"I want to have a baby…" Ino said "and I want you to be the father." honesty there wasn't anything Sakura could say to that. Sakura/Ino

A/N: I had to play with the time line a little since this is set in the future. Think of it as an AU. Also I don't like the title, if anyone has a suggestion please feel free to share.


The restaurant was crowded and waiters were rushed off their feet trying to sever the establishment before the hungry mass turned into ravenous Unhappy Patrons that attacked at the first sign of cold chips. It was for that reason that Sakura was thankful that she was considered somewhat of a Big Hero. A Saviour and a Legendary Ninja. It meant that while all the other customer had to frantically wave their pepper shakers in order to get a waiters attention she just had to look mildly displeased and had a red vested lackey at her side in moments.

"Have I told you that I'm really glad I invited you to dinner?" Ino said as their food arrived not only warm but actually hot. With steam and everything.

"You still haven't told me why we're here," Sakura said unfolding her napkin and smiling at the wonderful steak that was the size of her forearm. "And it does feel nice to be appreciated," her smile turned mischievous "if we get bored later I can always get us free desert if I pretend to be annoyed."

Ino laughed then said mock seriously "will you make them cry?"

"Like a baby," Sakura puffed up with false pride before deflating in a chorus of laughter. This was nice. She had been so busy running the hospital that she forgot that there was life out side of her medical books. Her and Ino were friends but they weren't really that close. Even after Sai had died fighting Orochimaru and Naruto had given his life in the ultimate sacrificed to save the village, she hadn't grown closer to the blonde.

Ino seemed to go quite at the word 'baby.' She fiddled with her fork and Sakura frowned as she noticed the change in mood. The air had gotten heavier but she assumed it was due to her own remembrance of her dear friends. She tended to do that sometimes. She just got caught up in a memory or she would be jolted by a widely grinning blonde haired kid and loose herself in the past. It tended to make everyone else around her uncomfortable to the point they tried to quickly slink off. She was about to apologise but Ino spoke first.

"Talking of babies," Ino said seemingly out of the blue to Sakura "I've decided to have one."

"Oh," Sakura nodded not sure what to say. "I didn't know you were dating someone."

"I'm not," Ino said plainly. She seemed to be staring a bit too intently at Sakura. It made her nervous.

"I don't know if anyone explained the birds and the bees to you Ino but it does tend to take two…" Sakura tried to joke but Ino rolled her eyes and didn't seem to be in the mood for her humour.

"Yes, Sakura, I know that," the acid tone of Ino's voice made Sakura feel very small "I'm thirty five and I'm not getting any younger. I want kids before its too late."

Sakura nodded still slightly uncomfortable and unsure as to what this had to do with her. "O-kay. That's reasonable enough I suppose, though I don't think thirty five is over the hill," she didn't feel that old. But then she wasn't the one who's biological clock was screaming at her. "Have you thought of donors?" She assumed that was how Ino wanted to go about conception.

"Yes that's were you come in…" Ino said for the first time looking nervous. A blush crawled up her cheeks and she coughed, breaking eye contact for a moment.

Oh! Oh, was that all? Sakura smiled brightly and reached over to touch Ino's hand. She finally understood what the blonde wanted from her. "Ino you don't have to look so nervous. I would be honoured to be your doctor." she smiled because they were after all friends and she was a damn good doctor. It was just like Ino to want the best for herself and her as of yet unconceived child.

Ino instead of looking pleased like Sakura assumed she would glared at her. She looked extremely vexed and was staring at the woman across from her like she was deliberately being dense. Sakura having been used to fame and respect due to her status of hero and job as the medical chief for the hospital, was not used to being treated in such a way. Her grin twitched inanely having no idea what she had done wrong.

"No, Sakura, I don't want you to be the doctor, well," Ino seemed to consider it for a moment before shrugging. Her skills didn't seem to be much a factor it seemed. She was slightly annoyed with the dismissal. "I suppose you can be if you want but the reason I asked you out tonight is because I thought a lot about it. I did really. There was a pro and con list and even a debate with Shikamaru so its important that you know this decision wasn't made lightly."

Sakrua nodded but was afraid her smile was giving away the fact that she had no idea what Ino was rambling about. As Ino paused for breath and seemed to be paying her no attention she tired to retract the hand she had used earlier to hold Ino's. Ino feeling the movement trapped the escaping limb in a vice like grip. Sakura felt intimidate in spite of herself. The intimidated feeling didn't diminish as Ino pinned her with her sharp gaze.

