"I'm rich now," Shizune said.

"So you are," Sakura agreed cooing at Ayame who was the only twin awake. She was in the park watching Shika play with his friends and enjoying the sunshine. Ino would join her shortly she was sure.

"I'm rich, so why would I want a pig?" Shizune said holding the leash out to Sakura. The little pink piglet at her ankle sniffed at Sakura's pant leg in curiosity.

"Okay, just leave her here then," Sakura said tucking Ayame's blanket around him since Tosh had stolen it. He gurgled happily at her. She like him, he didn't try to hurt her.

"Good so we're agreed. I don't need a pig. I'm rich, I have people looking after me, I don't need to look after it," Shizune set the leash down next to Sakura. She walked away. Sakura stopped the piglet from running after her but the little thing squealed to try and get back to its master. Shizune admirably made it halfway across the playground before she forcibly turned back. Sakura held up the leash non-committedly and didn't even smile as Shizune snapped it back.

"I don't need a pig. I'm rich," Shizune said again "I had all my days of looking after people. I cared for Tsunade until she died of old age and I did the same for Tonton. I don't need a pig," there was a drawn out silence until Shizune eventually said "but if you won't take it, I suppose I'll have too."

"I'll take care of it," Sakura said just to tease.

"You don't know how. They're very demanding animals and besides you have to kids now," Shizune dismissed the suggestion.

"Then I suppose you better take care of her," Sakura said with mock thoughtfulness.

"I suppose I better," Shizune accepted stiffly.

Shizune shuffled on the spot for a minute before she muttered "thank you."

"A student's supposed to keep her master happy, right?" Sakura said a deeper meaning behind her words.

Shizune didn't respond for a second, seeming to weigh her words before she nodded "yes that is a students job. Said student should also know that this doesn't let her off getting me a birthday gift."

Sakura laughed and smiled up at her teacher. Shizune stood regally above her before turning away. Sakura swore she saw a smile on the older woman's face. The little pig trotted happily at her side.


"Come on, roll over," Sakura coaxed as Ayame lay on his belly. The little child had no interest in moving and simply sat his head down contented to sleep like he was. Sakura poked him.

"Stop it, he's not a dog," Ino said setting Tosh down beside her brother.

"Fine," Sakura sighed. Babies were so boring, she couldn't wait until they actually did something. She had had a fit earlier when she swore Ayame smiled at her. Ino had been quick to burst her bubble by telling her it was wind but she knew he smiled. She just knew.

"Though, look at this," Ino said and she lifted the sleeping Tosh a little further away from her brother so about a foot of space was between them. Little Tosh seemed to frown and started to move in an odd sort of shuffle motion. This continued for ten minutes until she was firmly nestled at her brothers side. Sakura looked up with a wide grin but Ino bid her to wait. A second later Tosh seemed to be slapping her brother until she pulled the blanket from him and dragged it around herself. "She's like a heat seeking missile!" Ino laughed.

"I'm going to make us dinner," Sakura laughed and kissed Ino's forehead as she passed by.

"No wonder I love you," Ino called "make the spaghetti with lots of cheese!"

"Aren't you trying to lose weight?" Sakura yelled back.

"Aren't you trying to get into my pants? Make the spaghetti!" Ino retorted.


Sakura shuddered. As a doctor and a war veteran she had been covered in some disgusting and dangerous substances. But somehow the blood, bile, faeces and other unmentionable liquids didn't even come close to sour baby sick. "You were waiting until I was the one that picked you up," she glared knowingly at Tosh.

"Stop harassing our daughter," Ino said burping the more agreeable child, Ayame.

Sakura was about to reply but Tosh came up with her own defence in the form of a second barrage. Sakura twisted her face in disgust as a bit landed on her cheek. "Touché," she acknowledged her foes superior fire power. "But just remember when you're old enough to get spanked, the balls back in my court."

"Sakura stop threatening our daughter," Ino sighed wearily.


Ayame giggled as Sakura rubbed her hair along his cheek. His chubby hands tried to grab the strands but his coordination was off slightly. He lightly knocked against Sakura's hand. She liked looking into his pale green eyes, they always seemed to smile. With his light blonde hair and slight crease in his skin he reminded her of Naruto.

