor. "Uh, could you follow me real quickly?"

Raoul headed towards the alcove by the front entrance. Erik followed curious as to what Raoul was planning. Raoul leaned against the wall and pulled Erik towards him. He grinned at Erik before pulling him in to a kiss. Erik allowed Raoul to take the lead. He still was not sure what the boy had planned, but it was not as though he was going to struggle against this.

It only took a few moments before Erik wanted more than the light kisses Raoul was showering him in. He pressed forward urgently trapping Raoul against the wall. Erik smirked. Yes, this was a good morning. No pests in the opera house. Breakfast. And Raoul tasting like strawberry jam. Erik plundered Raoul's mouth desperately wanting to taste even more. He wanted to kiss Raoul until he could no longer taste their breakfast, until he could only taste Raoul. He loved how Raoul grabbed onto him tightly as though his only anchor to this world was him. Erik swallowed it all: the moans, heaving chest, body arching to get as much of his body in contact with Erik's, the hands that were gripping desperately to his cloak. Erik took it all because Raoul was offering it so willingly to him.

Erik only slowed down when he realized that Raoul's lips were moving to form words. Slightly disappointed, Erik pulled away just far enough so that Raoul could breathe.

"Yes, Raoul?" Erik said. He knew he was grinning madly because Raoul's hair had become mussed and his lips swollen and Erik loved the fact that he was the reason for it.

Raoul took a moment to clear his mind. He had not expected to let Erik be carried away like that, but he had other things planned for today no matter how much he wanted to continue this.

"I thought," Raoul looked at Erik and had to smile. Erik was relaxed, more relaxed than he had seen him in a while. "We could go for a walk."

"A walk?" Erik asked, disappointed that Raoul would rather walk than continue kissing.

Nodding, Raoul grabbed Erik's hand and dragged him out of the alcove. Raoul knew Erik hated it when Raoul held his hand. As much as Erik liked touching Raoul, holding hands actually made him uncomfortable. Raoul never could understand the difference, but he refused to let Erik pull away from him, ever. Especially not today. He always assumed it was because holding hands meant that Raoul was touching him back.

Erik reluctantly allowed Raoul to lead him around the opera house. At first, he did not know what Raoul was doing, but after walking through the first floor with Raoul regaling him with stories and reenacting many of them with Erik's hand still captive, Erik could only watch him and laugh at his antics. Most if not all of the events that Raoul spoke of were things that he had witnessed firsthand, and though sometimes Raoul got the story wrong, Erik did not stop him from acting it out how he had heard it. Raoul was an animated storyteller. Excited and enthusiastic enough to make every story interesting and it did not matter that Erik already knew what was going to happen. He just wanted to see the wide range of emotions play on Raoul's face. Erik had the urge to draw him again. Raoul had never seemed so young or happy.

Moving to the second floor, Erik realized that Raoul was giving him a tour of the opera house without actually telling him. Sneaky. He was proud of Raoul. The Vicomte had made it seem so natural for them to be walking through the opera house, but Erik had never been on this side of the wall for this type of tour. He had never experienced the events like Raoul was making him experience them. He gladly allowed Raoul to drag him from one corner of the opera house to the other, and when they were through, they ended up on the stage.

They stood there for a moment. Raoul was just looking out to the seats. Erik stared into the auditorium as well. This was almost overwhelming. He was standing on the stage for all to see and he was not afraid. He trusted Raoul and the opera house had proven to be completely empty. He did not know how Raoul had managed. He took a deep breath and reveled in the complete openness. He looked down at the hand that was still firmly holding his then up to the man beside him.

Raoul had his eyes closed.

"Stage fright?"

Raoul looked over at Erik, smiling. "It's a bit daunting, but it's amazing though." Raoul looked back to the empty audience seats.

"Yeah," Erik tried to memorize the look of absolute awe in Raoul's face, "amazing."

Feeling Erik's gaze, Raoul took a moment before smiling back at him. Squeezing his hand, Raoul let go to adjust his clothing with both hands. He leaned forward to kiss Erik lightly on the lips before whispering coyly, "Do you think you can catch me?"

Raoul was off almost immediately but this time Erik was close on his tail. Raoul was surprisingly fast but Erik had an idea which way he was going to turn. He knew where Raoul was heading and as such before Raoul could even reach the door to the storage room, Erik had caught him and both tumbled to the floor, Erik's cape wrapping them tightly against each other. They ended up lying on the floor, their bodies pressed together from shoulder to knee.