"I want to have a baby and I want you to be the donor."


Sakura thought she reacted reasonably well under the circumstances.


The entire restaurant crashed to a halt. Waiters paused mid step. Waitresses stopped taking drink orders. Irate customers stopped yelling at slow staff. A sea of faces turned to the now standing Sakura who was still looking at Ino like she had transformed into an Onbaa and declared the start of mating season.

"Will you sit down!" Ino hissed looking around "you're causing a scene!"

Sakura noticed for the first time the curious audience and sat down quickly her cheeks blazing. "Are you crazy?!" She hissed again aware of the still watching spectators.

"No," Ino said but she was blushing at Sakura's reaction. It wasn't that far fetched surely? Okay she supposed it was. "You happen to posses some great genes that I think will be good to have in a child."

Sakura still looked at the blonde like she was a crazy person with the plague "Ino we haven't even been on a date!" Her eyes widened in horror "oh crap! Is this what this is?!"

"No! And don't seem so appalled. You could do a lot worse than me forehead," Ino snipped her ego bruised at the sick face Sakura pulled at the thought of dating her.

"Ino a baby is a lot of responsibility…I don't love you…I'm a girl…a-ah this is a really bad idea!" Sakura stuttered unconsciously leaning back in her chair trying to get as far away from Ino as possible.

"I know it's a lot of responsibility. I'm not asking you to be the father I just want your genes. And please Sakura, you cannot possibly be naïve enough to think that you need love to conceive a baby. The whole girl thing doesn't really apply when your a talented medical ninja. A miracle some might say," Ino addressed each of Sakura's points in a reasonably tone. She threw in the flattery because Sakura seemed like she was ready to bolt.

"Ah, tut," Sakura blew air out through her mouth flabbergasted. She hoped by exhaling loudly she would come up with plausible reasons that would make Ino see how this was A Really Bad Idea. No such argument came and she stared at Ino dumbly. She jumped on the stray thought that crossed her mind gratefully for something to say. "…You want my genes?"

"Well not the physical ones. I'm hoping the baby will take more after me in that respect," Ino saw Sakura's eyes narrowing at the insult. She seemed to regain a measure of sanity now that they moved back onto familiar slurs. "But I hope the child has your mind. You were always the smart one. And your honestly and kindness is unmatched. It would also be good if the kid wasn't as shallow as I am, though if it turns out to look like me there's little hope for that. Beauty is a curse," Ino sighed heavily and Sakura's eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"You know you can get all that from Shikamaru," Sakura said plainly. She thought she had finally recovered from the shock.

"Please," Ino tutted dismissively "like I would take the chance of the kid inheriting his laziness. You at least are a hard, dedicated worker. Besides we've already discussed that possibility and came to the conclusion that Temari would give us a slow and painful death if we did anything other than talk about the possibility."

Sakura was stumped as to what to say next. Ino was gazing at her expectantly and she realised that she hadn't in fact given her an answer yet. "No!" she blurted out.

Ino looked like Sakura had physically struck her. She blinked and looked away for a second. Guilt struck Sakura down like an avenging thunderbolt. She immediately regretted her harsh tone.

"Will you think about it at least?" Ino tried.

She looked crushed but Sakura wouldn't string her along "Ino I won't agree to this. I'm sorry." She got up quickly and left the table.


"Delivery for the brooding, had her-sense-of-humour-surgically-removed, chief of the hospital."

Sakura looked up from her desk to see TenTen in the doorway in her arms she held a dusty tomb that blocked the upper part of her torso from view. She grinned at her friend as she slammed the thick book down on her desk and jumped up beside it. "What you looking at, oh sour one?" She said as she peered at the green dog eared jotter that Sakura was currently reading.

"It's Naruto's old training manual. When he was making up his own moves he would write them in this," Sakura said closing the book with a fond smile on her face.

TenTen nodded understandingly. She then rolled her head to the side to look at the big book she had lugged all the way from the bookshop she now owned. "So does his book have anything to do with the heavy and very smelly tomb I had to drag here all by my skinny self?"

Sakura's finger wiped away the dust from the book and then spun it so the title The research and side effects of human transformation jutsu's; a history, was the right way up. She debated telling TenTen, the person she was closest to now, the truth. "I told you about Ino's crazy idea right?" Sakura said trying to make it sound like it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Yeah and I made fun of you for the next week. What does this have to do with that?" TenTen said.