Ayame screamed in triumph as he managed to grab the elusive pink strands. Sakura smiled indulgently then winced as he yanked down hard. He put the ends of her hair in his mouth and started to gag. He scared himself with the strange sensation and started to wail loudly.

Sakura scooped him up and rocked him soothingly. Just like Naruto to put something strange in his mouth and then cry about it.


"Sakura, you should have damn well told me!" Shizune yelled slamming the door to the flower shop closed.

Sakura looked up from where she was changing Tosh behind the counter. Women getting angry at her and slamming doors was a frequent, if unwanted, occurrence. "What?"

"That you published the jutsu!" Shizune said bracing the door.

"I didn't," Sakura said in confusing lifting Tosh into her arms. She glance at Ino in confusion.

"I didn't think it would be published so quickly," Ino said with a frown.

"What?" Sakura said in disbelief "you…what did you do?"

"We'll talk about this later," Shizune snapped. Sakura turned to snap back when the door gave a might heave. "Oh, did I not mention the rabid horde of reporters outside?" Shizune said in faux sweetness.

"What?" Sakura felt like she was miles behind the conversation.

"Yeah the entire village is up in arms about you and your kids," Shizune growled "we'll have to go through the roof. Shikamaru and Temari are acting as decoys for us."

"Why is the village up in arms? I told them that they were mine!" Sakura protested.

"Yes, but they thought you meant they were yours as in lesbian life partner crap, not yours biologically," Shizune rolled her eyes "They're angry 'cus you didn't tell them."

"That makes no sense!" Sakura snapped.

"Yeah, well, this isn't my crazy village! I have a mansion outside a real city. I don't even know why I'm here. Now about the get away plan?!" Shizune glared.

"There's a tunnel under the flower shop," Ino said picking up Ayame and heading for the store room. "My dad had it built after the Kyuubi attack. It reaches just inside the forests west side."

"Good, you two get going I'll hold the door. Rendezvous with Kei by that big oak," Shizune yelled.

"This is so stupid," Sakura grouched as Ino dragged her away "why can't we just explain?"

"Because when it comes to you the village turns into crazed fan girls," Ino said annoyed "move the bags," she ordered taking Tosh of Sakura.

Sakura grumbled and moved the heavy bags of earth from the floor "has there always been a trap door here?"

"Yep, but there's always been something on top of it," Ino said as Sakura grunted trying to open the rusty hinges on the door. She nearly fell over as the door sprung open suddenly. She glared at Ino who was laughing at her "come on, lets get this whole thing over with."


"It's a bit old fashioned but I brought you a tv," Kei then let out an embarrassed chuckle "but you don't get any reception here so I borrowed a dvd player…"

"How long do we have to stay here?" Sakura asked gingerly wiping the dust away from the cooker.

"Just until Shizune-sama sets up the press conference and the village calms down," Kei said following behind her boss.

"We have plumbing," Sakura said turning the tap and was slightly surprised when water actually came out. "Is the village really that mad that I didn't tell them?"

"Old man closed his shop early," Kei said with raised eyebrows.

"No way, he had that shop open nine-three for years!" Sakura said sceptically.

"He joined the search party looking for you, he even asked people questions," Kei said to impress upon Sakura the villages outrage.

"Wow," Sakura said finally understanding the gravity of the situation "I've really offended them…"

"I know," Kei nodded.

"Oh, God," Ino shook her head and turned around. "They're both crazy. I'm in a deserted cabin with two idiots."


"You are so gay," Sakura laughed as she came out of the bathroom drying her hair. They had cleaned the place thoroughly earlier but even though Sakura had called the shower first Ino got it because she had just had two children. That excuse could only work for so long.

"What?" Ino said raising her eyebrow as she turned around.

"You are so gay," Sakura laughed softly to herself as she glanced in on the twins before heading into the kitchen with Ino. "Oh, burgers!"