"Caught you." Erik grinned even though one of his hands was stuck in the tight cocoon that his cape had made. Raoul was beneath him and Erik had a hard time balancing on just his one hand, but he hardly cared.

Raoul pouted, "No fair."

"I caught you," Erik gloated, "no rules, so it's fair."

Erik leaned down to kiss his prize and Raoul allowed only a single kiss before pulling away.

"We need to get inside the room," Raoul stated obstinately.

Erik looked up towards the door and back down at Raoul. "No. I don't think so."

Raoul looked at him open mouthed when he felt Erik's excitement pressing against his leg.

"We're in the hallway, Erik!" Raoul stated scandalized.

Erik smirked and rubbed against Raoul. "I realize that."

"We can't." Raoul stated firmly.

Nodding, Erik retorted, "We can."

Raoul glared at him before an idea came to him. He pouted, for show, and relented. "Okay."

Erik looked smug as he leaned forward to capture Raoul's lips again. He tried to free himself from the cloak, but Raoul made sure he could not. Both of Raoul's hands were trapped in the cloak so he squirmed around, much to Erik's enjoyment, until his hands were positioned well enough so that he could reach Erik. None too gently, not that Erik minded, Raoul rubbed Erik's erection through his trousers.

When Raoul did not show any signs of slowing down, Erik realized what Raoul was going to do. He struggled to free himself from the cloak, but Raoul was persistent and when his mouth latched onto the juncture of Erik's neck, Erik could only moan. He hated to think about how easily Raoul aroused him. If he were completely honest with himself, whenever Raoul was around, he was in a state of half-arousal and ever since their session in the alcove, Erik had been that much closer to tackling Raoul and having his way with him regardless of where they were.

Then Raoul let go of his neck long enough to start whispering in his ear, "Erik, you feel so good. I want to make you feel even better."

Erik groaned and Raoul's hand sped up. Raoul began to shower Erik with kisses wherever he could reach: his lips, his neck, his mask.

Erik opened his eyes enough to see Raoul's wanton expression and intent concentration on pleasuring him. He groaned and realized that they were in fact in a hallway where anyone could find them in this state. Everyone would then realize that Raoul was his, that Raoul wanted him more than anyone else in the world.

"Want you," Raoul licked his neck and Erik groaned as he came. Raoul's hand slowed down but did not stop rubbing him and Erik tensed as the waves of pleasure overpowered his senses for a few moments. When he calmed down, he realized that Raoul was still gently kissing him.

Halfheartedly, Erik said, "Cheat."

Raoul laughed, "I'm getting a cramp here. Do you mind getting up?"

With Raoul's assistance, Erik pulled the cloak from around them. Standing up, Raoul stretched. Erik tried to ignore the uncomfortable feeling of the remnants of what had just occurred that was making his pants stick to him. Standing up, Erik followed Raoul into the storage room. Raoul lit several candles before jumping up to sit on the table by the throne.

"Are you going to tell me what this is about?" Erik followed Raoul.

Raoul grabbed the present he had left on the table and hid it behind him. "What 'what' is about?"

Erik rolled his eyes and stood in front of Raoul. He could easily see that Raoul was still aroused. He moved forward to help him with that when a package was shoved at him, this one wrapped in plain brown paper. He stared from it to Raoul, who was grinning.

"Happy anniversary," Raoul stated proudly. Erik looked at Raoul in disbelief.


"Yeah," Raoul nodded, "it's our first anniversary."

Erik thought back. He could not seem to correlate this date with anything particularly significant in their relationship.

"How is today our anniversary?" Erik asked.

Feigning disappointment, Raoul was pulling the package away when Erik grabbed it first. They struggled for a moment but Raoul let Erik take the package.

Erik shook his head. "Don't pout and explain to me why today is our anniversary."

Raoul looked away pretending to be mad. He knew from the very beginning that Erik would not remember what happened today, but he knew that it would be more fun this way. "I don't think it matters anymore."

Sighing, Erik asked, "Did you plan this whole day just for our anniversary?"

Raoul nodded stiffly. He even managed to make his eyes tear.

Erik put the package down to hold Raoul's face between his hands and forced the boy to look at him. Looking at him earnestly, Erik did the only thing he could do, "I'm sorry, Raoul. I should have remembered." He did not particularly believe he should have remembered whatever happened today. He was certain he remembered all the major events with Raoul. Today was not one of them. "Please just tell me why today is special."

Raoul shook his head, or at least tried to considering Erik was holding his head still.

"Please." Erik insisted.