"I was just wondering, professional curiosity really," Sakura quickly defined not wanting TenTen to get the wrong idea "if same sex fertilisation was possible."

"Oh," TenTen asked slightly bored of the topic "and what did you find?"

"That two woman cannot have a baby. It's scientifically impossible," Sakura said leaving out the fact that her over achieving mind was working on theories and scenarios that would get around that pesky law of nature.

"Then you're off the hook with Ino," TenTen said grinning bouncing off the desk. She was ready to forget the matter when she caught sight of Sakura's face. Sakura wasn't looking at her and had a decidedly hand in the cookie jar expression that she was miserably trying to hide "oh no. Sakura what are you thinking? It's Ino your frienamie. You are not think of raising a child with that woman."

"No, of course not," Sakura said waving TenTen's fear away with a light wave "I was just going to get her pregnant."

TenTen's face drop. She couldn't believe what she was hearing "Sakura are you nuts? It's a kid you'll be responsible for! You'll have to raise it and love it and-and lots of responsibility and time! You don't even go out on the dates I set you up with! You barely leave your office. You have a camp bed in the corner!" TenTen yelled hysterically waving to the well used camp bed and folded blanket. "Where would you get time for a baby?!"

"I would only be the donor!" Sakura said sounding quite reasonable in the face of TenTen's fervour "and its not like I'll be raising the baby. It'll be Ino's not mine. I'm only the facilitator."

"Why on earth would you want to do this?!" TenTen said amazed and disturbed but above all confused. Sakura when she had first told her about the proposal had seemed dead set against it.

Sakura shifted in her chair and mumbled something.

"What was that?" TenTen asked darkly.

Sakura coughed to clear her throat "it hasn't been done before. It's an amazing opportunity for science. Just think of the possibilities."

TenTen could not see the benefit to mankind if womankind suddenly managed to knock themselves up. And more than that "Sakura you're talking as if you'll be part of an experiment, we're talking about making a baby, a little person, not a lab rat."

"I know that," Sakura said airily making TenTen think she didn't in fact know that.

"Fine, go ahead, its not as if you'll find a way. You said it yourself that you've found that two women can't have children," TenTen pouted and flopped down in her chair. After all it was Sakura's life and she wasn't her mother. If nothing else she'll get some good teasing out of it. And boy did she plan to milk it when it all went sour. Idiot Sakura playing god, TenTen snorted crossing her arms.

Sakura sensing her friend no longer opposed the idea, though she didn't seem to condone it either smiled widely. She then made the shuffling noises and coughing noises to let TenTen know she could go now. TenTen got the message but sat still and glared at the pink haired girl. Sakura was resigned to working with TenTen glaring at her and pulled the green jotter back towards her to lie it beside the giant tomb.

TenTen's eyes automatically tracked the movement after years of training. It wasn't until Sakura moved the beat up green book to the older books side that she realised with a stunning clarity Sakura's plan. "That's Naruto's old book," TenTen realised and Sakura looked at her bemused. She had after all told her that a few minutes ago "the old book he put all his original jutsu into. Original ones like his Sexy jutsu! You're going to use his Sexy jutsu to impregnate Ino!"

Sakura looked slightly startled that TenTen had caught on but nodded "yeah, but the thing about that is I'm not sure if the transformation is on an internal scale or if the jutsu is purely cosmetic. Body transformation jutsu is notoriously difficult. That's why very few ninja's use it. Orochimaru did but he wasn't exactly a picture of health."

TenTen was still stuck on the idea of a gender switched Sakura "you're going to turn yourself into a guy and have sex with Ino…" her disbelief was palpable.

"Yes, that is one way. Though we will probably have to have sex the 'old fashioned way'" Sakura's lips quirked at that finding it funny "its only a 7 chance of IVF taking to Ino due to her age as opposed to the 20 of penis/vaginal intercourse."

TenTen listened as Sakura explained all this calmly in an off handed manner "20? 7? You've researched this, you've actually, seriously thought about this…"

"Well yeah," Sakura shrugged "it's an interesting conundrum."

It was that phrase that smacked TenTen on the head like a devious child. Her smile was small and somewhat nasty as she finally put her finger on what had been bugging her. The whole way through the explanation Sakura had been talking clinically. She had been addressing issues and facts and developing logical conclusions. In short she was thinking like a scientist. Like a doctor. Her friend didn't have a clue in her pretty little head about the human involvement in this venture. "There's nothing I can do to talk you out of this?" She asked just to make sure.