"I thought I would cook for once," Ino said flipping the burgers in the pan "and why am I so gay?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about when we had sex," Sakura laughed again and sat on the rickety kitchen chair. "It was the straight missionary all the time. You never even used your mouth on me."

"You wanted me to put that in my mouth?" Ino laughed "no, no I don't think." She actually shuddered.

"Hey!" Sakura said slightly offended.

"Did you smell it? And the way it squirts?" Ino grimaced and turned away to sat the burgers in their buns "ew, no way."

"Hey! It's still my cock!" Sakura said snapping the plate away from the blonde.

Ino laughed and ruffled Sakura's hair before sitting across from her "and that's the only reason it got anywhere near me. Just think Sakura, you're the only man that's ever been inside me," she leaned in close to the hypnotised doctor "you touched me deeper than anyone…"

"…Even Mina?" Sakura asked slightly breathless.

"Especially Mina," Ino smiled when Sakura stirred off into the distance in a fuzzy haze.


"Shhh," Sakura rocked Tosh and Ayami together in her arms. It made her seem like she was doing an odd sort of chicken dance. She knelt on the floor then sat the kids on their blanket. Bottles, where did she leave the bottles, she found them on the counter and quickly ran for them.

"Take these and be good," She yawned. Ino had went to bed early and she was giving the kids their last bottle before putting them down for the night. The twins latched onto them fiercely and drunk deeply.

Sakura watched them with a soft smile and lay down beside them. She was just going to rest her eyes for five minutes. She just needed a little nap.

She woke up with the sun shining directly in her face and a baby stuck to her side. She frowned as she felt the heavy blanket on top of her. She didn't put it there. She glanced over to see Ino beside her with a twin cuddled into her side. She grinned as Ino stirred and opened her eyes.

"You looked so comfortable," the blonde yawned as she realised Sakura was staring at her.

Sakura just laughed and got up. She made sure to tuck the blanket around Tosh as she headed into the kitchen. "You want me to cook breakfast?"

"No, I'm going to have some cereal," Ino called back.


Sakura glanced at Ino eating her cereal. When the blonde looked up she quickly glanced away. Ino went back to eating but felt the doctors eyes on her. "What?" She said at last.

"You published the jutsu," Sakura said at last. She set down her own spoon and lent back in her chair.

Ino slowly straightened then nodded "I did."


"Because you worked hard on it. Shizune was right it could help a lot of people and to tell you the truth when I made you swear not to publish it, I was testing you," Ino waited for the explosion.

It never came. Sakura instead of getting angry like she would have just frowned "test?"

Ino nodded "I wanted to see how much you wanted the baby. If you wanted it more than the glory. I was half hoping you would refuse so I could keep them to myself. Remember at the time we weren't that close."

Sakura nodded "then why didn't you tell me about it?"

"I thought it would be a nice surprise," she said honestly "I didn't know it would have pissed so many people off and I certainly didn't think it would happen so quickly. I just sent it to a publisher a week before all this started."

"They usually print whatever I write right away. It's a perk of being a legend I suppose," Sakura said.

"Are we okay?" Ino asked.

Sakura took a breath and thought. She should be angry that Ino had went behind her back but it didn't seem important right now. She also didn't do it maliciously, "yeah we're okay," she then grinned "can't get angry with the woman I'm trying to seduce. I would delay all my future orgasms."

Ino laughed and threw the dish towel at her. It hit her with a wet thump and she scowled.


"The crowds still hunting for you," Tenten informed her over the phone. "Shizune has a press conference set up for tomorrow so you can explain yourself."

Sakura sighed and rubbed her forehead "I can't believe this. It's got way out of hand…"

"That's what you get for being famous," Tenten said with no sympathy. "But tonight is your last night alone with Ino…"

"So?" Sakura said.

"So? Are you dense?! It's a perfect time for some action! You two are alone in a cabin with no one around for miles! Get in there, Sakura!" Tenten nearly strangled the phone in her enthusiasm.

"Ino wants time-" Sakura started but Tenten cut her off "-what about what you want eh?!"