Sniffling, Raoul leaned forward to kiss Erik chastely. "You…"

"Yes," Erik prompted.

"Today was the day you first asked me about Philippe." Raoul pulled Erik's hand off his face. It was difficult having a conversation with his face trapped.

"Your brother?" Erik asked.

"Yes. You asked about my brother."

It took a moment but Erik eventually realized what Raoul was talking about. This day last year was the day that Erik had been pulled out of his blind rage at Christine. He had not even fully known what he was doing at the time. All he had known was that he wanted to keep meeting with Raoul; he wanted to keep fighting with him and it had nothing to do with his anger towards Christine anymore. He had begun to watch Raoul closer then and he had learned how much his heart would race just watching someone wake up and smile at him.

Erik could almost agree with Raoul's choice of anniversary dates, but honestly, he did not think that their relationship really started then. Neither of them had actually realized it at that time how much they needed each other. This was a special day, but he knew a better one.

"How about," Erik thought quickly, "we choose a different day as our anniversary since we weren't actually in a relationship then?"

He wondered if Raoul knew just how important that day had actually been. There had been so many different reactions Erik could have had to Raoul's presence, and his acceptance, his desire to keep Raoul around, had been the last one he would have expected. He might have already fallen in love with Raoul at that point; he could not quite say what his emotions had been at that time. He had clung to Raoul; that much was obvious. He did not really want Raoul to know that though. Raoul did not know that Erik had fallen in love with him almost immediately, though it had been gradually growing every time they met.

The perfect anniversary would be the day that Erik had acknowledged that those feelings even existed.

"Like?" Raoul asked. He had chosen the date because all the other ones seemed like milestones in a relationship they had already had. It may have not been completely the relationship of lovers, but Raoul had enjoyed being with Erik regardless. He had been about to choose the first time they met, but that had been over a year ago and they hadn't had as many great memories following that particular meeting.

"How about the day we almost kissed?" Erik suggested.

"You mean the day you almost kissed me," Raoul clarified, "Then I ran away from you? We weren't in a relationship then either."

"That's true, but," Erik hadn't even thought of that, "it was the start of it."

Raoul nodded, that was a good day to choose. He still wanted to know however, "What's wrong with today?"

"Nothing," he answered too quickly. Raoul gave him a look. Erik struggled to think of a good reason, "I just thought you would want something closer to a relationship than our fighting."

He was proud that he had thought of that excuse so quickly. It was difficult to explain the feeling, but now that he did know what today was, he sort of wanted to keep the moment as his own. He wanted to keep its actual importance away from Raoul. Instead, he wanted their anniversary to be a day that they both were able to understand its exact importance.

"Okay," Raoul immediately noticed Erik's reaction. Today was important, but not anniversary important. Instead, Raoul got an idea, "How about we treat today as your birthday?"


"We don't know when your birthday is," Raoul pointed out, "so why don't we treat today as it?"

Erik smiled. If it meant that Raoul would treat today as special, then he did not mind. "That would be perfect."

"Good," Raoul triumphantly agreed.

"Wait," Erik narrowed his eyes, "you weren't really crying."

Shrugging, Raoul replied, "Open your gift." He suddenly became timid, "I don't know if you even need it, but I couldn't think of anything else to get you."

Letting Raoul's false tears go, Erik picked up the package and pulled the wrapping off. It was a leather-bound sketchbook. Opening it, Erik touched the paper realizing how expensive this had to be.

"You see," Raoul was a little nervous about the gift, "I noticed you only had one sketchbook. I thought you would like a second one."

"I usually only have one because I like to finish it completely before getting another one," Erik explained as he examined the book.

"Oh," Raoul tried to take the present from Erik, but he was too slow. "I could return it and find something else." He had spent hours upon hours looking for that gift, but if Erik did not like it, he would try harder next time. "Could you just tell me what you want because it's kind of hard finding a present for you?"

"And what do you think today was?" Erik asked.

"What are you talking about?"

Erik wondered if Raoul was only playing with him again, but Raoul's expression was earnest. "Today. Breakfast, the tour, the empty opera house. Was that not part of the gift?"

Raoul looked at him in disbelief, "That's not a gift. I wanted the day to be perfect and it couldn't be with everyone here."

Erik almost laughed, but he knew that Raoul would take it the wrong way. Sometimes he could not believe how Raoul could be so giving and still not realize what he was doing.

"Okay," Erik grabbed him in a tight hug before saying, "This sketchbook. I want it. It's perfect."

He kissed Raoul lightly.

"Everything is perfect."



End part 01

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