Sakura thought about it then nodded. She had actually talked herself into it. She had been on the fence about the idea but laying out the facts so clearly for TenTen showed her that this was a good idea. Ino would get a baby and she would solve a medical wondering. It was mutually beneficial. "No. I've decided."

"Okay, then," TenTen said lightly completely changing her tone from before. She could practically see the naivety in Sakura's gaze. The doctor had no idea what she was getting into. She soon would and TenTen would be their to support her and laugh her ass off. She figure that the worst that could happen was Sakura turning herself into a man and having some bad straight sex with Ino. Her friend would then be smart enough to realise what was actually involved with her proposal and come to her senses. It also wouldn't do the other woman any harm in interacting with someone on a more than work related basis. Her friend had become a tad antisocial. "Well, good luck then. You're going to need it."

Sakura smiled glad to have her friend supporting her. TenTen grinned a tad patronisingly back. Poor Sakura for someone so smart she sure was dumb.


Sakura approached Ino cautiously the next day. She had taken the afternoon off. A rare occurrence that prompted her secretary to nearly cry and declare a national holiday. Sakura frowned as the sound of cheering followed her out the door. Really, the standing ovation that she got was a bit over dramatic. She didn't work that much.

Ino was currently hacking away at a rose bush in the garden at the back of her flower shop. The rose bush must have been extremely offensive as Sakura had once seen Ino take down a group of enemy ninja's with the same angry movements. "Those roses won't step out of line now" She tried to joke.

Ino stopped mid swing the machete frozen in mid air. She straightened up and wiped the sweat off her brow before turning. Ino wore tan three quarter lengths and a sleeveless tan shirt that was tied to expose her mid rift. She had on tough boots and green gardening gloves. She looked like she had just come back from safari. "The best way to tend to roses is to picture your worst enemy and go for it. They grown back stronger the more they're abused."

"Oh," Sakura said absorbing the knowledge before she grinned tentatively "so how many of those roses have my face?"

"All of them," Ino said tonelessly shouldering the machete.

Sakura nodded looking away "I've come to apologise. My reaction at the restaurant was unacceptable. I acted like a jerk."

Ino deflated then threw down the machete and took off her gloves "yeah, well, I did spring it on you all of a sudden. I should have handled it better myself. I'm sorry too."

Sakura smiled pleased that Ino was being reasonable. It made things easier "well I did think about your offer and if you still want to then I would love to get you pregnant."

"Really?" Ino cried her entire face lighting up like a bon fire "oh Sakura that's so great. You won't regret this!"

Sakura laughed as Ino threw herself into her arms and squeezed her hard.


"So how will we do this?" Ino asked.

Sakura had waited while Ino showered and changed before taking her out for coffee. The excellent service that Sakura had come to expect meant that they didn't have to wait in the incredibly long line and that they got a table near the window. Sakura blew softly on her plain black coffee, years as an intern had shown her the benefits of the black sludge and the need to have it fast and strong. "I'm working on it. So far I plan to use Naruto's sexy jutsu to change myself into a man then another jutsu to internally change my organs. Would you be comfortable with having sex with me?" She had forgotten to take Ino's acceptance into account and the fact had only just occurred to her that Ino might not want to sleep with her.

Ino frowned at the proposal "can't we use IVF?" She asked biting her lip.

Sakura nodded quickly "of course but the conception rate is much lower. But if it make you more comfortable then we can definitely do that," she smiled to try and put Ino at ease.

"How much of a difference in conception?" Ino asked.

"Significant. IVF only yields a 7 chance of success," Sakura said grimacing. It sounded like she was forcing Ino into the other option. "7 is still a chance. There's only a 13 increase if we do it the other way."

Ino seemed to think it over which Sakura was glad off. It showed she was taking this seriously. It also meant that there would be fewer regrets later. "No, lets do it the first way." Ino nodded firmly more to herself than Sakura.

"Are you sure your comfortable with that?" Sakura said earnestly. She didn't want to force Ino.

"God, Sakura stop being such a girl," Ino said rolling her eyes and leaning back in her chair. "I paid for dinner the last time so you have to put out anyway."

Sakura laughed unsurely at the comment. The silence descended and they both looked at each other helplessly. They were going to do this. No, really, this was actually happening. Sakura fought down the raising panic. It was in the name of science. She could do this. She could.