Sakura went silent then set down the phone. Tenten was still screaming down the receiver but she ignored it. She walked slowly into the bed room where Ino was playing with the twins. Ino looked up at her with a smile but froze as she saw the serious expression on Sakura's face.

"What's wrong?" She asked in concern.

Sakura didn't speak but pulled Ino up from the bed and kissed her. "Tonight we're going to make love," she said firmly after pulling back.

"But-" Ino tried to protest, still dazed from the kiss.

"Tonight," Sakura said firmly.

"…Tonight," Ino agreed.


It was Ino's turn to nervously look at Sakura. Sakura however, felt calm. She took the first shower and made sure to tidy herself up. She smiled softly when Ino nervously shoved the babies bottles at her before going for her own shower. Sakura then occupied herself with feeding and putting the twins to bed. When that was done and Ino still hadn't come out of the bathroom she cleaned the bedroom. She opened the windows for fresh air then closed them as it got to cold. She cast a glance at the bathroom door where steam was starting to come out of the cracks.

"Ino?" She called out.

"I'm fine!" Ino snapped back.

Sakura contented with the answer went to put new sheets on the bed. All that was left now was to wait. She idly tapped her leg as the wait grew longer and longer. "Ino?" She called.

"I'm fine!" Ino snapped again.

She waited.

And waited.

Then she sighed and went to the bathroom door "listen, if you don't want to -"

"No! That's not it," Ino called back and Sakura felt herself relax.

"I'm coming in," She said trying the door only to find it locked.

"No!" Ino yelled.

But Sakura had already forced it open with her strength. At first she couldn't see anything with all the steam but slowly the fog cleared. Ino grabbed a towel and hugged it to her naked chest. Her short hair fell wetly against her face. "I told you not to come in!" She snapped.

Sakura walked forwards with one eyebrow raised in question. She touched the towel that Ino was using to shield herself with. Ino jerked back and nearly fell into the bath. Sakura acted quickly and pulled the off balanced Ino flush against her. The both gasped.

"What is it you don't want me to see?" She asked softly.

"I have stretch marks and I'm a little more chubby than normal," Ino admitted in a whisper.

A thousand responses flew through Sakura's head but she didn't know which one, if any, was the right one. She couldn't risk choosing the wrong answer so instead kissed Ino. She kissed her insistently until the blonde started to kiss back. She turned and pressed Ino into the sink. Ino wiggled her way onto the rim so that she was sitting and still able to kiss Sakura.

She moaned as Ino brought her hands up to run through her hair. The towel dropped to her lap. Sakura broke away to kiss at her neck. "I love your breasts. I was worried mine would be too small," she confided breathlessly "I love how full an heavy they are in my hands. You made me come once just by undressing them. I love how they blush and fit in my hands and now they're even bigger and I don't think I can stand it…"

"Sakura!" Ino gasped as Sakrua kissed her way down to Ino's chest. She sucked at the crest of the left breast, she could feel Ino's heart pounding frantically like a caged bird. She plucked at the pink nipples but didn't kiss them because she didn't want to taste Ino's milk.

"I can't stop," she confessed as she pulled away the towel.

"If you do I'll kill you," Ino growled as she bucked into Sakura's searching hand.

Sakura buried her face in Ino's neck. She pressed her back into the wall so that no space existed between their bodies. Ino hissed as she felt the cool wall on her raging skin. So, tight, so warm. Sakura hand to swallow hard as Ino clenched around her fingers. She was stupidly grateful that Ino had got a C section at that moment.

"Your thumb… move it to the le-oh!" Ino's back arched as she came.

Sakura winced as Ino gripped her hair tightly and bit at her neck to stop herself from crying out. She held the blonde tightly as shuddered then slumped against her. She couldn't leave Ino's breasts alone. She kept stroking an pinching them. She gripped Ino's thigh and kissed her trying to steal her breath. She wanted Ino to be just as dizzy as she was.

She jerked back as Ino snapped savagely at her lips. It gave Ino the space she needed to force Sakura back. She quickly turned and pinned the doctor against the sink before falling to her knees. Sakura was no longer wearing her pyjama bottoms as Ino's mouth consumed her.

Her hand grabbed Ino's head like a life line but she wasn't sure if she was trying to push her away or pull her closer. All she could do was gasp as Ino turned her around and bent her over the sink for better access. She glanced behind her and she could see Ino gazing intently at her as her mouth worked wonderfully. All she could register was Ino on her knees. Ino on her knees with her pink tongue disappearing between her thighs. She hand to cover her eyes but she was too late as the sight made her light headed and she was floating…floating away…

"Shit, Sakura!" Ino yelled at her now somehow above her "If you couldn't stand anymore you should have told me. You cracked you damn head on the sink!"

Sakura pulled the furious blonde down into another kiss. Ino was still mad but gratefully sank between Sakura's spread legs. They rocked in a frenzy together, Ino ripped open Sakura's pyjama top and was palming her small breast as Sakura moaned and tried to fondle any skin she could reach. They came together then Ino flopped down on Sakura's side.

Minutes, hours, passed before Sakura found the energy to turn her head and look at Ino. Ino's eyes flickered up to meet hers and they stared dumbly at each other before laughing. They rolled towards each other like children and giggled on the cold bathroom floor.

"We're too old for this," Ino smiled.

"That was surprising," Sakura said pushing herself up to rest on her elbow. She glanced back at the bedroom she had carefully prepared. "I was going to be nice and romantic with a lot of 'are you ok's?' and 'I love you's'."

"That failed," Ino said not sounding at all disappointed. Sakura grinned. Ino lent over to kiss her but it was gently with no hunger. If they were younger they could probably fall asleep on the bathroom floor then wake up for another round but they were mommies now. The helped each other to their feet and giggled at the state of the other.

"When did I bite your ass?" Ino asked examining the area in question.

"You bit my ass?!" Sakura said trying to see the wound. What she couldn't see with her eyes she felt with her hand and winced. "Sitting down is going to be such a bitch," she groused.

"Well it looks like an angry cat used me for a scratching post," Ino said glaring mildly at the unrepentant Sakura as they ambled into the bedroom.

Sakura lifted the covers and waved Ino in first. "How's your head?" The blonde asked as Sakura settled down beside her.

"Throbbing," Sakura groaned. "What about you?"

"My hips sore from the floor," Ino muttered her arms coming up to encircle Sakura.

"You really are old…" Sakura said tiredly then fell asleep.

"And you have no stamina," Ino muttered before she too fell asleep.


"Nervous?" Tenten asked as Sakura looked over her speech.

"A little," Sakura admitted as she peered around the curtain.

Everyone in the village plus the hordes of reporters and scientist wanted to come to Sakura's speech. It meant that there was no building big enough to house all the bodies so an open air stage, complete with a projector, was erected. She stood behind it waiting for Shizune to introduce her.

Shika was behind her looking grim as he stood guard over the sleeping twins. She smiled and ruffled his hair spoiling his serious expression. He swatted at her hand. "Aunt Ino is with my mum and dad. They're working security," the little boy informed her using his best grown up tone.

"Then I have nothing to worry about," Sakura grinned as the boy nodded reassuringly at her.

"Yeah, we have you all ready to start a new life in the city should this fail," Tenten grinned then stopped as she considered "that's not a bad idea actually…"

Sakura rolled her eyes but didn't have time to comment as Shizunecame through the curtain. Tintin the piglet trotted at her side wearing a purple top designed to look like a kimono. Sakura blinked at the pig better dressed than she was. "You're up chibi-doc," Shizune said stepping out of the way "be careful the Old man's brought things to throw."

Sakura took a deep breath then started forwards. The crowd gazed at her with stony silence waiting until she got to the daze before blinding her with photographs. She blinked in shock. "AS you all know I've publish some new medical research…" and she began to explain about the jutsu. She clearly outlined the benefits it would have for future use and then theorised how it could be expanded to help in other areas. She felt pride swell up when some of the most reputable doctors started to nod thoughtfully at the slides behind her. She could even see some of them idly trying to copy the hand signals. Her enthusiasm gave the speech energy so that even the reporters who were there only for the gossip couldn't help but be caught up in the new discovery. She finished to roaring applause and let out a sigh of relief. Her eyes found Ino's at the back of the crowd and she smiled widely.

Her joy was squashed by a meatball marinara. The stale sandwich narrowly missed her and splattered on the screen behind her. She looked up startled to see the Old Man standing with his arms crossed. "That science jargon is all well and good," he growled completing the longest sentence anyone had ever heard him say "but what does that mean about the kids?"

"I told you they were mine," Sakura defended herself once again.

"Yes but you didn't say that they were really yours," the baker growled making perfect sense to the rest of the village that backed him with hostile mutterings.

Sakura was going to argue the point when she say Ino waving frantically to her. She rained in her temper then said, through gritted teeth, "I'm awful sorry about that."

The village didn't seem mollified "how did you do it?" A voice called from the crowd and she growled. Had they just ignored what she said for the last hour?!

"This is how!" And she changed into a man. She stood in her male form as the gasps of the villagers grew louder in shock. Camera's flashed to take in her new form and she shook her head wearily. Seriously, had she been talking in a different language the last hour?

"And she didn't even tell us, she was the father!"

Sakura was close to weeping at this point. She gratefully stepped to the side as Tenten pushed her away from the mike. "Sakura didn't mean to offend anyone. She just got a little carried away like all expectant dads. To show how sorry she is she's throwing a welcome to the world party for all the kids at the hospital." The village hesitated still not ready to fully forgive Sakura. "Free beer," Tenten added and Sakura was forgiven in a thunderous cry of joy.

She smiled grimly at the ecstatic crowd before coving the mike with her hand and glaring at Tenten "where the hell am I going to get free beer?! And at the hospital!? That's the stupidest idea ever!"

"No, the stupidest idea ever was agreeing to get Ino pregnant," Tenten said then shrugged "at least they all love you again."

Sakura looked at the celebrating crowd that was her home and sighed with defeat. Well at least she didn't have to move. "Free beer!" She yelled and was echoed by an elated chorus.


"Look at this," Ino threw the magazine down on one of the enormous brown boxes that stood in the living room.

"After I unpack the bathroom. Did you get the rest of your boxes from the flower shop?" Sakura asked absently. Ino nodded "and did you give back the keys to my apartment? Shizune wants to buy it for when she stays in the village."

"All taken care off," Ino assured "the kids?"

"Temari came over an hour ago and kidnapped them," Sakura answered still working.

"Was there much of a struggle?" Ino teased.

"She tried to give them back but I managed to slam the door in time," Sakura grinned coming out of the bathroom. "What is it you wanted me to look at?"

"It seems that you're a sex symbol," Ino grinned at Sakura's horrified face. The doctor snapped the magazine off her and read; The legendary blossom, the hottest guy and girl in history? "They've did a run down of famous faces through the ages and you won. You beat Tsunade and The forth Hokage."

Sakura groaned and threw the magazine away. Ino happily seated herself on her lap and wrapped her arms around her "but you're my girlfriend/boyfriend and don't you forget it."

"I'm getting love letters addressed to the male Sakura," she groaned and Ino laughed and kissed her nose. "If it makes you feel any better I'll write one to the female Sakura," she offered.

Sakura was about to reply when the phone rang. Only Temari had the number of their new house as they had only moved in two days ago. "Hey Temari, what's wrong?"

"The little bitch bit me!" Temari raged down the phone "she bit me then threw up on me!"

Sakura grinned "that's just Tosh's way of saying she misses me. We'll be over to get them soon."

"You damn well better, you leave it too long and you'll only have one left," Temari growled then hung up.

"Let's go and get the rest of our family," Sakura sighed pushing Ino to her feet.

"Honestly the way you act," Ino rolled her eyes as she opened the door for Sakura "you would think Tosh was a terror."

"She is," Sakura declared "she's only nice when you're around!"

The couple continued to bicker long after the door to their family home close. It was just a normal day at the Haruna household.


And we're finished yay! Sorry it took so long but real life is a bitch. Thanks to everyone who real the story so far, I hope I didn't leave you wanting.